Info about the ST bible

Where can I get it. I know it’s rare. I don’t know what its called, but I was wondering if the hitbox info was anywhere online?

Yoga Book Hyper. I just found the name, but still having trouble finding info on it on google.

edit: ok. Now I found some info on where to buy it. Is it possible to just find some of the hit box info online? I plan on purchasing it, but I want to read up a smuch a sI can before Evo north.

I know there was a website that at one point was an exact replica of the 3s guide that was released in America. I assume there is a similar website for the Yoga Book unless it already got shut down by corporate Capcom. There is T. Akiba’s frame data for SF2 that was translated by the great NKI. that can be found down below.

Also, I don’t think this topic belongs in FG Discussion, but more likely in Trading Post.

EDIT: I found where you can buy it the book and DVD. I also came across a Translation Request Thread for the book, started by none other than NKI himself. Amazing what Google can do.

That’s some interesting info.

About throw damage…did I read that right? Your throws do more damage if you lost the first round?

ah the starting over/yoga bible. that is a great mook. we learned of some really interesting( very odd) hitboxes in ST because of that book. too bad its still unreadable. but its a great looking book and some stuff you can still decipher, plus hit box data is always a massive plus! and a good collectible

Derek Daniels

I’m selling my copy of the The Starting over Hyper Street Fighter II both Mook and DVD. So if you are interested send me a PM.