Info about the various Seimitsu Joysticks


Can someone with time an experience with the various Seimitsu joysticks please compare and contrast the different models? I’m curious (and I’m sure others are as well) because I started with Sanwa JLF joysticks for my personal fighsticks. I found their throw distance longer than I liked, so I decided to try a Seimitsu joystick. After some reading, I settled on the ls-62-01 with the Kowal short-throw mod and really liked it. This is now my preferred stick.

However, I have not tried the other Seimitsu sticks. I’ve been trying to research the properties of the various models online, but haven’t found good info on them. I’m basically wondering if another Seimitsu stick would be even more to my liking than the ls-62-01 with the short throw mod. Personally, the shortest the throw and smallest the deadzone, the better. I’m happy with my current stick, but you know… trying to squeeze that extra 3-5% sweetness out of my fighstick, if possible.


There was already a thread showing all of the differences, if you can search for it.
The 62 and 56 were very similar with only minor differences. I believe depending on preference, the LS-56 with octagon gate is the best stick if you hate square gates, and the LS-40 is the best stock Seimitsu with a square gate (this will not accept an octo gate). The lever of the LS-40 will be too low unless you top mount it or find other ways to mount it. Not sure if this applies to the LS-56 (or 62). I use a JLF ad have never used a Seimitsu lever.

The octagon gate mod for the LS-56 is considered the best feeling octagon gate.


The LS-40 is a favorite around here, though as stated there isn’t an octagon option on the market for it. As for mounting, you will want an S-plate when installing in a typical JLF mount due to the shorter shaft length.

Personally, I prefer the 56 (with octogate, also like the kowal throw reduction mod), which is only slightly different than your 62- a longer shaft (doesn’t need an S-plate for a normal mounting height), a tighter spring, and a square gate as the stock option (octogate on the 62 is just the 56 octogate, which is normally sold separately). Other slight variances on the 56 include the 58, which is just a 56 with a softer spring, and the 60, which is a 56 with a different brand of switches (Omron) and a soft spring. As for reducing throw distance further, the kowal mod tightens it as much as you can without hampering diagonals using the Seimitsu octagon plate. There are tighter square options available though.


Thanks to both for the info.

I actually just finished ordering a square gate for the ls-62. I have a feeling that I’ll have to get used to that, as opposed to the octo, in order to be consistent with Ryu’s more advanced combos (like ending shoryus in df, instead of forward).

PCam, do u know of particular places to get the smaller square gates? I didnt see them at the usual places, like FocusAttack.



thank you. unfortunately, no longer in stock.


Many people find the LS-56 too precise for fighters, The 56, 58 , 60 (maybe the 62) your execution needs to be perfect.
LS-56 is more of a “Shmup joystick”

The JLF is so desired for fighting games as it’s very forgiving with execution.

My opnion LS-40 has the best of both worlds


Wrong thread



JLF= big range of cardinal directions, short range of diagonals (must be right on the restrictor corner to reach diagonals) minor margin of error, default and more prefered in japan since it suits the needs for actual fighting games.
LS-32= very proportional range in all directions, shorter lever, little short throw / engagement, noticeable grinding when new, good/balanced engage distance for all type of games, snk, capcom, old and new, fighting, shooters, etc. Pivot design causes the stick to wobble a little. (and jump if push it harder)
LS-40= tighter throw than LS-32, big range of diagonals, short range of the cardinals (too easy to slide on diagonals, major margin of error, not a problem if your grip is precise) good for games that require the complete half circle movement with no missing diagonals (AoF2, SFA3, KoF’2003, Samurai Shodown / Neo-Geo MVS games in the most), smooth, great pivot design with no issues, has a yellow sub-restrictor that reduces depth of main restrictor corner a little bit.
LS-56= engages even sooner than 32 and 40, throw is a bit longer, closest diagonals and biggest range of it as well (that’s why its octo gate don’t need to be wide like Sanwa’s) pivot like 32. Same for all remaining from flat family, differences are on the springs, mounting plates, shaft covers.

I know, you didn’t ask about JLF but for example, you can notice LS-40 and 56 are the oposite of it regarding engagement. And consider that i assign the margin of errors for fighting games only.


I tell my buddies who aren’t totally satisfied with stock JLF’s to start with a 2lb. spring and next try an oversized actuator. That is my preferred setup on a JLF.

In my “shmup” stick I have an LS-32. Really good for fighters as well. I believe the old street fighter 3S cabs came with LS-32s iirc.