Info And Rules Thread - LIST OF THREADS IN 2ND POST

Welcome to the Street Fighter X Tekken board!

This section of the forums is for the discussion of Street Fighter X Tekken. Be nice and people will be nice to you.


  • Search Before Posting! If the SRK Search Bar doesn’t work, visit Google and format your search like this: poison moveset

  • Don’t create new threads unless needed. If you have a question or something to talk about the game, do so in the General Discussion thread. If you think some character might be in the game, take it to the Rumors and Speculation thread. Got a question about a character? Take it to the proper character thread/subforum when available. No new threads about unconfirmed stuff.

-NO TROLLING. If you don’t like the game, then don’t post in this section and ruin it for those who do.

  • The “NEW information ONLY” thread is not for discussion, and posting in it without new confirmed info, screens, or video will get you a warning.

  • If someone opens an obviously rule-breaking thread, and you decide to reply to it for any reason, you are doing so at your own risk (you’ll get a 1 point “adding a post of no value” infraction). Simply report these threads. Posts saying the OP is breaking the rules or posts like “In before the lock” won’t help and might get you infracted, so please report these threads, leave them alone and I’ll take care of them.

  • Character threads. Ahh, we love to make these whenever our favorite character is confirmed. But if you’re going to make one, make sure you’ll keep it updated with the character’s moveset and combos. Also, use the forum smiles for notations to make it easier for other members to read the info.

  • Buying and selling in is allowed only in the Trading Outlet (as long as you fullfil certain conditions). Trying to sell in this board (or anywhere else on the site outside of the Trading Outlet) will result in an infraction.

  • Respect intellectual properly. Do not provide links to roms, pirated material, game data, cracks. If you’re hesitant to post it then don’t. It’s not worth a ban. This applies to of the DLC characters, backporting from the 360 version, mentions of CD keys, etc. Failure to do so is an INSTANT 1 YEAR BAN.

  • Do not quote images. Remove the IMG tags from your reply or just leave the URL, otherwise you will get an infraction.

  • Avoid quoting to post just a single line word or image.

  • Don’t call out people’s join dates in order to diminish their opinion. “I’m older than you” is not an argument, so don’t do so to prove your point, otherwise risk an infraction.

  • Do not reply to bot/spam threads. Doing so only marks the forum as active and causes the botnet to send more bots our way. Doing so could get you an infraction.

  • All of SRK’s general rules still apply, so no trolling, flame baiting, insulting others, derailing threads and so on.

SF x Tekken Moderators.
-Mr. Flowers
-Diek Stiekem

Please note that we may not be here all the time and sometimes stuff gets past us. However, be reminded that we do have the option to go back, review earlier posts and issue warnings for them.

With all of that out of the way, happy posting!

EDIT: Additional note on the warning/infraction system.
The warning system in use will automatically ban members based on the number of warning points they have. In other words, if you get warned for anything, no matter how minor or trivial, as long as you have enough existing points, then you will be banned.

Length of ban depends on the number of points. Here are the values as explained by the man himself.

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