Info for UK builders/modders

Okay seeing as most people on here are from the US, I thought I’d make a post with some info for those in the UK. I’m a complete noob with all this (only started reading this forum when SFIV came out) but this lot might be useful for someone:

Gremlin now have stock in after a long wait, including JLFs. They confirmed this to me yesterday evening (16/03/09), so the previous updates on the main page about shortages can be disregarded for now.
Arcadeshop also have stock in, including JLFs. I ordered from here on Friday and though delivery is expensive (about 12.00 for me) it’s on its way already - again the warning on the homepage seems a little out of date. Tracking and insurance is provided for all orders.

Gremlin have stock of some Sanwa buttons, but no Seimitsu. If you want them they will order some and that will take about a month.
Arcadeshop have stock of both Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons. As above the delivery cost is prohibitive, but despatch is swift.

Search HotUKDeals for current deals on pads to hack.
Apparently Game are selling the Mad Catz arcade sticks for 3.99 in-store; you may have to ask for them though. (Shimmerman)
I got a Mad Catz 4716 wired pad from Argos for 19.99.

Quick disconnects
I found it very difficult to find these in the UK until someone on here confirmed that these female spade connectors from Maplin do the job for Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons. They come in packs of ten.

Rubber feet
Surprisingly I found these quite hard to come by. The local B&Q superstore had nothing useful at all. I ended up buying these PC case feet from Maplin.

I ordered some A4 sheets for 99p each (plus delivery) from eBay; they came in a couple of days and were brand new and fully protected.

Xbox 360 headset extension cable
I’m not going to bother with this but from what I’ve read, this cable from Amazon should do the trick.

Check out Maplin for other wiring bits and B&Q for timber, metal and tools.

I’ve not even started building my stick yet but I thought I might as well post this so people can find out how and where to get the bits required.

Nice post, nothing there I didn’t really know but im sure it’ll help a lot of new UK users who are registering to the site. Let me know how your final stick turns out. Im looking for a UK builder to knock me up an empty case as theres nothing local in Newcastle and a good majority of builders on here are from the US and have some pretty big waiting lists, so maybe we can talk if your interested.

I’m from Leeds. :wink:

I come up for the matches though, so I’ll see. I’m just planning on making this as a little project with my Dad (I literally have NO tools :lol:) but if it turns out okay I’ll let you know.

Haha yeah I noticed you had your location set as that, but keep me updated (hoping to receive my parts from Gremlin this week but still no luck with a case)

Another useful looking supplier for acrlyic, RED ltd

Haven’t used them yet, but intend to when all my parts arrive.

I’m looking to build my first stick soon and I really appreciate this thread, thanks :slight_smile:

Are those Argos Madcatz pads common ground on the D-Pad, as I plan on using a Sanwa JLF stick and would really prefer to use the 5 pin harness rather than solder straight to each individual switch? It’s hard to find common ground pads in the UK :frowning:

Aye, I think that’s who I used through eBay.

As far as I’m aware the Argos pad is completely common ground. I plan on doing this:

Does anyone know a good cheap place to get wire from in the UK? I was looking for something around 26awg but couldn’t find any in maplin or on ebay.

Game on the highstreet are selling madcatz arcade joysticks for 3.99. You have to ask at the counter as they’re not putting them on the shop floor. Bought three last week for a grand total of 11.97.

Damn. :lol:

I only found out about those being suitable after I bought and hacked up my 20 pad.

Added to the OP, thanks.

Gremlin sells quick disconnects, as does Akihabara. They send direct from Japan, I’ve always got my orders within a week using EMS shipping.

Generally Polycarbonate is considered to be better than Perspex, it’s easier to cut and it doesn’t yellow-up like Perspex. I get mine from this ebay shop.

Got to give props to Gremlin Solutions. Rang up today to see if it was possible to change my order if it wasn’t shipped, gave me an e-mail back within the hour stating that they can change my order to what I requested and it would go out today with the changes. Good stuff.

According to this, polycarbonate is the one that yellows, and it’s easier to scratch. Says it’s easier to cut though.

I dunno which is right, but never mind. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I’m aiming to do!

Let us know how it goes, good luck :slight_smile:

Yup you right I got them muddled up :looney:

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Ive had hell trying to get quick disconnects from somewhere, most places like halfords and B&Q had them but they didnt have the smaller sizes, figured maplin did them but couldnt find them for some silly reason.


nice info for the UK people on here

currently working on getting someone to supply some premade boxes for selling on in the UK , will be a complete kit minus buttons + PCB , painted or unpainted options

pcb mods also

will be a few weeks before i have anything concrete to post about tho

1st box will be possibly be given away for a feedback prior to sales commencing

Sounds great.

I’ll be using a plastic storage box temporarily, mainly because I cannot build/buy a good value and right sized box.

Nice. Make sure you shoot some prototypes up when you finally start building. Would be interested in one depending how they turn out :smile: