Info for UK builders/modders

Game in Oxford Street and Camden High Street are out of stock of the MadCatz arcade game stick!

Has anyone that has got an order with gremlin solutions received a despatch email yet? I thought I got my order in pretty early but I’ve still not heard anything from them.

I has parts!

Can’t recommend highly enough; this little lot was ordered Friday evening (13/03/09) and it’s arrived today (18/03/09). Trackable all the way, nicely and securely packaged up - in that pic I’ve unpacked the JLF and put the ball top on. It was expensive, but I’m delighted.

Also, I’ve added some info to the OP about 360 headset extension cable.

Give them a ring mate. I cancelled my Gremlin order and went with Arcadeshop, but Gremlin dealt with my earlier queries and cancellation really well.

Is that the wiring loom for the Sanwa JLF 8YT stick? I can’t seem to find it on their site.

Edit: Found it :slight_smile:

Just to check, ignoring the case, tools and mounting screws this order should be fine to make a custom stick:

JLF-TP-8YT (Sanwa) - Color red
6 X Sanwa OBSN-30, red
Sanwa Restrictor GT-Y
Stickharness JLF-H

Mad Catz Xbox 360 GamePad 568/1534

I got my gremlin order early this morning. Got to give them 10/10, rang them up yesterday, changed my order without a problem, they tell me they will dispatch that day, then I get it the following morning, cant complain at all.

Tbh I only changed because I was a bit miffed about the eBay episode (they stuck some JLFs on eBay on Thursday night, I thought this was a bit out of order when they’d not updated those waiting since saying they couldn’t get any) and the fact I decided I wanted clear plunger Seimitsus. Everything else was spot on.

Don’t forget some buttons for Start, Guide and Back (if you want it, I aren’t bothering). Most people get the smaller 24mm buttons for these.

Oh, and if you’re going all Sanwa you might as well order from Gremlin. It’s cheaper. Try Game for the Mad Catz arcade stick thing too before going to Argos.

Thanks again mate :slight_smile:

I’ll get the 30mm for start/guide in case I ever get a SE stick then I can just drop them in to replace the standard 8 buttons.

One other question I have is:

Those maplin connectors work out at 18.56 excl. delivery for 8 buttons! Are there really no other alternatives for the UK?

Do you mean the quick disconnects? If you do there in packs of 10, and your better off picking them up from a local store if there are any in your area. Its what I plan to do (along with a new cheap soldering iron and some cable)

Yeah mate I remember reading about that, I was a bit miffed about it as well considering I had my order in. But the bloke I spoke to was spot on, maybe they had a few spare and nobody had ordered one by itself, or maybe they wanted to make a quick buck with the rush who knows. Eitherway I would recommend them along with Arcadeshop, both seem to have very good reviews and good shipping times.

Yeah I did mean the quick disconnects, thanks for the information and it’s probably worth mentioning that they come in packs of 10.

Well it does say on the Maplin page I linked to… :wgrin:

OP updated for clarity anyway. :tup:

So it does, my apologies :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t either, do you know you actually get one though?

I too bought Acrylic from eBay but I got an A3 sheet which turned out to be a godsend when the first hole I drilled grabbed and smashed the sheet in two! Thankfully having bought A3 I just used the other half and tried again :bgrin:

I got my spade connectors from they sell them in 100s.

2.8mm spade connectors:

I did get a confirmation e-mail, but maybe that was because I had been in contact with him that day and had been e-mailing him some changes. Im not sure if it was a mistake either but I also ended up with a free bubbletop. Go Gremlin!

Gremlin were really fast with my order, I would definitely recommend them for any UK guys out there!

Any of you guys hack a PC pad into a stick for the ps3? If you have, can you tell me which pc pad is best suited for this?

Man, fuck Maplins, they just sell everything I can get on eBay for a massive markup.

Example: For less the price of 10 QDs, I got a pack of 50, delivered to my door in less than a week.
Same for terminal strips, I got 4x12 for less than the price of ONE of those suckers from Maplins.

I’m just about to order some DB-15 cable, too – Maplins’ price is ?5/m. will sell me a 100m roll for ?89.
You do the maths.
So, fuck Maplins.

Im not keen on Maplin prices, but im eager to start and theres one round the corner from me so I’ve went there.

For anybody that is buying a XBOX 360 wired pad as well and is worried about it being none common ground and people saying that its impossible to get them in europe, I’ve just went to gamestation and bought an official one. Opened it up and its common ground :smile: .

Thats not to say you will get one if you buy them, but there is a chance.

That’s how Maplins are still in business today, the only ppl that care that they’re buying some wire for 2, 10 QD’s for 1.40 are the ones “in the know” and ppl who need bulk. Most ppl are “one-offs” and the don’t care that a button costs 1.99 when it’s really 0.30 online/elsewhere. These people just need one item there and then and they don’t know any better and don’t have the time to shop around when they only need one item for a one-off job.

I went in there to buy some resistors. . . 15p each. Now some random noob off the street will only want 5, say, and not care. But on principle I wouldn’t buy resistors at 15p each, especially not in bulk. I can get 1000 for under 3. Many more horror stories. . . some simple Maplin store branded solder tube. . . all 3.99 when it’s 1 in the local market etc.