Info on new games being previewed at EVO - please post here

So some of us schmos who are not at EVO are interested in the beta builds of the 4 games being tested at EVO.

If any attendees who try these games out could post up their thoughts and info, please post it in this thread. One consolidated effort to give info on these games would be appreciated by those at home. Thanks!

TvC footage:

Derek Daniels

1up on tvc -

Looks pretty good. Ryu’s Shinku Hadouken animation looks a bit weird to me though :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Damn nothing up yet about sf4 or hd =( + assist all day hahaha

plz launch into air combo one day.

I heard Alex is already top tier in loketests lol

in what game?

please specify, us normal people don’t compute.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

wonder how bb is doing


Wait till you see the J.Wong footage. Very nice stuff with Morrigan/Soki.

It’s a shame though that Ken the Eagle was removed. :frowning:

Anymore CvT footage?

Also, whats the status on ST HD, BlazBlue, and SF4?

Haven’t seen ST, but yesterday there were a couple setups for BlazBlue and like 3 h2h cabs for SF4.

even though it was cool, i hope this wasn’t supposed to be the j-wong footage.

Awesome, fighting games are back in their fullest form.:woot:

I heard J-wong uses Souki and Morrigan.

jwong used a few different chars
mainly chun-li
as does everyone
she and alex are broken as hell
Oh yeah Borouk combos are sick as hell

trust me the shit that on those videos is just that shit
i can do some decent ass combos
but wong does the godlike 80 percent combos, but that is becoming the norm now

its pretty easy to start an average combo
then you can toss a borouk in there and add crazy ammounts of damage and its honestly not that hard