Info on Poly (how to get to Union, food, arcade)

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I work in Cal Poly’s Games Room Etc. I got some info that you guys might be interested in. First, here’s an edited map of Poly:

Here’s a map of how to get to the Bronco Student Center (BSC), Building #35. The areas colored in green are parking lots. The blue lines are how to get to those parking lots. The red lines are how to get to the BS Center on foot. The yellow spot is where Evolution will be held.

Parking permits, which are $4 per day, are enforced on the weekdays. To my knowledge, they don’t enforce them during the weekends, but don’t take my word for it. I’ll try to get that info ASAP. DO NOT park in the parking spots that are reserved for faculty, staff, or any other special parking spaces. You will be ticketed if you park in those areas, even with a parking permit. Also, on Thursday and Friday, you cannot park in Rideshare spaces (there are white signs with green text and images next to these spaces; they’re usually the spaces closest to campus) until after 1:30 P.M. Cal Poly students are allowed to park in faculty spaces after 5:30 P.M., but I’m not sure if visitors can.

On the map, I colored a parking lot orange (it’s near the yellow spot). That’s a faculty parking lot. You’ll be allowed to park there on Saturday and Sunday.

The arcade (Games Room Etc. or GRE) will be open during the days of Evolution from 9 AM to 12 AM. We’ve got 2 MvC2(big), 2 CvS2(big), GGXX(big), SC2(big), SSF2T(big), X-Men vs SF, MvC, SF3:2I and 3S(big), KOF 2001, SF2T, SPF2T, and um… DDR… amongst other machines. Oh yeah, we do have T4, but it’s busted right now and I don’t know if it’ll be fixed by Thursday. The Games Room is located on the first floor of the side opposite of where Evolution is being held.

As for food venues, I remember hearing that the food places in the BSC were planning to stay open for Evolution but I don’t know if it was confirmed. They’ll be open Thursday, for sure. My honset opiniion on them: umm… you’re probably better off gettin food off campus (well, okay… they’re decent… but I don’t think it’s worth the price). There are several places around Poly, and they’re about 5 min max away from Poly. There’s a Wendy’s right off the 57 and right next to the Shilo Inn Suites. There’s a Carl’s Jr, Subway, Cantina Express (Mexican food), Tokyo Express (beef & chicken bowls and other “Japanese” food), Shangri-La (Chinese… but I heard it sucks), and an Asian cafe in the University Plaza a couple of minutes down the street from Shilo Inn. There’s a Jack-in-the-Box, Burger King, Baskin Robbins, Stater Bros. supermarket, 7-11, and various Asian (Chinese, Japanese [sushi], Thai) cafes/restaurants near Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC). It’s a couple minutes west of Cal Poly (just head west on Temple). The nearest In-and-Out is a few miles away from Poly. Take the 10W, and exit Barranca (4(?) exits away from Poly).

Any stuff to do near the campus? … Well, there’s a sports bar right next to Shilo Inn. And um… well, you’re gonna have to drive far if you wanna go clubbin, ravin, gambling, or anything fun off campus.

Um… if there’s anything I left out or stuff you need more info on, I’ll try to reply ASAP.

Oh yeah, the GRE attendants have been instructed to enforce the GRE’s No Gambling policy (you’ll see signs posted in the billiards area). We’ve been instructed to do this long before summer started. So, yeah, just a heads up for some of ya guys… But in the Evolution area? Well, that’s not my domain…

Marc Amba
ASI Games Room, Etc. Attendant & Tournament Asst.
M-Th 9AM - 4PM
F-Su Closed
(909) 869-4467 during hours of operation

This # connects to the attendant’s phone. I’m probably the only one who knows any info on Evolution, and I all the info I know is from this site. So, if you need info on Evolution, it’s best that you search these threads or the Evo site. But any info you need concerning Poly or the BSC, we’ll do our best to give you that info.

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Ooh, MvC1 and X vs S machines:D

How much do the games cost and do they use tokens or quarters?

Edit: I’m referring to the game room btw

The machines take quarters. If you need to break bills, we can only break up to $20 bills. Sorry.

Most of the games currently cost a quarter. Exceptions are: SC2 = $.50 start/continue (this might [and should] change though), Time Crisis 3 = $1.00 for 3 lives start/continue, Time Crisis 2 = $.50 for 3 lives start/continue, Silent Scope = $.50, House of the Dead 3 = $.75 for three lives start/continue, DDR Extreme = $1.00, Chocolate Factory (candy prize machine) = $.50 for 3 tries, and Police 911 2 = $.50.

There’s a Bank of America ATM inside the BSC. There’s another ATM outside the main entrance of the BSC, and there’s a $1.50 surcharge per transaction. And I know Washington Mutual charges 10% of what you withdrew from the ATM.

I don’t know if our joysticks are gonna be in perfect condition. I’ve played on a couple of them recently (XvSF and SSF2T) and they don’t seem to be responding perfectly. The only other complaint I’ve heard/seen is the jab button that has a mind of its own on the 2nd player side on SF3: 3S. I’m going to notify our vendor this Wednesday when he does his weekly check-ups.

Thanks a lot, we (as in SRK Staff) appreciate all of the work you have done for this post.

Derek Daniels

I noticed a sign in the K Lot that says a permit is required 24/7. This applies to all lots according to this page:

Thank you Mamba909.

Your post has put a lot of questions that I had in mind to rest.

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Just glad that I can of some kind of help to you guys.

I forgot to mention some other food venues near Cal Poly. Just a couple minutes east of Cal Poly are a Starbucks, Denny’s (probably the only closest venue that’s open really late), Little Caesar’s Pizza, and a mini mart. Just head east on Temple Ave (towards the 57Fwy).

I also forgot to mention our pool rates, just in case you guys wanna play some pool. We charge non-Cal Poly students $4.50 an hour. Cal Poly students get charged $3.00 per hour. You pay after you play, and we charge you only for the time that you play. So, if you play for half an hour, we’ll charge ya $2.25. If you play for an hour and a half, we’ll charge ya $6.75. Hopefully, you get the picture.

We accept CASH ONLY in the Games Room. Sorry, no cards, checks, money orders, food stamps, etc.

If you guys need to do some shopping, there’s a mall a few miles west of Cal Poly. Take the 10W and exit Vincent Ave. Make a left after you exit. The mall is on the right hand side. You’ll need to turn right on the stoplight where the 76 gas station is. If you turn left on that stoplight, the road’ll take you to a Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and an Edwards Cinema.

Hrmm, what else. Okay if you go east on Temple Ave. and make a right on Diamond Bar Blvd. (the cross street where the Denny’s is), you’ll find a bowling alley at the next stoplight (left hand side). If you go down further, you’lll eventually hit a KFC, Del Taco, a Mobil station, and a Wienerschnitzel. Go downa little more you’ll reach the 60 fwy. And just past the 60 fwy you’ll find a Vons, K-Mart, Sav-On, Washington Mutual bank, Ace Hardware, McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr, and a Taco Bell. Also, the cheaper gas stations are in this area. There’s a Chevron, Shell, Mobil, and 76, 76 bein the cheapest out of all of them.

Good luck to all of you guys.

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