Info on this pcb

Hi guys, anyone come across this before?

Looks good for the price, but with sony blocking all sorts on the ps3, will this actually work? I would mainly be using it on the ps2 and pc though, but ps3 support might be useful later on. (my ps3 is just used for movies mostly heh)

Considering the seller doesn’t have much negative feedback, it should work. Tell us how the results are, since I want to put this in a project box.

I’ve just got one of these though the post and will be installing it into an Agetec.

If Sony could block it they would have done so by now as they’ve been around for a while. I’m guessing it utilises a generic USB code which loads of other PS3 devices use.

I’ve got one of these as well, but I’ve yet to connect it up. I’ve only heard good things about them, and you can use an xtokki or other ps2-360 adapter and you’ll have a tri-console setup for cheap.

gahrling, bring that agetec to Sticky Mike’s!

Is there any point as they don’t have PS3 consoles and never have their PS2 set up?

I’ll bring a converter.


Are these things common ground and which point on the board is it? I just want to make sure.

Yes - common ground.