Infographic: How to Get Better at Dragonball FighterZ

Cool little infographic I’ve been working on to help beginner/intermediate level players. Hope you like it brohemoths.

This looks pretty good!
I didn’t even know mashing during dragon rush added damage :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t put the message “if you are blocking, you already lost”, though.
I don’t think it’s meant to be taken litterally since it’s a side message and the infographic then says to “block accordingly”, but it can be a bit misleading (especially if people check the infographic a bit quickly)

Maybe you could put some “keys” to find more about some general concepts you mention as well.
For instance in the “Discover team synergy” part, you could mention to get familiar with “point” and “anchor”, stuff like that.
Not describe them in details but give the reader some things to look for on the internet to find more info.

I think it is worth saying that you can also hold the dragon rush instead of mashing for the extra damage too.