Ingredients needed to turn a 360 fightpad into a Arcade Stick

Hello everyone. My friend gave me his fight pad and i dont really like the feel of it, so i thought i’d give it a shot into turning it into a fightstick. Problem being, I don’t know all the ingredients i will need to make it into an arcade stick. Here is what i know i need. What i’ll be using is in the brackets [].

A Street Fighter 4 Fightpad for 360
24 Gauge wire
Rosin Core Solder (jdm714)
Soldering iron
Desoldering tool
Wire Strippers, cutter, crimper
Glue gun + glue stick(s)
Arcade Case [DIY Acrylic Cases is what i plan on using]
6 buttons [Sanwa OBSF-30, 30mm Pushbutton]
5 x [Seimitsu PS-14-DN 24mm Pushbutton]
Joystick [Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Joystick]
Joystick Harness [Sanwa JLF-H Wiring Harness]
Quick Disconnects (jdm714)

Now i know im missing a few items, so any input is greatly appreciated ^_^.

Quick Disconnect for the Buttons.

While not completely necessary, I will say from personal experience (both with and without them) that they are highly, highly recommended to have.

Seem pretty nessary for me… what happens when a button breaks? you desolder it and replace than resolder? quite abit of work.
Quick Disconnect for the Buttons. - jdm714

A good amount of patience before you start, especially if it’s your first time.

If you want a more pleasurable soldering experience, use flux.

I will use flux when I do certain PCB.
But he wouldn’t need flux for Mad Catz FightPad.
And the solder he buying has sufficient flux for the job.

ChoujiCosplayer, get rosin core solder.
And DO NOT get lead-free solder.

in my opinion you don’t necessarily need a desoldering tool, I’ve worked with 3 sticks without needing one :slight_smile:

Artwork? Screws, nuts and bolts possibly?

artwork,screw,nuts and bolts come with the case.

If the case isn’t painted u need paint and alot of patience to paint it.

The Case will be Acrylic.
So there is no paint.

no guide? You should have 3 buttons, Guide is important because you haven’t really played street fighter until you have received rage mail.

Since you are going acrylic I would suggest 5 24mm buttons total. When art releases them you can get 2 24mm holes for the LB and LT buttons on the right side of the stick, incase you need them for user interface reasons.

What is the hot glue for anyways?
If it is for putting over soldered points, then no.

Since you added Quick Disconnect to List.
Means you will get one of those cheap Wire Stripper/Cutter/Crimper-in-one tools?

If your tool is just a Wire Cutter and Stripper, you will also need buy Crimper.

jdm - hot blue for the pad when im done adding the wires to it, of course after i make sure it works >>. crimper for the quick disconnects, right.

rtdzign - your right, i didnt really think of that, thanks.

If you must use hot glue, don’t put it directly over the solder joint. Put it on a the wire and pcb a little distance from it. I only use hot glue for wireless 360 pads because the solder spots are too small. A 360 fightpad has large enough solder points to not need hot glue.

mmk, good to know

Yes, that what my Post try to say.
Exact at rtdzign, but in very less words.

and to have no fear! I’m too scared to solder my own fightpad…for some reason

  • Liquid flux (or Paste; I use liquid…)… makes soldering to the controller contact points OH so much easier…
  • Wire ties/tubes/whatever - stuff to make your wiring neat(er)
  • how are you intending to mount your fightpad into the stick?

whats liquid flux? I have some of them white tie things in a bag somewhere. I’m not quite sure, i havent thought of that yet >>;