Initials being changed or "censored" to company's initials in arcade games?


whenever I enter my initials, I always get it changed to “CAP” or some default bullshit. This is a conundrum, my name is Andre Shabazz Smackson. It’s bullshit because i want peiple to know that i got a score on the video game.

this is something i noticed in arcade games that came out after the mid 90’s. the most notable offenders are CPS2 games, some Naomi games, Konami games, and some games that choose to do this.

WHY do they do this? Some people actually have initials that are ASS, AAA, or SEX.

also, is it a regional thing becuase i never bothered to test it out by doing it on JP or EU versions of arcade games


Too bad you can’t put 5 characters, then you can put Shaba as your name.



I always enter my high score as GOO


Not sure what you are talking about Gramps but I imagine it has something to do with you being an extra in Tommy.


Reminds me of when I put in KKK as my initials all the time cause I liked the letter K.


I knew a guy in high school called Greg-Alexander York. It was funny.


Stop it with this self deprecating humor Greg.


always felt bad for aaron a aaronson

then again, he always seemed to have a maxed out lvl99 on gauntlet legends


At least Dawson Ian Xavier has no problems putting in his initials. neither does his sister, Carrie Olivia. Chances are, she won’t do it.