InjustASS Frauds Among Us


Does anybody else think this game is just scrubby as hell?

It’s just a bunch of knock downs and applying brainless high/low string pressure over and over
and mashing on derp moves on wake up to try and get out of pressure…

It’s fun when it works but it just feels so stupid
I can’t imagine too many people taking shit shit seriously


Hmm…no, not really. Worst thing you can encounter is the lag because of a bit of a poorly designed netcode. It works very good in the capacity it was made (smooth graphics) and is at times bearable (or better or worse). But compared to like SFxT or P4A, it isn’t up to snuff. If I had more experience with it offline other than the midnight launch tournament at the Gamestop, I might more, or less, inclined to agree.

Also it’s been what, 6 days since release? Took at least a month(roughtly) to weed out the scrubs from other fighting games. Took me 5 matches to figure out that Bane’s screen charge gets 1 or more hits of armor when powered up by Venom, so there are still things needed to be found.


ya I guess you’re right
it just makes my blood boiling seeing players just mash buttons mindlessly and get rewarded for it…

The neutral game is barely there from my plays… I just jump in mindlessly and go random high.low and get lots of success
it’s fun but it’s just one of those games that seem to reward bullshit randomness


I won’t disagree that sometimes the frame advantage in this game is downright ridiculous. Whenever I play against a Aquaman their constant go-tos are ground trident at long range, and most importantly at close range: low light pokes, that darn uppercut, his overhead-to-safe backflip thing, and the low scoop. Because of this I understand why you would be fed up with how the game plays.


Are you sure you weren’t playing AE/SFxT/Marvel/Etc.? It sounds very similar to my experiences with those games.


There was a demo yet you went ahead and bought it anyway? Ok.


Who said anything about the demo?


Never take an online experience as how the game really is.
Most online barely know how to block if at all, barely do jack shit with their character besides face smash their controllers.


He sounds very unfamiliar with this style of fighter. And if that was the case then he should’ve tried the demo before purchasing it.


Isn’t this how all games start out? Try pushblocking and learning when you are at advantage, there are bunch of ways to get out of pressure in this game.

Don’t forget about interruptable strings and shit too.


Why you guys getting all butt hurt and flagging the thread?
Feel free to disagree but safe the flags for assholes without a cause.

It might seem like i’m trolling but i’m really not…
I have the game (burned copy didn’t waste 60$ on this) I WANT to like the game but I’m having trouble looking past the blatant crap that’s in it…

Basing my opinion by online play? No i’ve played at wednesday night fights and competed at their first tournament where seasoned MK players whom had been playing the game were playing…
their performance didn’t make me or make the game appear any better.

It was a bunch of high low garbage and a bunch of safe specials being abused over and over,
I don’t think it’s respectable I think it’s dumb and random.

It’s GREAT FOR FUN, DC characters? are tight and the game’ simplicity makes it easy to pick up so it’s easy to get a bunch of non fighting game friends to hop on and throw shit at eachother…

But as a competitive game… it’s randomness is just too CORE to it’s gameplay
i’m super surprised that I haven’t seen anybody post similar feelings…



I’ll stop posting…
I’d be happy if some players would at least admitt to me that what I’m saying is right but that THEY"RE just OK with it…

I hate on this game alot but everybody acts like I’m crazy…


What randomness? The shit you can backdash? or the high lows that are in every fighter ever?


Maybe if you didn’t come off as such a bitch with your vague interpretations of the game and poor articulation, you wouldn’t come off as a trolling scrub
the meme title does not help your cause either
I don’t even play this game, but I recognize stupidity when I see it. Perhaps you should bother to explain why you think the game is random instead of just dancing around back and forth.


well… I may be a little vague in my description however those who DO play this game will obviously know what i’m talking about right…
This thread isn’t meant for people who haven’t played it so… ya

fuck off?

Josh, high lows in every fighter ever?
I guess maybe high/low games are important in marvel and maybe KoF to an extent with their short hopping even 3rd strike has high low as an important feature but with the exception of marvel, they never played what felt like a CENTER role in the game… unlike injustice. I’ve never played MK9 so I don’t know how similar it is.

But anyway
Ya, this game’s CORE seems to be High/Low stuff, and characters are BUILT around chains which some who possess OVERHEAD and LOW in the same chain!
We can just learn these chains and just puke them on the screen randomly and get wins…
tell me HOW THIS is a good competitive fighting game…

Fun sure, but not something worth respecting or to be taken too seriously.


The game’s ass because you suck. Got ya


You block them. Difficult I know.


ya… I was hoping for insight from somebody but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
I’m done with you guys, how do you delete threads? do we need a mod to come in and do this?


I don’t think your opinion is invalid or anything, but I think you presented it pretty badly. A lot of what you said is true, like most characters have incredibly safe specials that they end strings with, or abusive 50/50 mixups and crossups. However, you need to understand that’s how the game is designed. Every character is supposed to be “too good”, and I think it’s going to be interesting to see how dynamic the matchups get when people figure out how to counter the most abusive setups, and how to use the multiple super armor/evade/MBDC tools we’ve been given.

I want to point out though, high/low mixups are an incredibly small part of Injustice. Most characters (like 80% of the cast) don’t have any at all unless they jump in. Some have fast overheads/lows that don’t lead to any damage. Lots of strings contain lows and overheads, yes, but very few characters actually have strings that let you choose between low/overhead ambiguously for a mixup. So once you learn the strings, you can block them 100% of the time.

Once the game is figured out, it’s going to be more about knockdowns, crossups, and good spacing (sounds familiar, right?), which I’m fine with. The game is legit and it’s decently balanced (for now). It may not be for everybody, but there’s no need for hostility.



Let me try and frame what i’m going on here a little better
fix my sloppiness.

no hostility intended at all, maybe I did come off a little too rough but what I’m really after to to verify my own feelings.
I think abusive 50/50s are here to stay and will be CORE meta even after things are flushed out and I think that’s stupid.

You’re right though, Maybe in the end things will balance out and maybe the game will evolve into something that’s not worth spitting on (Imo).
but that’s not the point, all i wanted was to express how I felt and to either find other people who felt the same way and therefore assure myself to not be crazy, OR to be guided to a different perspective to help ease the salt, so far no dice.

All I have is a bunch of people telling me to cool off and to ‘have hope’ that things will get better

But once again, no hostility…
Just wanted to see if anybody felt the same way is all