Injustice 2 Frame Data


So Im still new to the scene and I wanted to ask how would you define plus frames and if you tried to use it how would you know if it worked or not ?


Typically + frames means you have an advantage. For example, if you land a hit and it is +5, it means you can move 5 frames sooner than the opponent.

They cant work or not work, you are either + or you aren’t.

You can think of it like this. If you and your opponents fastest move is 6 frames. And you press the button at the same time, you will trade hits. If you hit him with something and you are + then you both press the attack button at the same time, yours will still take 6 frames to come out, but his will take the +5 frames of stun and then the 6 frames of the attack. So you will have had the advantage to do any move that was 10 frames or less. Allowing you to use an even stronger attack than what your fastest 6 frame attack is.