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The end of the trailer says Atom is coming Dec. 12 for early access and that the game releases for PC on Nov. 14


when the crowd saw the dagger everyone was like NO NO NO Milena? Nooo… raphael & TMNT showed up & everyone HELL YAY lol


not everyone :lol:


Everyone was about to be hot about Mileena, then Raph saved the day. Mileena is my favorite MK character so I would have liked it, but Turtles work too. Power Rangers and Xmen are still the best.

I’m assuming this is some character/stance swap shit like some Shang Tsung/Zeku shit or something, but we’ll see.


So…early protip: From what I’ve seen of the early combo routes for Hellboy if you’re on a stage with a mid-screen bounce cancel and you get less benefit than he does it might behoove you to switch stages given the option.


are there any infos about how much it sold on consoles?


If we wish to trust VGChartz then it would appear that from release through September that Injustice 2 sold ~1.02 million copies worldwide


nah, they are not reliable.
hoped for a statement from warner or boon.


Fair enough. Haven’t seen anything else other than monthly figures which while not up to date give the impression that the game sold at ~2:1 for PS4:X-Box One.


k, would be interesting to know to judge if he current pc release should be considered a fail or not…mkx did much better.


MKX was a simultaneous PS4, XBone, PC release so it’s unsurprising that it sold better on PC. Now, one could argue that NRS might have had better luck delaying the PC release given some of the issues encountered with it. This might also be making people gun shy about committing to Injustice 2 on PC.


there are several reasons or factos to consider why it is now how it is.
i just wanted to see if its a general trend that it sold less on consoles too or not.


Fair enough. I’m curious if they’re going to wait until Atom to patch some of the issues with Hellboy or if they’ll slip in the fixes before then.


what issues does he have?
he didnt arrived on pc so far so i read no feedback about him.


The only noteworthy issue I have seen so far is that when he has his resurrection trait active if he’s killed by certain interactables that he will, once resurrected, no longer deal damage.



As always the trailer looks pretty sick.
Also as always it would be really nice to know what is and what is not gear related. -_-


Atom looks pretty dope


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