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A stalling gun move? So kind of like Joker? That’s no good. I’m mostly interested in Enchantress because that character was the lone ray of light in the train wreck of a movie that was ‘Suicide Squad’.


I mean more like his gun just doesn’t work so he can’t shoot. My hope is it would be in his super or a gear move, but it would be cool. It’s a fun reoccurring bit from his comic appearances.

Suicide Squad should probably have had people jailed for mis-marketing. That movie being portrayed as a fun, witty romp with beloved characters probably suckered so many people.


Also, random, but French Amazon website and a Dutch-based games retailer have now put up a PC version of I2 for sale.

Maybe an announcement at IPS finals?


Oh…so more like Harley’s ‘Pop-Pop’…a move that’s used/useful in only a few matchups. Got it. -_-
I should mention that all of my Hellboy knowledge comes from the movies so am I wrong in remembering him occasionally using different specialty bullets into his gun. If so, they could go for a Lobo-esque trait for him.
I also hope they release Hellboy and Raiden concurrently so that I can get over my disappointment of the inclusion of the latter and get on to Season 3 characters ASAP.

Suicide Squads soundtrack violates the Geneva Conventions for torture. Pro-tip: Not every single fucking scene in your movie needs to have a tie-in song that you (and hint: only you) think is a clever reference to what’s going on in the scene.


Oh c’mon now, it’s only fully charged pop-pop, who uses that? :tongue: The regular pop-pop seems pretty good though, gets them to move their ass at least.

Yeah I actually think that is what they’ll go for, specialty bullets. Or maybe something with his right hand.

This so bad. It was like they watched modern prestige television that is chock-full of montages set to music and thought to have every scene in the movie do it. I’m sure countless millions were spent licensing all that crap and it drew nothing.


Maybe something like with Dr. Fate were Hellboy changes between his normal form and his “True-name” form.
As far as Pop-Pop goes dogs + cupcakes seems to elicit more movement from most opponents. Also more damaging.

The grocery store I go to has a better play list than Suicide Squad and that place was playing old Britney Spears shit last week.


Do you know how hard it is to improperly use Queen in a movie!? That should be an offense worth at least 3-5 years.


On the one hand, I’m a bit surprised that the Suicide Squad soundtrack has its own Wikipedia page. On the other hand, I’m equally surprised that said Wikipedia page doesn’t have a section mentioning how jarring and out of place every single licensed piece of music in said soundtrack was. That said, apparently, the version of ‘Bohemiam Rhapsody’ that was featured in the movie was actually a (shitty) cover by Panic! at the Disco.

With regards to Injustice 2 which, in your opinion, is worse: wi-fi Supergirl, wi-fi Darkseid or wi-fi Robin. Assume that the wi-fi is the most Fisher-Price of all possible wi-fi as it drunkenly oscillates between playable-ish and PowerPoint presentation. Also assume, that no amount of teabagging or similar douchey behavior is going to convince your opponent to quit out of this Ranked Set.


Seeing as how when I hop online it’s typically only to play my friends in player matches and then go to my local scene, I wouldn’t know the unfortunate side-effects of playing horrible Wi-Fi players. God bless NRS for putting in the Wi-Fi detection thing tho, that might be one of the biggest godsends in a fighter I’ve seen in some time.

I would imagine Darkseid, because I already find him annoying as hell just on his own, so imagine when there is no chance of reacting or stopping his jumping and beaming.


My local scene is small and lacking in variety. I do kind of appreciate the change to 3/5 for ranked because it does help figure out how to adapt to people. There is however no real amount of adaptation that’s going to compensate for playing someone on bootleg internet who’s used to playing on bootleg internet. -_-

While I appreciate the wi-fi/fraud detector I don’t appreciate being unable to set it to never match me up with such people. Yeah, don’t appreciate that. I would be happy waiting longer for matches if it meant that the match I got more closely resembled the actual game.


My local scene is small too, but we all tend to play multiple characters, and I usually never even find a main 'til DLC is fully rolled out, so I get a decent mixture of all the characters I could want to play against. 3/5 ranked is cool, I know no one really likes 1 and done style.

I’m surprised you seem to have such an aversion to the online; when I have played, even against Wi-Fi players, I have found it responsive and workable. Then again, I also have for SFV, and most people would argue that’s basically sandwiched between KOF XII and Tekken 6 for worst online of all time.


See, most of my local scene seems to have ignored the trend that was IMO very obvious fairly early in the Injustice 2s release. Namely that you’re going to need more than one character to compete. Nope, pretty much everyone other than me has found their character and they’re sticking to them. -_-
I’m fine with 3/5 ranked I just want to be able to filter out the shitty connections. My issue is that even against the wi-fi players were it’s been responsive and workable there have been too many instances of the game conveniently becoming not responsive or workable for my tastes. It at least takes a little technical know-how to pull that sort of bullshit with a wired connection. I actually like the competitive player match option a lot. Keep searching until I find someone on a decent connection who accepts the match and play them until they get tired.


Didn’t have much time to spend with Black Manta yet but one thing already stands out as a negative: the speed (kind of meh even for J1) and, more critically, the active frames (very low for all) for his air normals.


thats a thing which i might never understand.
same in mkxl…they show you all the infos including pc rating but you have no filter options…non at all beside of your eyes and thumb or with whatever you decline the matches.
really hoped they would have put it into injustice2…

ps: nice to see this place got some live after the little cleanup.
dont wanted to interrupt…keep going :peace:


My first impression was that the float stuff may need more than a few layers of conditioning, but those rockets are pretty nuts. Super plus if they are blocked, so the recovery is really fast, can be done in air, crouchable but still put out a big blast hitbox, and best of all, they sort of track if you are close to Manta. The MB one shoots a second missile that actually tracks, which is great too. Definitely the best part of him so far, will probably be hell to try and get a read on that as a melee character whilst trying to avoid his super long ranged string.


Aren’t his advancing normals a bit on the slow side?

Edit: Ok, this is pretty slick ->


They are a little, so they’re not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but with his walkspeed he has no problem walking in and out of the range, which helps a lot as well. CW has a slowish mid (f1) but everyone uses it because it goes into a full string and she can maneuver herself into position so easily.


I mean, I’m used to slow-ish mids (Scarecrow B2 and F2 say “Hi!”) but I’m also used to said mids then covering solid distance and his F2 is definitely a downgrade from Scarecrow in that respect. At least Manta’s F21 doesn’t pop them up so that certain moves don’t connect properly.


Are we thinking about the same normal? It probably is longer range than Scarecrow’s!


We are. I mean I was just thinking that it’s slightly slower which could be a liability in some instances. Call it a wash.