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So I’m watching some more of the Raiden videos being put out. His damage output with his trait is pretty nuts, going into high 480’s to 500 with a bar. Even with just a bar, people have been improving his bnb’s to consistently get like close to 400.

Considering he still has his incredibly fast six frame high and can combo out of his d1, these are all good traits, regardless of whether or not his actual high/low is any good.


I would say that Black Adam is proof that you don’t need an amazing mixup to be a pretty solid character. At this point I’m mostly curious about what his [Raiden] D2 looks like and what his air normals can do. I wish NRS would announce a PS4 release date for the character given that he’s already available on Xbone.


His d2 is a 9 frame straight uppercut that looks pretty good. In trait, it becomes very similar to an mkx uppercut with the high bounce and chunk of damage.

His air normals appear to be similar to Sub, where the j3 is an incredibly fast normal with crossup potential and the others are not as fast but solid.


Based on some brief reading up it seems like one of the main benefits of his trait is the amount of meter he builds while it’s up off of certain strings and specials. Could be interesting. Also looks to have a relatively short cooldown.


Seems like his trait making vicinity blast a full on b3 launcher is also incredibly powerful


Interesting. I guess (according to the stream) we’ll find out Tuesday what his deal is. Here’s hoping he’s better than Sub-Zero.


My guess is it’ll depend on how well he can convert in certain situations. We already know EN Vicinity Blast is safe on block, so if that move is good to throw out and Raiden builds a lot of meter, it may bode well for converting and pushing to the corner. Activating trait to get his more varied teleports will probably also help against zoners a lot.


I think I saw that his trait is 1f startup but 37f (?) recovery. That might not be good enough to pop in neutral against some zoners.


I’m sure if you do it as a reversal against most fireballs it will be perfectly fine. Hell, it might activate even on a trade, which would be gravy.


I think that either one of those would work fine…which would, as best as I can tell, make it substantially better against projectiles than Grodds trait. -_-


Ummm…so about that QA/QC:


Pretty sure that’s how it has always been. I remember Martian orbs and the like staying after the round. Obviously that’s a pretty unique situation, but the precedent is there. Neat.


Really? As far as I know the only analogous move in the game before this (Dr. Fate MB Orb) doesn’t share this behavior. Whether it’s intended or not I don’t think it’s game-breaking.


Well, I would say a more analogous move would be a move like Kung Lao’s Orbital Hat in MKX, which could be held and thrown, and it would stay after rounds. Moving projectiles don’t seem to follow the round-end dissipating.


So then the closest things would be what? Green Lantern’s slow shot attack? Starfire MB Orb? Can Braniac hold down trait in between rounds?


Starfire Orb is probably a good one. Few things move as slow as Raiden’s projectile.


Atom Trailer


I’ll try and test that out next time I have access to other human beings to play with; i.e. tomorrow.

He looks interesting though the still that’s used as the thumbnail for the video makes me sad. You should not have to tell people that an internet connection is required to access DLC. -_-


Atom looks sick


So, I realized that I forgot to post the testing results. Namely, nothing really emulates Raidens lightning ball. Either the projectile doesn’t behave similarly OR it moves to quickly to tell if it behaves similarly.