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Well, that’s on them, then. I’ve experienced this myself in the first game, where we literally had a house full of huge grinding for Evo, nonstop. I played Superman at the time, and I would argue our next best player played Black Adam, so the meta established at the time was not unknown at all. And still, once Evo came out, and there was such a heated response from the crowd, everyone had their excuses as to why they dropped the game. Incredibly strange, and I sympathize.

Anyone watch E-League? Insane play all around, Sonic is already gone and we still have another group to go. It’s gonna be crazy.


I know that’s on the community but it also means fewer people for me to play with. The DMV area does not support NRS games for very long. I would say the strangest thing about Injustice 1 support was the first Evo champion for the game (KDZ) not even bothering to attend the following Evo.

I did watch E-League. I think that Sonic got really fucked by the seeding. Why should the top seed (yes?) have to play, basically, the third best person in the bracket while other seeds get byes? I appreciate the work that Forever King put in and am looking forwards to the mental gymnastics that he does the next time he tries to convince people that Batman isn’t a top 5 character.


Even weirder for kdz is that he was a wash by…geez, by like the nec after Evo. I don’t think he placed. Once superman was toned down, he stopped doing anything of note aside from win winterbrawl, a historically crappy NRS tourney. He did beat Fox, which was impressive, but sonic really hit his stride at Evo and onward, so it’s not enough to really redeem him. I think he skipped evo cause he knew.

I’m not really sure how that worked out. E League has many strange decisions.


Given how little noise he’s [KDZ] made in Injustice 2 I would say that you’re assessment is spot on.

Eleague is basically a amalgamation of highly questionable decisions. Seeding? questionable. Commentary? Questionable.


Yeah there was that brief period where he got top 8 at Combo Breaker and people thought he would be back, but he looked so whack and the game was new. Sure enough, nothing. I don’t like to use the term ‘fraud’ because an Evo title is no laughing matter, but Jesus, he’s had about the worst fall off of any Evo champion I’ve ever seen. Less than a year later, he was jobbing to TOM BRADY in tournament.


I wouldn’t say fraud is that far off. Especially because, if I recall correctly, there was an elite Batman player who got DQed just shy of top 8 due to controller issues that might have swung things had that not happened.


I remember being at one of the probably 3 Xanadu tourneys for MKX. I actually entered because I decided to play MKX for a short time since in a friend convinced me. I remember at least 2 or 3 people immediately removing their names from the bracket as soon as they saw Sonicfox show up at the door. Too scared to even play the game in Maryland LOL

I had to play against Sonic in tournament. He beat me, but I didn’t feel so overwhelmed that I wouldn’t have had a chance if I played the game more. It’s just I don’t like NRS games enough to bother. I’m sure the people that withdrew when he showed actually liked NRS games.


That’s funny that those guys wouldn’t re enter. It’s kinda funny that two of the most complained about things from those who actively abstain from NRS titles, balance and patching, have not been an issue for this title, but it didn’t seem to do much to get crossover appeal. I wonder why that is?

This question is rhetorical, I know that the real reason is these are weird games with weird styles. Much like KI, it could do everything right and ppl still wouldn’t play it.


I left NRS after my short time with MKX and seeing that the netcode was bad for 9 months after I stopped playing it (like all matches were unplayably bad until the fix) and that they were again going with the same patch everyone down right before a tournament stuff.

They fixed stuff with Injustice 2 and IJ2 seems less set play heavy than 1/MKX, but at that point I just don’t like the games enough or bother enough to come back. I don’t blame anybody for not coming back to Capcom games either as people usually don’t have time to play a lot of games and don’t want to see if things are good just for them to go bad again later on.

KI is a situation where I bought it day one because I loved what the original developers were doing with the game and how the game was focusing on good netcode and letting people easily get into the game with a free to play. The new Iron Galaxy team animed the game up too much for me and made combo breakers even more powerful than they already were by limiting the linker/manual system so I was out. That and the (at the time) NRS style monthly patching.

As far as overall entry into the game, yeah there are people that will see free combo breakers and not even look at the game. Some people just can’t handle the concept of something they landed having a meterless way to be turned around. Same reason why DOA isn’t popular tourney wise. Even with games that have some real unga rushdown dishonest stuff, at least when you land your dishonest stuff it’s yours outside of a heavy resource burn or homing attack breaker.


That’s pretty weak. I remember the first tournament I entered at Xanadu (BlazBlue:CS) the TO practically apologized for the fact that I had drawn LordKnight as my first round opponent. It went about as well as you’d imagine.

I don’t think you’ve asked a rhetorical question and I would argue that it’s more than just the style. It’s also people steadfastly refusing to step outside their comfort zone. Even when their so-called comfort zone is basically this:

They’ll still bitch and moan about how x,y, or z things in their comfort zone are terrible without bothering to see if there are options out there that have what they like but not what they don’t. I cannot wait to bitchslap (as in literally physically slap the shit out of) people who’ve dismissed games like BlazBlue or Guilty Gear as being “too anime” and yet are basically down on their knees asking for DBFZ to blow its load in their face. Cannot wait.


Yeah I feel like I’ve been pretty good in at least being objective about DBZ. I’m just not going to spend a lot of time with the game because it’s not an IP that heavily appeals to me anymore and I’m only seeing a couple characters that would really bother my interest. Otherwise the characters do too much of the same things for me and don’t like all of the clash and breaks and stuff. The fact that they’re supposedly adding in some extra RPG select power up shit with a menu screen is just…meh. The game does good things, just generally not good things that appeal to me personally and not so good things that I’m just not a fan of.

Only thing that will be guaranteed is people will have problems and complain about DBZ. That is guaranteed. Some people talk about Xrd like it will moisturize your baby’s skin, but you go in SRK thread for the game and it’s just Drunkardswalk going absolute HAMhocks and for some reason everyone else still arguing his HAMhocks.


Nobu, you’re right about the comfort zone thing, but as I was trying to explain my philosophy behind the game to a friend the other day, I do realize how un-intuitive the game can be if you strictly come from a 2D fighter background. It has many of the trappings that a game like Virtua Fighter and Tekken would with slower walkspeed and highs, mids, and lows as well as 3D fighter like frame data, but then it also sometimes has the advanced mobility options, combo systems, archetypes, and movement plane of a 2D fighter. If you try to break it down too much it can be a mindfuck.

At the same time, you’re right in that it is annoying how hypocritical people can be. Reminds me of the bit George Carlin had where people will demand that they build more prisons but not anywhere near them so they don’t have to deal with it.


Once I realized I wasn’t going to get into the beta I started mostly avoiding info about the game so that it would be as new and interesting as possible when it came out. Somewhat ironically but Combofiends function bollocks actually applies to me with regards to this game as I give ~0 fucks about DBZ so the property itself isn’t what interests me about the game but rather how it plays.

Indeed. I was specifically thinking of most of the complaints I’ve heard about how SFV isn’t very Street Fighter-y (whatever that means) but when you start asking people what they want and they tell you they give the impression that they’ve never even bothered looking for the attributes in question elsewhere. If they could get over them not being Street Fighter titles I imagine that a majority of the people who are hate-playing SFV would greatly enjoy either Injustice 2 or UNIEST.


I’ve seen one person on the forums articulate kinda well that SFV, because of the priority system and general lack of pushback on disadvantaged moves, there’s less of a game to play after something is blocked other than go for a reversal because you’re either out of range for one of your moves or the blockstring is guaranteed because of priority system. Add to that that most characters are kinda designed the same in regards to frame data, and you have what the game is now.

The argument would be that unlike a lot of previous SF games, there is less of a game to play after moves are blocked and the minutiae of moves is watered down. It kind of makes sense, although “it’s not Street Fighter” is a goofy thing to say.


It is. When someone actually bothers to articulate what they mean by that though is when I get annoyed because there are definitely games out there that meet the description of what they consider Street Fighter to be they just happen to not be called Street Fighter. sigh When’s Hellboy?


Yeah lol you’ll get no argument from me there! Nov. 14th!


I kind of remembered that. Which makes it unfortunate as it would seem like not all the DLC characters will be out this year. -_-


Yeah, this has probably been the longest consistent drip of DLC characters that they have done. MKX had them in packs of four with a decent break between. I can’t wait for The Atom, he looks righteous.


Yup, I’m more looking forward to Enchantress. I’m also curious as to how Capcom and ASW will manage release schedules with a similar number of planned DLC characters.


I know announcing DLC ahead of time is controversial, but I do like that NRS releases them in packs of 3 with all 3 announced first. A little bit better than the mystery bag that is SFV dlc (Although with leaks, it hasn’t been so mysterious)