Injustice 2 General


I don’t care forgiving they are if they’re still playing on wi-fi. :tongue:


open beta on pc is live

till 10th november


Hellboy stream also on today at 3 CST, along with talks of the balance patch coming after E-League finals. Should be good times!


Here’s hoping (however unlikely) that they also make mention of the release schedule for the remaining DLC characters. That said, I am very much looking forward to Hellboy. I also hope that they’re very careful with the patch as it feels like Injustice 2 is kind of in a precarious spot right now and a patch that either does too much or not enough might be enough to really sink the game.


Precarious? How so?


Stream numbers. Tournament support. That sort of thing. I mean, we had a decently publicized local last month in a very accessible location. We got seven people for Injustice 2. Five of them were kids who were friends with each other. That’s pretty bad turnout for an area that can usually swing 20+ for basically any other relevant game (SFV, MvC:I, Tekken 7, etc.). I also probably need to find a new character as my preliminary reaction to the balance portion of the stream was that the patch was a bit underwhelming.


Tournament support? There’s a 150,000 dollar tournament happening on Friday and they are still collecting money from the shaders that they released. New DLC is coming out as well. I don’t understand where that talking point comes from at all.


Also your character got a good buff and his least favorite matches were getting nerfed, I’d be ecstatic!


first impression of the beta is good so far.
only thing which bothers me is that they give you no kind of filter option so that you have to decline
manually user with pings above 100 all the time. was the same with mkx. :pensive:


I am aware of that. Still not a fan about how they did the seeding. The issue is that there doesn’t seem to be a plan beyond that. The lack of streaming is an issue though.

If you’re referring to the teleport changes a buff would have been to remove the move or give it a different input. Unless they were drastically underselling the change to startup and recovery then making it situationally less suicidal to use against zoners is a very ‘meh’ change. Making his trait worse is also an annoying change. IMO a character that’s about as mid-tier as it gets should either be getting slight buffs OR, ideally, left alone. Also, I didn’t interpret the changes to Red Hood or Batman as particularly game-changing as it pertains to how Scarecrow does against them. Their current meter building capabilities relative to Scarecrow is certainly an issue in the matchup but it’s not the reason they both dominate the matchup. If Batman has to throw twice as many bat-a-rangs to build the meter he wants/needs then he’ll throw twice as many bat-a-rangs as Scarecrow has very little say in that process.


REO has few videos up about the changes so far:

Deadshot changes seem really rough.


I had a really bad experience with the beta last night. Experienced massive input lag with my stick and pad. Tried switching to PS3 mode without luck. Anybody knows how to fix that?


If you can accurately describe your setup you might want to hit up Tech Talk to see if they have any suggestions. Secondly, whether you can replicate or not, you may wish to see if NRS has any feedback forms for you to submit your issue to.


did you passed the benchmark with stable 60 fps?
do you accepted just matches against people who got a green rating and a ping under 100?


I’ll try that, thanks.

Yes to both, double-checked my connection afterwards because I thought it might be a temporary problem with my ISP. I’ll give it a try again this evening if the beta is still running.


lordy that injustice reveal.


Yup! Enchantress is the main one I’m interested in. Atom looks OK. Turtles…well at least it’s not another MK guest character.


Man fuck this game’s DLC. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like i hate the guest characters, I actually like most of them, but it’s a DC game. They are treating the DLC like it’s crossover title. Won’t be buying DLC for the next Injustice game.




Where’s my fucking Spawn? :confused: