Injustice 2 General




this is the most hype thing Ive ever seen since ages in the FGC like holy crap!
been playing the old TMNT games all day long and now they are back in I2? crazy!
I hope we get all 4 turtles so that means 6 characters in FP3.


i guess they work more like the ginyu force in the new dbfz game where you can call em to do assist moves since he said they fight as a team.
i doubt they will be seperate chars. looking forward for some gameplay footage.


Maybe in MK11…or not. Who knows. Dealing with Todd McFarlane is reportedly usually not worth the effort.

I also doubt they will be separate characters. Might also consider looking at Maori Kasuga from the Arcana Heart games for a character similar to what you’re desribing.


i just wonder who the “main” char will be when its a team based approach.
it seems to be either donatello or raphael.


They could also have it so that you could hold down some combination of buttons while the match is loading to select your starting turtle sort of like how you can switch your team order in Marvel.


but then they would have to give each char a own moveset.
maybe they did buti guess they didnt put in that much work…guess we will find out soon.

any infos about further gameplay trailer?


If they’re going to bother making four distinctive-ish character models why not get the most use out of them? I dunno. No more info though based on trailers and stuff to date I imagine that Atom is going to be the first character from Fighter Pack 3 to get released. After that, who knows.


I kid you not if there were a lot more seats available there I would go death.


The end of the trailer says Atom is coming Dec. 12 for early access and that the game releases for PC on Nov. 14


when the crowd saw the dagger everyone was like NO NO NO Milena? Nooo… raphael & TMNT showed up & everyone HELL YAY lol


not everyone :lol:


Everyone was about to be hot about Mileena, then Raph saved the day. Mileena is my favorite MK character so I would have liked it, but Turtles work too. Power Rangers and Xmen are still the best.

I’m assuming this is some character/stance swap shit like some Shang Tsung/Zeku shit or something, but we’ll see.


So…early protip: From what I’ve seen of the early combo routes for Hellboy if you’re on a stage with a mid-screen bounce cancel and you get less benefit than he does it might behoove you to switch stages given the option.


are there any infos about how much it sold on consoles?


If we wish to trust VGChartz then it would appear that from release through September that Injustice 2 sold ~1.02 million copies worldwide


nah, they are not reliable.
hoped for a statement from warner or boon.


Fair enough. Haven’t seen anything else other than monthly figures which while not up to date give the impression that the game sold at ~2:1 for PS4:X-Box One.


k, would be interesting to know to judge if he current pc release should be considered a fail or not…mkx did much better.


MKX was a simultaneous PS4, XBone, PC release so it’s unsurprising that it sold better on PC. Now, one could argue that NRS might have had better luck delaying the PC release given some of the issues encountered with it. This might also be making people gun shy about committing to Injustice 2 on PC.