Injustice 2 Matchup Discussion

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So here’s an interesting question that I don’t really have an answer to. Does Catwoman lose badly to anyone? I know she got nerfed a bit in the most recent balance patch but whenever I see Catwoman players lose it’s pretty obvious it was due to their decision making process rather than any specific deficiency in the character. Like, if you watch (if you can find any high level players dumb enough to run this matchup) Harley vs. Aquaman it’ll be pretty obvious that the latter shits on the former and that it is due almost entirely to his trait turning her combos into punishes. Based on the cool-down rate I would guess that Harley needs to land clean hits on Aquaman at roughly 3x the rate that he lands clean hits on her to even have a chance at winning. Back to Catwoman though, you never see that sort of thing happen with that character. Thoughts?

Yes, I agree with you and i never see this kind of things happen with such amazing characters.