Injustice battle stick usb cable


My injustice fightstick’s usb cable (xbox 360) has a short in it.

as it is detachable, and is for the 360, how can i make a replacement? is it as simple as splicing together a usb cable with the proper connector and an xbox 360 cable from an uunused xbox 360 controller?


Any generic USB-A connector can be spliced on but I think the USB-B end of the Injustice cable has a proprietary shape, so if you want to use a generic USB-B connector you’d have to shave off some of the connector’s housing. Depending on where the damage is within the length of the cable, you might be able to splice the proprietary B end with a generic A end, which I would recommend to make your life easier.

EDIT: Thought it was USB-B for some reason. It’s micro USB.


It appears to be the old micro usb connector, and not proprietary.


Yes, the connector isn’t proprietary, but the hole to fit the connector in has a specific shape or size or w/e, iirc.

The guy in this video mentions it around the beginning of the video


I found I had to cut down some of the plastic of a Mini USB cable plug for it to fit the Injustice stick.


thanks i will take a look