Injustice Fight Stick question

I want to replace the “punching bag” style stick for a Ball Top style. I was wondering which replacements are compatible and where to get them from.

Thanks for the help !

Pretty much anything Sanwa or Seimitsu makes or are compatible with their joysticks.

Where? Just to name a few shops
Akihabara Shop (Japan)
Rollie Electronics (USA)
Paradise Arcade Shop (USA)
Gremlin Solutions (UK) (USA) (USA)
Starcab (France)
Arcadeshop (Germany) (Canada)
Jasen’s Customs (USA)

Thanks a lot :). Also. If anyone knows of any easy upgrades that are a Good idea for this stick, please let me know

It’s called a Bat top

I’d strongly suggest a stick change. The stock stick is okay, but after upgrading mine I couldn’t believe I had stuck with it for so long.

What did you swap it with? I’m new to modding sticks

I made a hybrid jlf using parts of the stock stick and a sanwa jlf, but there are other methods you can use here. This thread should give you a good idea of the possible mods.