Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick


Read this first post thoroughly before asking/posting questions!<br>
Can’t stress this enough…<br>
It’s great as a beginner stick due to the recent price drop IF you don’t plan on modding it besides the simple stuff (swapping out the restrictor gate, changing out the balltop, shaft & buttons as long you’re willing to lose the LED function) but I don’t recommend it as your first stick if you want to do anything more.<br>
EDIT: 4/15/13<br>
Kaihong was nice enough to offer detailed pics & dissection starting with this post:<br>
Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick<br>
EDIT: 6/5/13<br>
FWIW, I ended up using it for a few hours wanting to really like it but ultimately unloaded mine on eBay a few weeks ago (yes, I’m the one that created this thread!). If it was the only stick I own then I probably wouldn’t mind modding it. IMHO, it’s a mid-tier stick at best but just too much work (dremeling the bottom of Sanwa buttons to make the OEM LED’s fit in there with Sanwa SW-68 microswitches, using spacers to make a JLF fit, adding weights, etc.) to make it a quality top-tier stick (just not motivated enough to do all that easy yet tedious work). A little annoyed (I’m over it, ha!) WB didn’t allow PDP to announce (before launch date) exactly what components (manufacturer) would be inside of it but I guess now we all know why though most of us suspected it wouldn’t be top-tier components from Sanwa or Seimitsu anyway. Love the semi-grippy rubber texture (spray on?!?) of the case & LED lights…but that was it! I probably wouldn’t pay no more than $75 for it but that’s just me. Also wasn’t feeling the Namco Noir/Astro City button layout.<br>
EDIT: 1/10/14<br>
Gamestop had a sale for $55 (after $5 off & free shipping codes) so I caved in & bought it since I couldn’t resist the price for an all-LED stick. Also, I’m crossing my fingers the developers of Injustice (PS4) will implement a patch to allow the use of this stick but highly doubt it.<br>
EDIT: 2/11/14<br>
Price dropped to $40 but sold out for both consoles.<br>
If you guys/gals don’t care about the LED’s, has a Vewlix button layout & a ball-top then for around $60 the Qanba Q1 is an alternative option. It includes a table mount/clamp, octo/circular gates, button plugs & a USB-cable storage compartment. It uses the same exact buttons & joystick lever as the Injustice stick.<br>
Case material: Plastic with spray on (?!?) soft rubber matte black texture & thin foam bottom panel. Clear top panel is plastic. There are no metal panels. Also has a detachable 10-feet USB cable.<br>
Artwork: Heavy duty cardstock underneath the top panel.<br>
Button layout: There’s no specific name for the stick/button layout on this arcade stick but the closes is the Sega Astro City Single Player layout found on the Hori Real Arcade Pro 2, 3 & EX. <br>
Components: All Qanba-based (Omron microswitches for the joystick lever just like in a Sanwa JLF) with individual button & joystick lever LED’s. Black bat-top with clear shaft cover & clear dust cover.<br>
Weight: ~3.5 - 4.0 pounds.<br>
Additional features: Two options for the LED’s (on & pulse aka vibration as there are no vibrating motors). Lockout of Start, Select/Back & Home.<br>
Modding: Hex screws on the top panel & Phillips screws on the bottom panel. Will fit both Sanwa & Seimitsu 30mm buttons as well as ball-tops. However, unless you plan on drilling holes into each button for the stock individual LED’s, I don’t recommend swapping buttons. Octo & circular gates (for the joystick lever) will swap easily. Sanwa JLF will fit BUT the mounting plate won’t so swap everything over except for the plate. As for a Seimitsu LS-32-01, this won’t fit unless you cut (dremel) plastic & add spacers.<br>
FWIW, the game developers are the same one’s that did MKvDCU & the MK-series. Just like the previous PDP MK sticks (TE & Klassic) surprisingly, it has excellent fit & finish. This Gamestop exclusive bundle is for the PS3 & 360 but not for the WiiU (the mention of this in their PR is an error they retracted).<br>
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Credit goes to forum member, LiQuiD[EViL]:<br>
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I like it.

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and here I thought I wasn’t getting anymore sticks…but if the stick comes with the game…hmmmm…


The stick doesn’t look too shabby. I noticed the pictures are identical for the ps3 and xbox 360. No button color enforcement for the 360 this time around?


See-through lever?

I foresee many a broken stick in the future if it’s made of plastic!


Looks like a metal lever with a clear shaft cover is all, easy to see in the 2nd photo. Hopefully the stick/button quality is solid because it looks nice stock.


looks like a wannabe b15 with a JLF clear cover shaft and either LED button or most likely blue clear sanwa. at least its using the superior layout of noir/astro city. also looks like injustice is ditching the crappy 1-2-1-2 button game layout

edit: oh right it is LED buttons


Yeah, after getting another stick recently I thought I was done for awhile…I guess not!

I like the design of the stick too. Yeah, it looks like a clear shaft cover just like on my VLX.

I think it’s hilarious when people say one layout is more superior than another since it’s all personal preference. I prefer the Vewlix layout but to each their own.


Someone on the Injustice thread/story claimed to be a PDP rep. His name is Sebastian.

He confirmed that PDP is making the Injustice joystick.
I really doubted it would be Hori and Mad Catz. They just don’t do bat handles…


Candace from PDP has confirmed they are making it.


Thanks for the info guys! Yeah, was hoping Hori or Madcatz but PDP will suffice. Surprisingly, both of their MK sticks (TE & Klassic) are quality stuff. Very good fit & finish. I’ve had both since they each launched & no issues whatsoever.


hmmmm…i think they going to use clone parts in the stick like in the mk stick.


What are you talking about with clone parts in the MK sticks? Both sticks had Happ Comp parts (for both the joystick lever & main buttons) although the TE had E-switches while the Klassic had Cherry microswitches.


hmmmm, i guess i didn’t like the feel of them, especially the buttons, so i thought they were clones.


At that time, I had another older wooden case with Happ parts & the components felt just like the one’s in the newer sticks. I like the TE since it has an internal storage compartment with an inner lexan covering the bottom side of the top panel but don’t like that it has E-switches. On the otherhand, I like the Klassic since it has Cherry microswitches yet wasn’t feeling the artwork in addition to not having an internal storage compartment & requires more work to get to the internals. Overall, I like both sticks very much since the fit & finish in both sticks are excellent & it brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood playing MK & SF2 at the local 7-11 & arcades.


i was trying to sell the TE for a while…went as low as $40 plus shipping…no takers…


The buttons in the TE has E-switches so isn’t as responsive & nice as in the Klassic stick with the Cherry microswitches. Yeah, it’s hard to sell MK sticks on this forum for the obvious. You were probably better off selling on MK-specifc forums & eBay. Took me forever to sell the Madcatz TE Round 2 with the MK panel with matching buttons (black rim with red plunger) & a red ToggleMe billet aluminum bat-top on here.


Try selling a Black Magic Intensity Pro. Thing simply will not sell anywhere.

Also, this stick could be good? I dismissed it as shit as soon as I saw a price.


It’s PDP…

Their reputation is not-so-good in these parts.
I’ve had no problems with the cooling fan they released for the original PlayStation 3’s – I’m convinced that fan is WHY my 60 GB model still works(!) – but a lot of people hate their controllers. They seem to have so-so reputation because of that.

And the reviews for the Mortal Kombat stick they released with Happ-clone(?) parts have been not so great at times. The stories about PDP MK sticks breaking during an MK tournament in the past year didn’t help, either.


From Candace-
Good morning, here are the answers to the Injustice Fight Stick questions I keep getting. Please pass it around so I don’t have to keep repeating myself, thank you ^_^. You can ask more questions here, but I may not have answers to them.

  • Yes, PDP is producing the stick available in the Injustice: Gods Among Us “Battle Edition”.
  • I probably wont have review copies, you will need to get that directly from WB/Nether Realm (No, I don’t have their contact info).
  • I don’t know what parts are in the sticks and I am doing my best to find out what they are.
  • No, we wont be making any stand alone sticks separate from the game.
  • I don’t know if we are having a tournament.