Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick

Thank you guys very much

Paradise Arcade Shop should have JLF shafts/JLF-compatible shafts in stock. Their lowest-cost JLF-compatible shafts are $15. These include a hollow shaft. The higher-grade titanium shaft is $26. A link-release shaft for JLF is $28… these are the most reasonable prices you’ll find in the US unless someone is willing to sell a used JLF or shaft by itself. Focus Attack stocks the Paradise hollow shaft and the link-release shaft.

Failing that, can order any Sanwa part in the Sanwa catalog including JLF shafts.

Another possibility is the shaft used for the newer Mad Catz SE-style joysticks like the Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Brawl joysticks… The Mad Catz joystick lever in those cases are clones of the JLF. Many of the parts, including the shaft itself, are identical in nearly all measures to the Sanwa JLF parts.

Be aware that Sanwa JLF shafts by themselves will cost at least $10 to import. may list the shafts as 220 Yen but remember the exchange rate is NOT so favorable for the American dollar so the price is going to be over $3, maybe closer to $4 now. With shipping the price can easily rise to $10 total so you’re not really saving much there and may spend more to get the part faster… You might as well use a domestic source to obtain the shaft.

I’m sorry but this thing not have any metal panel ruins it for me.

They already did sorta, If you buy a Q1CUT Standard or other older ‘low-end’ sticks of theirs that doesn’t advertise sanwa/seimitsu parts, these are the parts you will get. The molds are highly similar, minus the LED components and them being clears. Same goes for the Joystick.

Hello everyone,

I’m a new member here and was actually directed here by Nucking Futs (over at TYM).

I have been watching this thread for quite some time now and appreciate kaihongs hard work in providing all the information regarding the Battle Edition Fightstick.

I used to use a fightstick back in the SNES days (Capcom Power Stick which was quite cheap) and have recently decided to invest in an updated model to play games such as SF and SFxT.

There have been some mixed opinion on this product and with all the recent information, do you think it’s a buy or pass?

I’m still on the fence because there seems to be a couple negatives aspects that will require some additional attention (swapping out the stick / buttons) to get working at a “usable” level. I realize that what you get for $90.00 is pretty good and would require only a few modifications but the additional costs would ultimately surpass those of a stock Madcatz stick that requires no changes out of the box (The Soul Calubur V Soul Edition stick is the one that interests me due to similar noir button layout and aesthetics).

Here is Montreal, Quebec we pay almost 15% in additional sales tax, so in the end, the Battle Edition would costs around $183.00 and an individual copy of the game is $68.00. That makes a $115.00 difference (which is the final price of the stick) and I don’t think it is worth it in my situation. Even if I were to purchase the bundle and sell the stick separately (if I dislike it), it would still come out to the same thing as getting the individual game (all DLC still available from EBgames / Gamestop) and ordering a Madcatz stick from Gameshark for $120.00 (shipping included) with no mods required.

I still have a few hours to think about my decision but unfortunately, things don’t look too good for the Battle Edition right now.

Any thought / opinions?

I would like to know where I can buy one of those Qanba square restrictor plates. Does anyone know? I guess buying a replacement joystick would be okay since they are probably only 10$ or so.

Let me know if anyone has any ideas on where to buy one of these.


First, Welcome to SRK! The site has just had a re-haul so everything isn’t in 100% shape yet, but they’re working swiftly on things.

In your scenario I’d go with the MadCatz for now. Though I have NO experience (though I’d like some) with the Korean sticks, currently Sanwa/Seimitsu are the measuring stick (no pun intended?) for other sticks (though most likely NOT for American sticks/parts). Going from SNES to arcade sticks now is a huge jump in quality and available technology. You’ll want to get the feel for a GOOD stock stick and the components before getting a stick that needs moderate modding, IMO.
I’ve been using the TE-S for some time now after beginning my foray with Japanese sticks/parts on a HORI UMVC3 stick (which was too light and had the start button in an unfavorable location for my tastes), and I love the TE-S.
The Soul Edition is great if you like the Noir layouts, as the PCB is better than the TE-S sticks (based on DarkSakul’s Phenomenal “What Stick” thread, which is required reading: What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting ).
I truly doubt that the Battle Edition will fly off shelves, and I estimate there will be several folks selling theirs (I’ve already seen one on eBay as previously stated). Plus, you may find that the BE stick has price dropped in the future.
Pick up the MadCatz, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll have a good base on what to do with the BE stick, IF and when you obtain one.

If I replace the microswitches in addition to all the pivot / spring / shaft stuff on the previous post, will that fix the throw / engage distances? or do I need to switch the microswitch area at all?

Just wondering… is the clear shaft cover stuck to the battop, or can it be removed and used with a balltop?

so far i ran into two guys from Mexico that received their battle edition with the stick on Sunday, anybody else get it today or during the weekend?

Not sure, but my guess is it’s stuck to it. I know you have to cut JLF shaft covers shorter to use them with the Sanwa bat top or it pushes the parts down lower so they don’t feel right. I am assuming either way it would be to short to use with a ball top. They make clear JLF shaft covers that work with ball tops though.

Thank you very much for the welcome,

I have actually been a lurker on this website for a while; as previously mentioned, I am a member on, play Mortal Kombat 9 as my main game and have recently decided to pick up the Capcom games once again. These games were a big part of my adolescence back in the 90’s and I spent a lot of time feeding quarters into the arcade cabinets.

Obviously, Mortal Kombat 9 does not necessarily require a fightstick due to the control scheme and I managed with a standard PS3 controller for the past 2 years, however a majority of the other games really do require one and a fightpad does not feel natural to me (especially when performing quarter circles, DP motions, etc…).

I decided to look into the Soul Calibur stick because I personally prefer the noir layout as opposed to the viewlix. Ideally, if madcatz (or any other manufacturer) made a quality stick with a straight button layout much like the PS2 Street Fighter 15th Anniversary model, it would be ideal. The Qanba Q2 standard was an option but it is ultimately more expensive than the SCV (for me in Canada) and the spacing between the joystick and first 2 left-hand buttons is way too small. This is actually one of the issues I have with the vielix layout and did consider the Hori “Kai” model but the SCV is just too damn sexy…lol

Thank you for the information and the link you’ve provided will definitely come in handy.

It fixes everything. it makes it just like a sanwa. I suggest you change micro switches just in case, however, they feel nearly identical.

The clear shaft cover is stuck to the battop. they are one single piece of plastic.

Honestly if you are willing to wait a little while you can get them for next to nothing from modders who are going to swap out the Qanba parts for real arcade parts.

I am going to get my Injustice Stick tonight and I am planing to fit a JLF or a LS-32 in there so if you really want and don’t mind the wait until I get my parts; I can sent you the whole joystick.

So Guys should I go with a LS-32 or a JLF. I have already a few sticks with a JLF but only one Seimitsu Stick, the LS-56 which is in a repaired Sega Saturn Virtua Stick.

I wonder if I can fit those LED boards into Sanwa or Seimtsu Push buttons? If I can, what ever brand works is more than likely what brand joystick I will get.

If you can manage to fit an LS-32 into this stick. Call me. I have my LS-32-01 sitting here and there is no direct drop in. You would require some hefty plate modifications.
The LED boards would require you to drill a hole to have the connector come through. Besides that, they are drop right in. Use some glue to hold it down?

What’s up man?! Glad you found your way over here. IMHO, unless the LED feature (on the Injustice stick) is important to you upfront then you’re better off with the Madcatz SCV stick (you can add LED’s later but will be more costly). It’s the most beautiful Madcatz stick (especially with 3rd party LED’s) but that’s just me. I can’t think of a reason why the Injustice would be better (besides the LED’s) unless you enjoy dissecting arcade sticks. I’m sure eventually you’ll see these sticks for sale in the trading outlet forum. Heck, if I don’t like mine then you can be sure to see it for sale, LOL!

I’ll be picking mine up in less than 2-hours (Gamestop midnight launch FTW!). Even though I know the components are meh at best, I’m pretty excited. Not sure why but probably because the wait has been so long.

BTW, first post updated.

Someone’s going to put an LS-32-01 in this joystick…
The question is how will the mod be done?
A) adapted stock mounting plate plus plastic case shaving;
B) adapted LS-32 mounting plate plus plastic case shaving.

Dunno but it’s for sure someone’s going to replace that JLF-clone with something other than JLF parts.

I don’t like the Seimetsu’s with leaf switches so I would advise against those. I would love to just buy the restrictor plate, but don’t I have to be a member for 6 months or is that only for selling?

If I can buy it earlier than 6 months let me know and I will take it off your hands.


I bought the arcade stick version of I:GUU because it wasn’t made by madcatz. I hate that company. :lol:
I’m picking mine up tomorrow like most people but I think I will wait to see this thread and what everyones verdict is. Cause if its bad then I just won’t bother picking up the game.

Too bad, because in this case, MadCatz has the better product(s).

Some of my own studies on the inner working of the Injustice Stick

Screw in Buttons can still fit. Protip: use Seimtsu Nuts (even if you are using Sanwa screw-ins)

For Comparison Blue - Sanwa, Smoke - Seimitsu.

The Qanba buttons are not snappy like Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons. The Qanba buttons feel kinda Mushy, almost like stock Agetec buttons.
The Joystick feels off as well.

with some effort, the stock PDP shaft can pull free from the bat top.

Bat Top Comparisons Left Sanwa, Right PDP

Shaft Covers, Left Sanwa, Right PDP

Overlaying a Injustice Dust Washer over a Sanwa Dust Cover (CD Shaft cover kit sized)

Sanwa Shaft over with a Injustice Dust Washer

Sanwa Dust Washer not fitting around the Injustice shaft cover.

I further more notice the Injustice shaft cover does not fit correctly with Sanwa Bat tops and ball tops (no picture) as there is a slight overhang of the shaft cover

The Injustice joystick taking a Sanwa Ball top and Shaft cover like a pro.

The current state of my stick.

Failed fitting of the LED board in a Seimitsu button. See how the connector interferes with the space the micoswitch goes

Fitting the Injustice LED board in a Sanwa Button.