Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick

Just an FYI…

Gamestop’s having a $10 off sale on all versions of Injustice (including the Battle Edition) from 5/8th - 5/14th. Use code, “SAVER” for free value shipping. Not sure about you guys/gals but there was only one location around me that had it in-stock as of today.

I need to get around to finishing my Injustice stick mod. All the major work is done. I just need to make some changes to keep the tournament lock then I can close the thing up.

Note if you going for a PCB replacement, you will need a dremel.

I’m still waiting for parts. be sure to take pics of whatever you need to chop up

Oh I will. If you are going for a new PCB I also recommend PCB stand offs. I bought some metal ones from Radio shack and super glue them to the case.

Just an FYI. If you use the injustice square gate and plan on using toodles sparkce you will need to dremel out the bottom right hand corner of the gate. See my blurry pics. You need to do this because the potentiometer is in the way and the gate wont click in. The easiest way I found to do this was find an edge of a counter or something and use the tool I show in the picture and hold your hand firm then just move the gate into the dremel. You need to put the tool right below the spot where the gate locks on the micro-switch cover and dremel slightly past where you see the imprint of the circle on the gate. (see pics)

And yes that’s a cast iron skillet in the back ground. I needed contrast so the stupid camera would focus.


I will just leave this here.

It is a Log of my own Stick mod for Injsutice

First off, awesome compilation of modding work. I’ve been lurking this thread for the past two weeks and I’ve decided to try and do a sanwa conversion to my stick. Ditching the LEDs. Just want a stick that feels similar to a SF TE. So I’ve ordered 30mm buttons and next I’m buying a JLF. Any suggestions on which will be easiet to install?


im looking at changing my bat top to a ball top and i have a few questions as i have never modded a stick before.

  • would it be best just to buy the ball of the whole sanwa stick part?
  • what do i need to take off to change the bat to a ball? just the back or the front as well?

thanks in advance.

You’ll need a balltop, shaft cover and new dust ring.

installing it will be fairly simple. you’ll need to remove the bottom panel and hold the stick shaft with a Philips while you unscrew the bat top from the shaft.

thanks a lot.

can i not just use the shaft cover and dust ring i already have?

no. different sizes

ok thanks a lot.
sorry to be a pain but could you provide me with an example of what i would have to buy?

I’m going to be doing an LED ball top mod.

You guys think it’ll be possible to parallel off some power from the stock LED controller?

Thank you everyone for all these helpful post especially you kaihong <3 anyways just thought I would share my fight stick.

Remove the Sanwa JLF’s Mount place and use the mount plate that comes with the Qanba joystick.

Here’s an art and button mod I did for my buddy. Sanwa switches and new art.

Let me know how you do it plz, because I want to do the same thing! :slight_smile:

I think you can tap the power cable used to power the Joystick LEDs.

That simple? I thought you had to dremel your own holes to get the LS-32 to fit. Easier with Sanwas?

I was thinking about. I’m going to have to figure out how to draw the parallel power from it though. I’m no good with electricity.