Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick

Forgive me if this has already been stated in this long thread, but has anyone tried replacing the PCB with the PS360+ or equivalent to make the stick compatible with 360 and PS3? I have the 360 Injustice fight stick and I opened it up and was following the guide on focus for installing the PS360+ and it looks incredibly difficult to replace the PCB on the stick because of there it’s located. Anyone have any advice or suggestions?

You answered your own question. Dremel work is only for the LS-32.

You’d have known if you simply read through the past few pages in the thread.

I’m not totally clear on this; I want to put some Sanwa switches in the stock buttons, is that doable by just taking out the plunger? Is it a mod worth doing?

Heres how to remove led boards to swap switches.


If you bother to read the thread, I already provided a link with someone who already had, me.

Well, Gamestop shipped this out to me at 11PM which I didn’t expect so now I get to read all this again and see whether to attempt some mods or try to unload it. Love the look of the stick so if I can get it all buttery all the better. Hoping that I’ll be able to raid some parts out of my HRAP EX so I can take my time on deciding a custom theme. Believe the stick is a JLF, though a slightly different model if I remember correctly; hopefully still similar enough to frankenstein it. The one thing I can’t tell from looking at the photos though is if that’s a separate cutout in the button where a wire connects to the PCB assuming that’s how the LEDs get power. Too bad since the HRAP has some really nice looking translucent buttons in it that would be killer with the lighting. I’m sure I’ll have a dozen more dumb questions once the stick actually gets here.

Incorrect! The Injustice’s joystick is not a Sanwa JLF. It just happens the Qanba joystick inside is compatible with some parts from a JLF. Please read the whole thread before commenting.

Oh no, I meant in the HRAP EX that I have sitting around. I believe that the stick in the HRAP EX is a Sanwa JLF-TM-8 but I’m not sure how comparable that is to the JLF-TP-8 that seems to be the standard model available now. Guess I’ll open up the HRAP in a little bit and see if there’s a model number on the stick and how it looks compared to what kaihong was dealing with.

Update- Man, I forgot how annoying that case was to get into. Definitely a Sanwa stick and looks just like the photos in the thread so I’m feeling good about being able to emulate the process. A little annoying that the stick is soldered to the board instead of using a harness but I’m not afraid of a little solder so that should be a fairly minor impediment though annoying if I ever find someone desperate for a Rose theme HRAP EX. There’s also no markings at all on the buttons I used and can’t remember if they’re Sanwa or Seimitsu, either way they’re the screw variety and hopefully will prove compatible.

FWIW, I ended up using it for a few hours wanting to really like it but ultimately unloaded mine on eBay a few weeks ago (yes, I’m the one that created this thread!). If it was the only stick I own then I probably wouldn’t mind modding it. IMHO, it’s a mid-tier stick at best but just too much work (dremeling the bottom of Sanwa buttons to make the OEM LED’s fit in there with Sanwa SW-68 microswitches, using spacers to make a JLF fit, adding weights, etc.) to make it a quality top-tier stick (just not motivated enough to do all that easy yet tedious work). A little annoyed (I’m over it, ha!) WB didn’t allow PDP to announce (before launch date) exactly what components (manufacturer) would be inside of it but I guess now we all know why though most of us suspected it wouldn’t be top-tier components from Sanwa or Seimitsu anyway. Love the semi-grippy rubber texture (spray on?!?) of the case & LED lights…but that was it! I probably wouldn’t pay no more than $75 for it but that’s just me. Also wasn’t feeling the Namco Noir/Astro City button layout.

If you guys/gals don’t care about the LED’s (vibration option in-game aka damage when you get hit) then for around $60 the Qanba stick (forgot the model name) is the better option (if you’re ok with a Vewlix button layout & a ball-top) since it’s less expensive, includes a table mount/clamp, octo/circular gates, button plugs (for the last 2), USB-cable storage compartment & has the same exact components in the Injustice stick minus the LED’s:

End of rant/

What size are the feet you put on, and where could i get some?

Thanks for image quoting.

Where? Any hardware store. Those rubber feet are quite common.

Thanks ^__^, and sorry was I not suppose to image quote?

Image quoting is frowned upon, and is a burden on anyone with a slower or mobile connection. If you would be so kind, please edit your post and delete the images from your quote. :slight_smile:

Seeing as the mounting holes are the same for Sanwa JLF. I think the Crown 303-FK can mount correct?

Actually the mounting holes do not match, and you have to drill to widen those holes for a Sanwa, Seimitsu or Crown stick to fit.
I compared the mount holes with both a flat JLF mount plate and several flat Seimitsu flat mount plates the SE, MS, RE and P-40. The VF and SS seimitsu plate will not mount.

I treat the Crown 303-FK as you would the JLF plate and widen holes for mounting. You would want longer screws with washers. See my LS-32 install guide for details.
I can’t say if the mount height would be correct, as there little space inside. Do not quote me on this, but from what I can tell, you might be able to swap the Crown 303-FK’s mount plate for the stock Qanba plate inside the Injustice stick.

Also if the joystick is not a Seimitsu LS-55, 56, 58, Sanwa JLF or the Qanba Clone you will have to engage in some case cutting of the bottom panel.

Not sure if it’s the game or the stick, but I’m having a major problem with it when I use it with my PC (360 version of the stick) and I’m not sure if anyone else has encountered it.

When using it to play SSF4AE everything seems to work fine for a short period of time before I can’t use the lowers buttons (A/B/RT/LT). All of the tops buttons work fine, but the bottom ones just stop out of the blue. I’ve checked to see if it might be a loose connection, but it isn’t and it works fine when I play on my SF and MvC on my 360. I updated the drivers as well and still having the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.

What’s the button layout for this called? Is it the same as a HFS3 or an Astro City layout??? Thanks

Those are basically the same thing.

So all 3 of those are basically the same?