Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick

woa great man i love it!

Just got mine, everything works properly, pretty durable parts, ive used it quite a bit, doesnt feel like anything is going to break on me. And also since i read this, just wanted to inform, my Pulse works Perfect in Injustice and also in Tekken Revolution, dont have any other games to test it out on at the moment.

I was wondering if anyone has a video (or a really simple step-by-step) of dual-modding this stick. It’ll be my first time dual-modding; so the simpler, the better.

I read darksakul’s mod guide thing but it was a little confusing. Haha.

My Mod isn’t for first time modders.

I figured. Is there even an easy way to mod it?

Easy methods

1. Easy and preserving all the sticks functions

  • Swap the switches from the Qanba made buttons with Sanwa SW-68 switches
  • Replace the Shaft, Pivot, Spring, spring holder, actuator, e-clip of the joystick with the equivalent Sanwa JLF parts.

This thread will show you how.

Explanation how Sanwa JLF parts fits in the Qanba Joystick
Its the Pivot, half ball shape piece that fits on the shaft of the joystick that is the real issue.
but the pivot dose not fit the qanba made shaft well, so you need a Sanwa JLF shaft,

2. Easy and eliminating/replacing LED lighting.

  • Replace buttons with 30 mm Sanwa or Seimitsu Buttons
  • Replace the joystick completely with a JLF Joystick.

Sanwa JLF Installation

Hard Method

  1. Difficult, full replacement [(My Mod)](Return of Justice. Darksakul's Injustice Mod worklog
  • Grinding out top panel space to make room for a Seimtsu mount plate
  • Cutting out material from bottom panel.

Optional - Dual Mod

  • Cutting the main PCB in half to retain the select, start and PS/Home buttons
  • soldering to traces on the board to use those buttons
  • keeping board with the USB jack so you can still use the provided USB cable.

Its the soldering parts of my guide that got fuzzy because I forgot to photograph those steps, and that soldering isn’t suitable for a beginner project.

Thanks, but I think I’ll just leave it 360 only. Haha. Unless I can find a video of someone dual modding it.

The only thing in Darksakul’s post about dual modding is at the end and it sounds, umm, needlessly complex.
The easiest way to dual mod is going to involve throwing out the stock control board and replacing it with a PS360+. Cut the connectors off of the ribbon cables, strip them, and screw them into the PS360 where appropriate. (Disclaimer: I have not done this, or touched one of the Injustice sticks for that matter.)
You might have to give up on the LEDs by doing this, or else figure out (or guess) what current they run at and wire them to 5V.
You will lose lock-switch functionality.

You are not going to be able to use the start, select and home buttons as their contacts are directly on the original PDP PCB.
You will have to solder if you want to use those 3 buttons.

There is one on you tube, but it only shows the method I labeled as method 1. Also the guy I in the video is a idiot.

I have some soldering skills. I’m just the kind of guy that likes to read the instructions. Haha.

I bought two SFxT Pros. And I’ve seen a couple videos of those being dual modded and it didn’t look so hard. I’ll just mod those.

I saw that video (and his two others). I’ve already changed the spring and the gate. I’ll probably change the buttons since the stock buttons suck now. I don’t really care for the LED function.

Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.

Hey guys, quick question. Are there any better buttons (not just the switch) available that would allow me to keep the LED function?

I don’t have to have the LEDs; but if I could keep them, I might as well.

there no buttons with pre-installed LEDs on the market other than Qanba.

For clear Sanwa and Seimitsu you need to install LEDs , either drill and insert a LED or get a LED insert board for each button. Drill to allow for wiring.

Oh alright. Thanks.

Paradise Arcade Shop sales Jyueeyang buttons with pre-installed Uilas.

Would I be able to just plug those in to the injustice stick?

I’m sorry. I was mistaken. The LED is not pre-installed but is included in the package. Installing the LED in the button would require drilling or burning holes in the bottom of the buttons and wiring them up.

Can’t stress this enough…

It’s great as a beginner stick due to the recent price drop IF you don’t plan on modding it besides the simple stuff (swapping out the restrictor gate, changing out the balltop, shaft & buttons as long you’re willing to lose the LED function) but I don’t recommend it as your first stick if you want to do anything more.

I’m going to edit the first post to mention this.

Alright. Well thanks anyways everyone.

Price just dropped to $40.

I don’t mean to be contrary, but it might actually be a really good fight stick for someone getting into modding. To start with, it’s a good stick. Secondly, and most importantly, it’s cheap. My first stick was the Hori Wireless Tekken stick for the PS3. It is notoriously terrible to mod (much like the Injustice stick). I think if I’d started with a Madcatz TE, I NEVER would have started opening up my sticks because of a fear of breaking or ruining them. I certainly NEVER would have had to learn how to solder (TE’s are very mod friendly).

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that a cheap difficult to mod stick is kind of a great choice for a first timer. It forces you to learn do some really creative stuff (following the examples of better modders) and it allows you to do it at a price point that makes it easy to shrug off the fear of making mistakes.