Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick

Lose the plate, and lose the plastic that is mounted directly under the plate.
You want to keep these parts (minus the shaft and the dome piece that pivots on it)

Lose the shaft and the dome shaped piece that does the pivoting and is lubricated. That single dome piece is the cause of all problems. The material of that dome nut just sticks to the material it sits in no matter how much lube is used.

The buttons are satisfactory. They lack sensitivity and the when I’m playing I find myself not feeling the buttons coming back up after being pressed. The springs in the micro switches are perhaps really soft.

Kaihong = MANY thanks for your detailed posts, photos and taking the time to share these mods with us all!!!
Definitely like the aesthetic for the top, (last photo in your “good news, bad news” post. Hope the jerk who tried to break in didn’t do damage to your car that you need to fix.)
I usually Keep a towel or other “covering” in the car to deter people from breaking-in when there are important items inside.
The weight of the stick isn’t my ideal, but I have yet to try it out.

My question to all of you now is, If we had this information 2 weeks ago, would you still pre-order or not?

I’m really tempted to get one of these. Do you think they’ll run out quickly? I still see some MKAK Sticks at my EB Games.

I think they will… $150ish for the game, (costumes lol?), and this stick is such a steal.

I am new to the whole fight stick thing and I would like to get one for the arcade feel while I play injustice and SFIV. Should I just get the MLG(Or Soul) Madcatz TE? or pick up this Injustice one? Thanks for the help experienced folks. If I am going to drop $90-100 on a stick I want it to be an educated purchase.

I’d recommend a TE over this one if you want quality. I don’t know how well the buttons/sticks on these will perform over time, but a TE has Sanwa so it’s hard to argue against those. These sticks look to be nice, but until they’re moddable with better components, I think they’re more of a “cool factor” than anything else. I’m not gonna cancel my preorder though now that I’ve seen pics. Stick looks awesome IMO. I just wouldn’t pick this over a TE personally (for a first stick).

Get a Madcatz TE. It has all Sanwa parts.

Thanks SmokeMaxX! I will be purchasing before midnight tonight to get it on tuesday and have been doing as much research as posible. It seemed like Madcatz TE is everyone’s budget favorite thanks for confirmation.


Have you tried sticking a JLF shaft into the Qanba stick to see if it fixes the feel of the thing?

Yes I have. The Qanba shaft is slightly thinner than the JLF. The parts from the Qanba stick cannot all fit onto the JLF shaft; only some. However, all the Sanwa parts can fit on the Qanba shaft. Shaft lengths also vary oh so slightly. I’ll get that measured tomorrow if I have time.
I spent all day mixing and matching parts in a process of elimination. I singled out basically one piece that made the only difference. It was the plastic dome piece that sits in the stick and provides pivoting. The material of the Qanba stick has too much friction even with all the lubrication.
Basically the pivot nut dome plastic thing (someone give the proper name please LOL)
the washer
and the third piece that is on the shaft in this picture

In addition, adding another spring will make the stick feel tighter. The Qanba stick has a huge dead zone, simply too much play when it is suppose to stand still.

You’re fine. Pretty sure it’s called the pivot.

Also, not surprised it helped so much. I seem to remember it helping my Hori Wireless Tekken stick a bunch as well.

They could…

Depending on initial pre-order demand, WB might order 12,000 or less of these sets produced.

That’s about 60% the number of game-joystick sets produced for the Tekken 5 10th Anniversary release set.

(It took a while for the T5 Anniversary sets to sell out; large numbers were still unsold for around 2-3 years after the set was released. They were available well into the first year-and-a-half the PS3 was out on the market. That’s why I don’t think we see a lot of joystick gift sets released in the US. They’re a bit more common in Japan.)

Although the Injustice Joystick itself looks less than pro-level based on the autopsy, it has a couple of features in its favor –
a) the big one is the LED feature. You have the PCB and LED’s themselves set up for you already… This has to be a lot cheaper and less trouble than buying the LED kits and controller PCB by themselves and trying to figure out on your own/following directions on how to put it all together! At least all the major wiring work and programming has been done for you;

b) all the included parts seem to be upgradeable or moddable with Sanwa standard parts. You’d have to do a bit more to get a Seimitsu lever to work… It’s not getting the joystick mounted and properly positioned that’s the issue, it’s the LED. Can you adapt it to work in synch with the PCB/directionals of a Seimitsu joystick? Hollow shafts exist for the Zippyy/LS-32 joysticks (and that’s what you’re limited to unless you can find hollow shafts for the other Seimitsu type joysticks) and getting a wire/LED mounted to light the bubbletop/opaque/transparent balltop shouldn’t be the big problem. It’s the rest of it (IF the directionals light up) that’s the issue.

c) I SERIOUSLY DOUBT that it’s impossible to mount a Seimitsu joystick or the new Crown CWJ-303A Korean joystick in this case. I think we’re looking at Dremel and drilling time again… NOT Dreamcast Agetec case-mod bad but more involved than a T5 case mod. Lots of plastic shavings, scrap, and shrapnel are going to fly over the room. Get your safety glasses and plan to do this in stages over a few days if you want a clean mod without screwing up the case!
The existing mounting plate that comes with the JLF-clone might have to be modded – new holes drilled to line up with existing screw holes on the top of the plastic bases of the Seimitsu/Crown joysticks–, OR something will have to be rigged or cut away to fit the Seimitsu/Crown mounting plates. Modding the existing mounting plate MIGHT be easier if the alternate joystick bits fits into the case neatly without having to cut a lot of plastic around the mount area and if you have a convenient workshop area where you can drill holes safely and neatly into the stock mounting plate.

It DOES NOT look like the stock joystick LED will be usable (at least directionally) with a replacement joystick.
The LED is sized to fit on between the mounting plate AND The TP-MA PCB clone (the PCB with the soldered microswitches for the joystick). That LED is made specific to the JLF-clone PCB/fits on top of the TP-MA “twin”… I doubt the circuitry could be made to work easily with any Seimitsu -01 PCB joystick or Crown’s new joystick (which has no PCB).

For me its either the battle edition or just an xbox 360 controller but, i have a question for kaihong

Sorry if you already stated this

If i wanted to upgrade the buttons but still keep the led lighting and the same thing for the stick stick. for future reference when i get money how would i do this? Currently a broke college kid…

Any links to what i should buy. I have played with Real Arcade Pro VX SA if this helps on what im use to. Had to get rid of it while ago but anyways im starting new again. Any help here? lol

Thank you

or at the very least… just show me what to buy.

sighs again im sorry if this this takes a lengthy reply

Currently wondering what Qanba’s plans for these parts are. Can’t help but think that we’ll see a Qanba stick with these parts sometime in the future.

Just follow @kaihongs example and swap out the microswitches.

Order yourself 8x sanwa microswitches for the buttons :slight_smile:
for the stick order yourself a new sanwa shaft and all the parts that come with the shaft including the pivot/spring/washer/E-clip/actuator/pressure spring base.

Focusattack doesn’t carry standard shafts (?)
Getting a Sanwa square gate is optional. The Qanba one works just fine though it’s different size, only slightly smaller.

Thank you guys very much

Paradise Arcade Shop should have JLF shafts/JLF-compatible shafts in stock. Their lowest-cost JLF-compatible shafts are $15. These include a hollow shaft. The higher-grade titanium shaft is $26. A link-release shaft for JLF is $28… these are the most reasonable prices you’ll find in the US unless someone is willing to sell a used JLF or shaft by itself. Focus Attack stocks the Paradise hollow shaft and the link-release shaft.

Failing that, can order any Sanwa part in the Sanwa catalog including JLF shafts.

Another possibility is the shaft used for the newer Mad Catz SE-style joysticks like the Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Brawl joysticks… The Mad Catz joystick lever in those cases are clones of the JLF. Many of the parts, including the shaft itself, are identical in nearly all measures to the Sanwa JLF parts.

Be aware that Sanwa JLF shafts by themselves will cost at least $10 to import. may list the shafts as 220 Yen but remember the exchange rate is NOT so favorable for the American dollar so the price is going to be over $3, maybe closer to $4 now. With shipping the price can easily rise to $10 total so you’re not really saving much there and may spend more to get the part faster… You might as well use a domestic source to obtain the shaft.

I’m sorry but this thing not have any metal panel ruins it for me.

They already did sorta, If you buy a Q1CUT Standard or other older ‘low-end’ sticks of theirs that doesn’t advertise sanwa/seimitsu parts, these are the parts you will get. The molds are highly similar, minus the LED components and them being clears. Same goes for the Joystick.

Hello everyone,

I’m a new member here and was actually directed here by Nucking Futs (over at TYM).

I have been watching this thread for quite some time now and appreciate kaihongs hard work in providing all the information regarding the Battle Edition Fightstick.

I used to use a fightstick back in the SNES days (Capcom Power Stick which was quite cheap) and have recently decided to invest in an updated model to play games such as SF and SFxT.

There have been some mixed opinion on this product and with all the recent information, do you think it’s a buy or pass?

I’m still on the fence because there seems to be a couple negatives aspects that will require some additional attention (swapping out the stick / buttons) to get working at a “usable” level. I realize that what you get for $90.00 is pretty good and would require only a few modifications but the additional costs would ultimately surpass those of a stock Madcatz stick that requires no changes out of the box (The Soul Calubur V Soul Edition stick is the one that interests me due to similar noir button layout and aesthetics).

Here is Montreal, Quebec we pay almost 15% in additional sales tax, so in the end, the Battle Edition would costs around $183.00 and an individual copy of the game is $68.00. That makes a $115.00 difference (which is the final price of the stick) and I don’t think it is worth it in my situation. Even if I were to purchase the bundle and sell the stick separately (if I dislike it), it would still come out to the same thing as getting the individual game (all DLC still available from EBgames / Gamestop) and ordering a Madcatz stick from Gameshark for $120.00 (shipping included) with no mods required.

I still have a few hours to think about my decision but unfortunately, things don’t look too good for the Battle Edition right now.

Any thought / opinions?

I would like to know where I can buy one of those Qanba square restrictor plates. Does anyone know? I guess buying a replacement joystick would be okay since they are probably only 10$ or so.

Let me know if anyone has any ideas on where to buy one of these.