Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick

Why are you looking at Amazon first? Check out Focus Attack, Paradise Arcade shop or even akihabarashop before you ever think of eBay or Amazon.

I trust PDP’s and Qanba’s PCBs less than I trust Mad Catz Fight Pads. For the inexpert I say call up PDP and complain. Now for your elite modders (who solder every fricking thing) who long since voided your warranty just replace the PCB.

Cool thanks guys for the fast reponse! I will definately go through focus attack, thanks for the reccomendation! Part of me wants to just leave the thing alone and be happy with what I have haha, but I’m gonna go ahead and take the risk. The square gate thing just does not fit my playstyle at all. I

For those of you having issues with the pulse function, try another game (SF4, etc.) that has rumble/vibration to verify it’s the stick that’s having issues for sure.

Alright, here is what I’ve tried

Injustice - nope
MK9 - nope
UMVC3 - nope (i dont know if this has rumble though)
Remote Massage (xbl indie games) - Yes. Both in constant and alternating. Can’t manually adjust the speed without an analog stick though. Maybe its a rumble strength thing ingame? (I don’t know if you can program the intensity of a rumble on xbox 360 controllers, just the pattern like sin or square or constant)
I can’t find my copy of street fighter 4 at the moment, someone else test.

I preordered my stick and when I picked it up on Thursday, found that the joystick didn’t didn’t work. I returned it and exchanged for another one yesterday only to find out that the joystick didn’t work as equally well either. (All of the buttons worked, the problem was that it the up and up-right motion wouldn’t register. Also it wouldn’t go left and up on the menu screens) Mine was the 360 version, anyone else get this problem?

So I take it Pulse do not work as advertise and already people are having issues with input. Looks like I more justified just gutting the Main PCB out for a PS360+
Normally I go with a normal Dual-Mod but this time I think I get my hands dirty with a PS360+ board.

Hello all, I too went out and per-ordered the Battle Edition myself and I must say that I am quite pleased with this particular stick, I have an SFxT Pro stick too which I love!! I can also chime in on some of the gripes of others about the bat top stick having a lot of room to move because it seems like I can not u/f or diagonal jump towards someone in game which is some times frustrating and QCF’s not coming up.

My ??? now is since I also have the older SFIV SE Madcatz stick can I just take the stick out of it and swap it in for the injustice stick, ball top and all? I think i read that you have to keep some plastic piece from the injustice stick for the LED’s I think someone said. I’ve already taken the stick out of the SE, like the whole piece…gate, stick and mounting plate…so where do I go from here? And my last question is, before I stopped using my SE fightstick, I was doing something with it one day and my dog got a hold of the spring that goes inside the stick i guess u could say so it stretched some, so the stick is a lil tighter…is there another place like say a home depot i could replace the spring with instead of having to order one? I prefer the stick to feel like my SFxT stick and not so stiff to hit corners, thanx

I’ve tested it (PS3 version) on Tuesday. It works with the on & off vibration feature in-game.

If you really want your injustice stick to feel like your SFxT stick, you’re not going to accomplish it by dumpster diving in a stock SFIV SE. You’re going to need much better parts than that. My advice would be to hold off on any real modification. Go ahead and change to the ball top if you think it’ll help, but switching out a JLF clone for another JLF clone is not going to give you the results you’re looking for.

Also, if after switching to the ball top, you’re still having trouble with forward jump, you may want to work on your technique. That shouldn’t be a problem with a square gate.

I was hoping to see if someone would test on the 360 version, as all the problems I’ve heard w/r/t pulse not working were on the 360

Thanks for the response wagon, and yea i’d weighed that option of just waiting out for better parts, i was just wanting to try something different from the ball top but yea upgraded Sanwa parts for me, are at least the way to go. I dont really have any problems with technique, I just think its mostly due to this stick, i plug in my other one and no problems. Sanwa is def the way to go…

Hey I just found out that 4-40 screws works for the top panel of the Injustice Stick.
I used these screws

1/2 inch screws are kinda long so you could get away with 1/4 inch screws instead.

With some effort M3 screws also work for the bottom panel.
I used these

I have only but one big issue with this stick. I have been using this stick(xbox360) for almost a week now, but 4 days ago I noticed that the 2 bottom right buttons (labelled RT/LT) would randomly become unresponsive. Tapping or mashing either of these two buttons would cause this, but not all the time. To make them register my hits once again, I would have to unplug the stick from the console and then plug it back in.
I would try mashing these two buttons (and the ones around them) for a minute straight and it would still be working. Then randomly during play, these 2 buttons would stop working even just by tapping one of them once. I also did some trial and error to see if it had something to do with the switches (light/lock), but did not come up with solid results. The situation seems very random.

Can someone please help me before I decide to take it apart?

Scroll up to one of my earlier posts top of this Page.

Sold both DLC’s for $40 (Red Son pack for $15 & New 52 costume pack for $25) so by the time I deduct the price of the game, tax & eBay/PayPal fees, I spent ~$65 for the stick. Just an FYI for you guys that don’t care for those DLC’s. Sold seperately IMHO, I think it’s worth $100 (MSRP) but at $65 it’s an even better deal for a mid-level arcade stick.

Edit: Woot Woot for my 1000th post!

They closed my ticket on the art, calling about the pcb pulse issues now.

edit: this support line kinda sucks. It won’t even let you stay on the line for an agent, it just drops you to voicemail after 45 seconds.

edit2: fedex is picking it tomorrow hopefully, with 2 weeks to process it and ship it back. Even if I don’t end up using the pcb, I’d rather I get a working product =)

That is screwed up. Then again if we are right, WB hired PDP to make this stick OEM and PDP outsourced this stick to Qanba none of those 3 parties are going to claim responsibility.

PDP made the stick OEM for WB, so it supposed to be WB and Netherrealm that should be responsible, but they are going to refer to PDP. And PDP is going to claim either WB or Qanba as WB owns the Rights and Qanba made the thing.

Nah, see edit above. They say they’ve gotten this complaint more than once already, though it was a little hard explaining the full issue to the rep. Hopefully the attached letter will help. I guess I can contact sales or something and see if they know where to get that art.

Some new developments I have with the Injustice stick.

It took some dremel magic but I manage to fit a Seimitsu LS-32-2 inside the Injustice stick

top side


The MS plate for the LS-32 is a little bit longer than it should be so

I marked how much more I need to cut away with a silver sharpie pen.

space is made wider and holes are marked for drilling.

Take these nuts out first before you DREMEL

Make sure you cut some of the plastic on the under panel or you not be able to fit the thing back on.
The Orange shows where I made my cuts.

Lets trash this, the old power cable for the Joystick LEDs.

Here is the PCB assembly popped out

The Start, select and guide is part of the main PCB. While the USB connector and both switches is mounted on its own daughter board.
I guess I have to dremel a PCB later on to keep those start, select and Guide buttons.

Oh shit looks what almost fit, my spare Cthulhu. Just some minor dremel goodness and a Cthulhu, chimp, Modded Cerberus board or a PS360+ can fit inside.

My pulse function wasn’t working out of the box with the ps3 edition, then I held down a button (x) while switching to pulse.


Now it works fine without having to do all that. Strange, but whatevz, yo.