Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick

seimitsu love is so strong, it’s almost damaging.

awesome stuff

The 360 version is common ground. Got the chance to get my hands on during Civil War to dual mod it. Everything was pretty straight forward in the mod until you deal with the usb lines. You will want to learn how to dissect the d- and d+ traces by removing the 0 ohm resistor that are on those traces.

Anyone try to mod theirs to a 5 button layout?

Are you telling me you don’t want a dedicated button for stance switch!? :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: fedex picked up my stick today. sales@pdp has not responded about stick art. Maybe i can follow up the original support ticket and see if they know who I should ask.

Zapf, what exactly are you trying to get from them concerning the stick art? A template?

Yeah. someone has to have the base image around somewhere. I couldn’t even find a pr / fan site kit out there to pull those portraits from.

Even with my 6 button layout, I don’t.

sorry for the newbsh question, but i’m looking into replacing the arcade stick art. is there a template that will work with this layout that i can download somewhere?

The art panel fits in a standard Legal 8.5 by 14 inch paper.
What I did was scan the original art, and use that as a basis for a rough template.

All you really need to know are where the button holes are going to be and how far you need to extend your art.
I ended up overextending my art as you can always trim, but you can’t put back once you cut.

i see. yea i always give enough bleed edge to my prints, but i was more concerned for where the holes were, since i have clear buttons and was planning on putting art inside

Lukas, send me that template so I can add it to the art thread.

I sent the photoshop file I made minus the art I used for my own stick to keep the file size down.

Nice video. You know that if you remove the top plexy and the artwork you can access the Injustice joystick for removal and replace the joystick.
You however need to swap the 2 top plates as by default the Sanwa JLF mounting plate do not match up with the screw holes.
Unless you did what I did and modify the plastic, it is how I fit a LS-32 in the Injustice stick.

Oh to you others who might be asking for a template.
I have set up a Mediafire account to host the file for me.

Dark Sakul’s Injustice PSD Template. Same template I sent d3v

Thanks for the template! Mine’s coming in today finally since I didn’t preorder.

So gummo mentioned the 360 is common ground, I’m just gonna assume the PS3 is the same as well??

Can’t wait to open that bad boy up!

Thank you for the template, sir!
Time to have some fun with this thing! :tup:

A refined version of @Darksakul 's template is now available in the art thread.

You made a template that look all professional and stuff.


how did u fitted the led pcb in a sanwa button? cuz it doesnt fit the led board is too big and interferes cuz its too high did u dremeled the pcb or the sanwa button?

I cut the sanwa button.
The particular button you saw was cut with a utility knife.