Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick

Amazing work Kaihong!!
I registered just now to this forum to congratulate you on such excellent work! and to ask you - where do I buy that same exact balltop & washer you have on the pics I quoted above? (Store? Website?)

Also, I have never modded in my life can you share how I may replace my Injustice Fight Stick bat stick & washer with the same ones you have?


That ball top is a Seimitsu Bubble Ball top, they come in various colors, the dust washer is from Art Hobbies (get the JLF - W/Shaft Cover hole size Verison)
Focus Attack, Paradise Arcade Shop and Akihabarashop carries those ball tops.

Only tools you need is a Phillips and a Flat head screw driver.

Washer is art’s site -
Bubble top is available on most sites that sell arcade parts

Can somebody send me the blank artwork template please?? Much appreciated.

Nvm saw the link thank u

Just got my parts from Dark (thanks).

Here is a pic of how the Injustice bat top fits on a JLF shaft /w a JLF shaft cover. It sits quite a bit lower than the Sanwa bat top and therefor has more of a throw feel compared to a JLF bat top (feels like a short version of a HAPP top (slightly thicker than the jlf bat top))

BTW: still looking to buy 1 more injustice bat top and restrictor gate.


You are Welcome. How the Parts are working out for you?

Injustice Type-D3v BlazBlue layout.

With three 6-button config options config options. Also added generic Injustice art.

Config 1

Config 2 (my preferred config)

Config 3

Of course, you can simply move the labels around to whatever suits you (unless it’s a dick 8-button config).

Download here.

and Darksakul. Thanks guys.
Some extra help needed if you guys are able…

Question 1:
Is that ball top & washer clear? Or blue? It looks blue but I am guessing that is because of the led lights.

Question 2:
Where exactly do I unscrew the shaft and batstick so I may add the new ball top & washer? Do I have to take apart the entire board? (Never done this before, thanks)

Question 3:
Is there an exact ball top size/model # for the one he is using?
(Zapf, I know you linked me to the 39 bubble top clear, but is that the same one he is using?)

Question 4:
Where do I pick up this “stock stick” he mentions he was able to fit the ball top and washer on?

Stock stick refers to the default Qanba lever that comes with the stick.

  1. That bat top and washer is clear, you can get your ball top in any color you want.

  2. Remove the bottom panel, and use a flat head screw driver.

  3. All ball tops use the same size thread. Sanwa brand bat tops need an adapter piece to fit, otherwise everything fits.

  4. The Injustice stick? try any game store or online.

Does anyone know how to get that glass back in? One side keeps sticking out help please thank you

Right… that’s annoying. The way I did it was by screwing it in on just one side (so, the two left holes only and not tightly, just enough to hold the plexi in place) and then using the leverage of those two screws to give me the ability to bend (ever so slightly) the center up to allow the right side to fit it. Then, once it was in, I unscrewed the two on the left and re-screwed everything starting from the center going out. I don’t know if re-screwing from the center out makes any difference, but I know it helps for thinner plexis so, why not do it here too?

Hope that helps. The plexi is a tight fit indeed.

Thanks. This has been very helpful.

Just ordered a sanwa octagonal restrictor, and the semitsu red bubble top. Modding my injustice stick (first time mod) Two questions…
The gate can be changed without removing the main plate and the joystick right?? And the semitsu ball will fit right on this stick I don’t need a new shaft and washer right??
(someone posted they wanted another injustice battop and restrictor gate let me know) Thank you.

This video should help you out:

Nah this doesn’t really help because I didn’t but an insert, got the full sanwa octagonal restrictor gate. Anyone who changed to balltop noticed a good improvement?? Can’t wait to post my finished mod its gonna have scarecrow artwork, really awesome.

Yes it does. Just remove the current restrictor like the one shown 40 seconds into the video, and put yours on

Ok thanks I had trouble watching the video on my phone just saw the insert.

I just got a call back from PDP. They feel that the stick is functioning properly, but through talking with wb / nrs they’ve determined that injustice: gau is having compatibility issues with the pulse feature (on xbox 360 at least). A patch is forthcoming.

This doesn’t really explain why it doesn’t work with mk9 and other games that do feature rumble. The pdp rep tried to tell me that mk9 does not support rumble, which is dumb since it has the exact same rumble settings as injustice. They are mailing it back 2 day fedex.

Having a lighting feature designed for only one game (and a massage app lol) is pretty lame! More reason to do custom lighting I guess.

edit: online ticket w/r/t art closed, citing legal issues. understandable.