Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick

Many people dismissed the original PDP MK TE as shit simply because it was the same price ($150) but I was pleasantly surprised when I used it. So looking forward to this version.

Yeah, I can understand why people would automatically think their products are crap but the last 2 MK sticks from them are very good & I’m VERY anal about the quality of durability, fit & finish. Many manufacturers go thru issues with their products, it’s just a matter if they correct them & take care of their customers post sale. I’m sure you recall Madcatz had issues with their PCB’s in both the original SE & TE sticks but yet they corrected their mistakes with new revisions & taking care of their customers post sale.

No Happ clone parts in those 2 sticks. They even advertised it as having Suzo-Happ parts & pretty obvious once you use it (if you’ve used Happ parts previously):

And no, I don’t work and/or are affiliated with PDP & WB, LOL! Just an avid joystick collector like yourself.

Yeah I think PDP did a fine job with the MK sticks. I also like what they did with their pads as well, but that’s just from an outsider’s POV as I didn’t actually play with one. I’m excited to see how the Battle Edition stick turns out.

I’m not getting the joystick edition of this game… I already have a DC joystick designed… It’s been ready for over a year now. I just have to get cash to spend on the parts I need to finish the joystick! The Agetec case has already been properly cut and painted.

(Hint about the joystick art I composed – it’s NOT related to the “Nu52” but it’s classic crossover art by George Perez = one of the guys that current DC management and editorial treated like an old shoe recently. Gee, this is only one of several people who helped revitalize DC in the 1980s and made the characters more relatable, too, WITHOUT DESTROYING complete timelines and backstories for the most part. I might not have cared for all he did to Wonder Woman but it’s nowhere near the scale of the crap going on with DC Comics now…)

I honestly wish I could be more excited about the game but I hate the DC redesigns… I just don’t like the New 52 and all these changes to classic costumes that were fine the way they were before 2011. I have to admit that was a big bone of contention for me about MK vs DC, too, but we can blame the MK creators for all the dumb costume changes there.

Being that it’s also an MK-like game – at least I sense that from the videos and developer --, I’m also so-so on the game engine. I just hope it’s possible to actually execute “Finishing Moves” or whatever they’re going to call them in the game. The input to do a lot special moves, in particular Fatalities, has always been ridiculously tight on the MK games I’ve played. Even the original arcade version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo isn’t that bad with control inputs!

I just hope that the rumored alternate skins for the DC characters includes their classic pre-2011 looks! I can’t stand all the added buckles and straps on the costumes, Superman’s armor (WTF? He’s supposed to be the Man of Steel! “Skin that can’t be burst with anything less than an artillery”?), and all this other mindless redesign work.

Even the player game mash-ups like MUGEN do a better job of handling most of the character looks… They stick to the fan favorites. Loved it when somebody stuck in a Kingdom Come palette for Superman…

Eh, maybe the joystick will be fine, maybe it… PDP and Midway best be sure the final product is durable. Players will NOT tolerate half-assed hardware anymore when a used or on-sale joystick is readily available with the REAL arcade parts installed already.

yeah, i bought a used PDP fight pad & really liked it at first… but the buttons gave out in a couple of weeks… but since i did like the feel of it, i ended up buying a brand new one… well a couple of weeks later the thumb pad started to give out & i was done with PDP fight pads!! that said, i think the PDP arcade stick looks great but if it’s stocked with happ parts i would no longer be interested in buying one… happ parts were fine with me back in my alpha 2 arcade days but after getting a fightstick pro i quickly found out i definitely prefer the feel of sanwa parts…

It definitely looks like a Sanwa bat top, I wouldn’t be surprised if at that price range they’re offering legitimate Sanwa levers. Not sure about those buttons though. Clears+leds would probably jack the price up beyond that range.

“At that price range”? It’s cheaper than almost every other stick of that size that actually have Sanwa parts.

I’m betting JLF+LB-30+JLF-CD clear shaft and OBSC-30 clear buttons.

As for the price, by lowering the markup, they have enough to cover the cost of the game.*

*Assuming that production cost for the stick is around $100. I’m using the assumed production cost for the beta Razer sticks (based on the receipts that came with them) as a baseline for how much these arcade sticks with Sanwa parts actually cost before markup.

If this uses full Sanwa parts, I’d buy it. I’m not tech expert, but how can you tell that they’re Sanwa over Seimetsu? They looked Seimetsu to me.

I hope it’s Happ/iL Parts, that’d be a nice change of pace.

Unfortunately, this is wishful thinking in this day and age…

I wouldn’t necessarily mind Happ/iL, just not Seimetsu. I’d also probably prefer convex over concave buttons. Actually it’d honestly be nice if the stick used HBSF buttons.

I don’t think Seimitsu or Sanwa make concave buttons so there is no way that’s what’s being used here. Those buttons are definitely concave. Also that stick case looks too small to fit iL or happ so it’s probably using some crappy third party parts. It’s a shame…if this thing was using Sanwa or Seimitsu I’d go pre order it right now

Nvm. I see what you’re saying. How can you tell they’re definitely concave?

Zoom in on the picture and you can tell. It’s a fairly high resolution pic.

The stick is obviously Sanwa since you can clearly see an LB-30 bat top and a JLF-CD clear shaft cover. As for the buttons, it’s conjecture based on the fact that manufacturers usually do not mix and match parts from different brands. That, and Sanwa also makes clear buttons (OBSC-30).

Sanwa doesn’t make concave buttons…

The art has to be a mock up, you can see Superman’s arm through the shaft, and that isn’t a reflection either. Plus the screws kind of have an odd photoshop’d appearance, and it’s a PS3 stick with a head phone insert. I haven’t seen any PS3 sticks or controllers do that.

I’m guessing this is a Sanwa stick with a blue shaft cover. Also, those definitely look like OBSC-30 Blues with a custom perloid print inserted in the plungers. It looks like the stick is using a plexi top so that it illuminates through. I wonder how that will fare compared to metal panels. Too bad Sanwa bat tops are so ugly and the plastic used for the bat top leaves a lot to be desired. If this is correct then I think this stick is a pretty good deal, nice button layout and rather expensive parts for the cost of old school TE with the usual opaques. I’d just be worried about that plexi panel.

They’re not concave, what you see is a perloid swirl that makes it appear that way.

Those aren’t concave, it only looks like that due to how the light is reflecting of those OBSCs.

Hopefully someone can review it soon. Wondering if it’s wireless or wired with cable compartment. I wanted for the Wii U :frowning:

So this version of the game that comes with the stick is not coming to the Wii U?

From my 1st post in this thread: