Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick

Thanks for the link man i appreciate it. I’m currently getting back into the fight genre. At the moment i just have an Xbox 360 controller so this is a big upgrade for me. At least we got something, but buttons def don’t look like top notch though. But either way seems like a medium grade stick to me. Just my opinion though

Thanks for the link as well…

The LED’s seem pretty bright… I am wondering if the “pulse” function that he talked about is linked to the rumble feature…

hard to tell buttons just by sound (ok some are distinct) case makes a HUGE difference in how a button sounds… Oh I cant wait to dig into this.

I know when I preordered the stick it emphasized “light weight.” The video seems to reinforce that. I’m not a big fan of “light weight” sticks. Just seems cheap to me.

Can’t watch the video right now, but I’ll try to compare the sound with my OBSC-30s at home.

is the housing matte finish or that felt-like coating? i hate that feeling.

From the looks of that video the led’s are more of a backlit type and I’m going to assume the pulse is the rumble feature as well.

Somebody just needs to open that bad boy up so we can see what it’s all about!

Hrm… the question for me now is: do I preorder the Injustice pack, get the stick and mod it with the HBFS-30s I’ve had sitting for a while, or pick up one of Art’s cases and buy the game later?

So based on that YouTube clip, we can safely assume it’s not a Suzo-Happ or iL joystick lever. That & the fact it’s very lightweight are all I got out of the video. BTW, he mentions in the comments the pulse function isn’t tied to the rumble feature.

Yeah i asked him that… I am wondering if that was turned on in settings tho. I cant think of any other way it would be activated… Cept sound or a screensaver thingie…

Thanks for the input. Yeah, I’ll probably just pass on this stick.

Yeah i asked him that… I am wondering if that was turned on in settings tho. I cant think of any other way it would be activated… Cept sound or a screensaver thingie…

I did see that gamestop charged my CC for it yesterday :slight_smile: whatever i dont like (to include weight) i will fix anyway

I’m just waiting to see what people say about the actual gameplay.
Could care less about the joystick seeing as there are other things I want to move on to hardware-wise (still want a Hori Fighting Edge, maybe another Soul Calibur V joystick or Mad Catz VS). I have tons of half-empty joystick cases that need control levers and I’ve been wanting to test the new Korean lever and the LS-58-01’s for quite a while now…

went to gamestop today and had a look at the box, nothing more than “PDP” on it and after watching that video and reading his comments i’m definitely going to pass. the funny thing is that was going to be the only reason i would even buy injustice. live and learn WB, make it a good pack in next time.

Yeah as I said before, PDP is nothing more that who WB had outsourced the manufacturing of the stick too. PDP still has the rights to stamp their name on the product because they made it but they didn’t do much of anything else.

What I want to know is why none has opened their stick up yet.

Well I don’t get mine until Wednesday which is the actual release date.
Disregard this

I must admit i am dying to know what kind of parts do we got. I’ll still have my battle edition pre orderd and keeping it.

It’s actually on Tuesday (4/16th). I don’t recall the last time they didn’t get a game on launch date.

My game stop is doing a midnight release date i believe. I played with the cheap street fighter arcade stick, and i have played with the Japanese top notch sticks. Granted my review is nothing and has no value to it. Ill still throw in my 2 cents when i get mine on how the buttons feel and how sensitive they are. How the joystick is as well. Ill even open mine up and see if its easy to mod, which i hope it is. ill eventually mod it so its better but its not my priority.

Wait, you are right, so it be Monday night going onto Tuesday. Apparently I can not brain today for I has the dumbs.