Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios

Angle is one of those charactwers who sounds dumb as hell but is hella fun to read about.

Already got Green Arrow ***Real ***Green Arrow. Now just Aquaman and that would be great. In regards to Harley, I dislike her new costumes since new 52 and the injustice one. The old one was the best, a Dee Dee one would be awesome. Villain wise Kinda suprised they didn’t go with Prometheus or some such obscurity. For Supes a cool Alt would be Cyborg Superman, The Scourge of the Universe wiping out Coast City dickin over The Universe one town/ Manhunter at a time. Batman is set, Flash Black Racer alt, Oh here we go obscure wish list Bring back the New Gods or make a New Genesis stage with All Father, Orion, ect. have Steppenwolfe/ Calibac, Wonderwoman have Cheetah for a go to, Hercules had a dastardly run, Or they could bring in Justice League dark characters Constantine or Xanadu might have a strange control scheme, Maybe Rag Man could have buffs debuffs based on who you tap in the suit of souls. Not sure if he’s been introduced yet in new 52 but there are possibilities for new characters.

Still hoping Atrocitus will make it in. The fact that Hal’s got a Yellow Ring/Sinestro Corps outfit as his second outfit is enough to make me believe that Sinestro may not be in this initial release, after all.

Rigo said it wouldn’t be a new character reveal on twitter.

Well then I hope it’s at least some GL footage.

Sexy, sexy stuff right here:

The combos in this game look so fluid and natural, like MK9 but to a much greater degree, especially what little of the NightWing combos we got to see.

I cant wait to see how well the cross-ups in this game work.

You know the videos on Youtube dont really give the game justice. The FPS for Injustice is much higher when I downloaded this video trailer of Deathstroke. Looked like NRS smeared the game with KY jelly.

Yeah I was curious how the crossups were going to work. That is an extremely deep crossup. I hope they didn’t take SF4’s idea of crossups and thought it would be good to mix in to Injustice :open_mouth:

I like it when you generally have to be more creative to cross up the opponent.

well, it doesn’t have a proximity guard (characters keep moving until the moment of contact) so theoretically, sf4 style unblockables won’t happen.

You’re right man.
I downloaded Green Arrows trailer a while ago and watching it in 60 FPS is a totally different world.
It looks breath-taking, I’m not even kidding!

Injustice: Gods Among Us Weekly Matchups Promotion Announced

To prepare gamers for the upcoming release of Injustice: Gods Among Us Warner Brothers Interactive has announced a weekly match up promotion that will pit the roster of characters from the game against one another, the victor decided by fan vote.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is an upcoming fighting game from Netherrealm Studios that will pit some of DC Comics’ most iconic characters against one another in brutal one-on-one combat. Heavy hitters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have all made the cut for the next ten weeks fans will be able to decide who wins one-on-one match ups in a new promotion.

Each week a new match up will be announced via a video with “the skills, attributes and technology of the week’s competing DC Comics warriors” as well as “man-on-the-street and celebrity experts explaining which character in the battle has earned their vote.” Fans will then have until Thursday to vote for their favorite at

A video detailing the promotion can be found here:


currently set to private

and the first match up video is here


currently set to private

First match might be Bane vs Catwoman

Well this is…gimmicky.

Will wait patiently for real news:coffee:

:open_mouth: I’ve been to rule34… I know how this ends…

While hyped for this I the videos wont show.
Patience is a virtue…patience is a vir-GAH!

Rigo Cortes just posted on twitter that they’re having technical issues, my bad for posting those videos too early :frowning:

Announcement has been delayed until tomorrow, NRS is giving us a concept art for Bane in the meantime

Edit- Damn C-sword Ninja’d me.

second time they delay their “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT FOR TOMORROW”, lol

To me it looks just about right. I had this love hate relationship with Arkham games bane being too huge. I know thats what the venom does to him but id prefer this amount of roids than those.

Well Bane being here can be great, aside from Grundy we have another likely grapple type character