Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios


thank the lawd someone had the heart to say it, because i sure don’t. facepalm


We could pester others and get back onto the poor character models and wonder broman ;p


When I conquer EarthRealm you will be spared the death pits


aid your humble servant, prince rain! his quote from deception was just beyond awesome, “I am no friend of yours. I am Rain, a prince of Edenia!”


Hey, if I were using 'Stroke, I’d runaway too.


Thread created.

This off course means that any DLC talk on other threads is fair game for being flagged as “Off Topic.”


And then get opened up by Black Adam?


Please Deathstroke players, please keep running away from my Sinestro. It’s cute to see all these Deathstroke players think they’ll win the long range game against him.


Anyone find the visual damage on characters a bit…odd looking? Like, it looks very unnatural having characters with cuts and gashes through their suits…its cool and all. I just think its…weird. Too used to seeing them take no visual damage lol


lol yes. someone said it looked like they puts strips of bacon on the characters and called it battle damage lol. i wasn’t really paying attention, but it seemed like they sometimes got gashes even though they didn’t lose that much health in the battle.

btw, they updated the ios app! you get rewards, such as credits, for logging in, and allegedly, the sinestro boss is easier. they need to make it where i get get me dern portraits!


I just find it weird how the damage only materializes at the end of the battle sometimes. Like they’ll look fine, then take one crouching 1, and all of a sudden they’re covered in injuries during the win pose.


Faced many DS last night-early this A.M. Had a LOT of fun though. After reading about Shiera’s Trait I messed with her for a bit. Definitely love Face-Macing people!!! Came up with a cheesy quote when I land Supers on certain characters too.
I played a pretty decent Ollie/GA and he had a nice set up after an UnTech Knockdown where he’d launch his super and it would hit on wake up because it’s unblockable?.
I’m thinking you would have to jump on wake up but that might also get you hit by the Super.
What ways can I avoid this super, other than obviously avoiding that set up?

EDIT: I’m near the point of refusing to use DS as I feel the odds are stacked heavily in his favor and I want to learn a character that requires more skill to master. NO offense to DS mains in any way. Just me opining.


The odds are stacked in his favor the way it’s stacked in ANY zoner’s favor early in any game. Same thing goes for heavies.


GA’s super makes for a near guaranteed reset. If you’re fighting a GA and they have meter, don’t get knocked down. You can also try going for a wake up move if you think you can hit with it. If you hit Ollie, you can prevent the animation from proceeding even if you get launched by the explosion.


I don’t think the model damage belongs in the game. It feels out of place and leftovers from MK


Heroes take damage and their uits get ruined all the time in comics so it’s totally natural to a lover of DC comicsbooks like me.

Maybe on people like Wonderwoman her outfit could get messed up more than her skin would make it feel better to some people. But for the most part I think alot heroes get fucked up in their stories.


I think it’s the sense that there are sections of skin and muscle literally missing. Bane loses like half of one of his pectoral muscles in his knightfall outfit, and Doomsday gets a chunk cut/torn out of his back below the arm. It’s a bit unnerving. If they kept it to cuts, deep scratches, and bruises it wouldn’t look so bad.

Edit: Thinking about this and comic book characters, it makes me wish they had put Spawn in MK9.


They don’t get torn up to the extent this game likes to show. The chunks of flesh are gone. Nevermind the wounds often look like strips of bacon. If it was just clothing damage with minor cuts and bruises it would be fine but they went MK on this shit.


I like the damage. It’s tame compared to MK9. I especially like the bruises on Harley’s stomach.


How does sinestro win at full screen? Deathstroke can punish all of sinestros projectiles on block except ex meteor. Sinestro can punish nothing deathstroke does. If you’re playing against complete idiots that are willing to trade with you all day maybe, but against a patient DS that knows what’s up, you are a big disadvantage.

I have yet to lose that matchup as DS once lol.