Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios

I only disagree because as soon as I read that, I get assaulted by an army of them. Only fought one Flash today and he ragequit pretty quickly. Kind of a shame too, as much as Flash scares me when he gets, it’s normally a pretty fun match.

I been getting nothing but Flash for the past two days. I usually fight through a sea of Aquaman (pun intended), Deathstroke, Catwoman, Supes and Batman with the occasional GL, Green Arrow and Doomsday. All this Flash is odd.

For those curious about the boot we saw, GameFAQS has evidence that it might be Elseworld Catwoman

Certainly wish I was running into Flash players. Wonder if Flash is just popular over there on PSN. Feels like all I normally get are Lanterns, Sinestros, Nightwings, and Deathstrokes, with the random Doomie, Bane, Aquaman, and Bats. Any other characters only seem to show up once in a blue moon.

Might have to sub or even kick Superman out and main Lobo.

Stuff for those who bought the Battle Edition stick.

Flash is scary when he juggles you into time slow down :frowning:

Lobo has shotgun wallbounce? Sign me up!

I’ve gotten really good with Flash and from DAY one I bought this most people have NO IDEA how to handle Flash’s pressure once he gets in. Flash is my favorite character in the game by far, the only one that comes close is Raven.

Best thing about Flash is that he shuts shit talkers up REAL QUICK. I’ll beat someone zoning their shit out and only going in on convert on combos with Raven and they’ll cry about how I’m a bitch blah blah blah. Then I switch to Flash and proceed to body their shit in with Flash’s rushdown and mix-ups and hear…SILENCE!!!

It’s wonderfully satisfying.

Also I’ve picked up Cyborg and he’s got some great reset tricks and zoning. Underrated character Cyborg is.

Yeah. Cage has been working for me but it had to be read based instead of on reaction. I’ll try MB B3.

I think I’ve landed like 7 Black Adam combos online. It sucks that all of his starters require links, because that shit doesn’t work online since you have to dial in the link. I would default to starting with 1 into Black Magic but EVERYONE online crouches and Adam’s 1 & 2 whiff on them. This is where the hitconfirming issue comes in. One of my tricks for now though is to D1 after a jump in and then F3 to blow up people mashing low jabs.

Imma get pocket Green Lantern/Arrow, or any other character who can put you in a capture state to confirm into an easy combo.

Yeah that slowdown is sooooo gooood even online. The best thing about it is you can still convert the combo if the connection is bad because there is easier versions of the Speed Force combo.

Deathstroke is a pain in the ass to deal with for Flash tho, I don’t play to many people who use Deathstroke so I don’t have enough match-up knowledge to adjust correctly yet.

Man I’ve had such an off couple of days. I need to play with some of you peoples so I can hear people give good tips while playing them. Most people are just silent or chew the fat.

There is a heavy chance Lobo will be a main for me,everything just seems to click with my personal sensibilities.

You and half the injustice forums it seems.

Grayson for life sorry.

Which one, regular or New 52?

Both. I like to switch up my costumes. I just don’t use Regime, for obvious reasons.

Regime Nightwing is banned from my console. Fuck Regime Nightwing

Yeah fuck regime nightwing >:(

High fives to you both.

We about dat Grayson life.

Raven and Flash all day. I’m even really digging Cyborg and learning him currently. Still learning Hawkgirl, she is very tough to master but a solid character and hard counters some high tier characters.

Still think the Damien Wayne costume is one of the sickest in the game and better than the Dick costumes. I might pick up Nightwing to complete my Teen Titans mains lol