Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios

Oh, you know. Usually, half-assed, poorly thought out or timed guns and canisters. I’m slowly starting to learn when not to use those and when to time the gun better, but sometimes it’s hard not to autopilot when the opponent somehow manages to lose more than half their health from it. As I mentioned earlier, these players are giving me bad tendencies, though to be fair to them, Jokers seem to be a rare species on Xbox. I’ve only run into 2 of them in my 172 games, so it could just be a lack of match-up experience for them. It’s pretty fun though when I scare someone into crouching with the gun, then dash out of it to grab them. Hopefully one day soon, I’ll have more crazy high-low mixups and better timed projectiles and traps. Til then, I guess I’ll just slowly start incorporating new ideas into my game plan.

Edit: Oh, and when I get full meter, I bait the opponent into doing a one-hit projectile, or using an interactable, then full-screen super. Could I do something better? Probably, but I love how the damn thing looks.

I was in the lab again with Wonder Woman today and I found something odd… It’s probably been talked about before but ah well.

I was doing neutral j.1 and then would hit another button during the hitstun of the j.1… and when I landed whatever button I pressed would come out. Even directional commands like b.2 comes out. It’s weird because I’m not pushing buttons for at least 2 whole seconds and it still comes out. And I don’t have release check on by the way.

What’s really starting to annoy me is that the game is starting to make me look bad. It’s only happened a few time, but I hate it when it happens. I don’t know if it’s my connection or what, but halfway through a match, and normally when I’m losing too (just my luck, right?), the game will suddenly start lagging like hell, then it’ll just suddenly disconnect. Weird though, since for the most part my games are relatively lag free. I have a feeling that somewhere, I’m being thrown into a ragequit list. sigh

What are you even talking about? I’ve played nearly every non-MK 2D fighter since the original SF2 and I’ve never seen that input anywhere. “Not uncommon” may be a gross exaggeration.

I’m sorry. Where in my post did I say I was solely talking about 2D fighters as being the elsewhere?

You may also use Crowbar when you’ve got them crouching to avoid the Bang! Does a good amount of damage and adds another option to the mix-up.
As I said in my aptly named Joker thread (Why So Serious? - The Joker Thread - We Hit Because We Care! you can b3 them and then super, but you have to time it correctly. Though you have to weigh using meter for MB Laughing Gas and Crowbar(damage) as well as your Clashes.

Don’t worry about the disconnect issue, it was common in SFIV to get DC’ed. You could always mention it at the start of the match if you have a mike, if you’re that worried.
If it happens when you’re winning, no one is going to put you in a list. If it happens when you lose, just send a message. Most ragequitters will either say nothing, or send hatemail. If you send a even-toned message, you’ll be fine.

But doesn’t that miss the point entirely then if you bring in games that aren’t 2D FGs?

i will admit that up+face button inputs are awkward at first, but you’ll get used to them. also, i haven’t seen any killer frost, online or stream, drop her slide>U3, so it must not be too difficult. i’ll try that out later because i’m kinda sorta interested in KF.

yep, the game stores your inputs from a jump-in. during my first few days of playing the game, i didn’t realize my jump-in attacks weren’t comboing with my ground strings when i was practicing in training mode; it was because i was waiting to land before inputting my ground string.
i found it’s not always a good idea to use this stored input-thing when you start with an air-to-air because those combos are hight dependent. your ground string could come out too early causing you to drop your juggle.

It was implied that I “live my life on Capcom games”, and that’s why I haven’t seen the input before, which couldn’t be further from the truth. If it only exists in two or three games out of a hundred, I would certainly call that uncommon.

Anyway, I wasn’t making a big deal out of the input, just pointing out that it’s highly unusual and seemingly random.

sadly, i haven’t had time to play around with my insane clown yet, but one thing i do know is you’re not supposed to use low laughing gas outside of a combo because it takes so long for him to recover, even on hit.
if you’re getting people to dash in and block, then you have a goldmine of setups you can do! i used to do it with sindel in mk9, and now i’m doing it with raven. some of my opponents are terrified to not be blocking. they won’t start the match off with anything, they won’t use wakeups, etc. sometimes, i start off a match by dashing up to my opponent and grabbing them; other times i knock my opponent away with a combo and do two full dashes up to them and grab lol.
so the grab followup is fun, especially if your character’s grab throws them in a favorable spot, but if they’re really as adamant about blocking your joker as they are my raven, you can even do stuff like dash up with overhead/low mixups, jump-in since they’re waiting for you to get the gun out again, really anything you want. it’s even more effective in this game because no one can cancel their dash.

I never said that you did and I didn’t mean to imply that you did live your life on them. It was a general statement not directed solely at you or anyone. We’re surrounded, saturated by the standard set by Capcom. Most people, even if they’ve played few games or more varied ones, will default to a Capcom mindset in the sense of…expectations of a game, controls and such. That was more of the direction of the statement.

I’ve said many times I make no apologies for being an asshole. But I do make apologies when I don’t INTEND to be an asshole. So I’m sorry.

Anyone else having a little trouble with the online part of the game? Besides the occasional bouts of lag (I’ll blame my crappy ISP for that one), but dropped games, incredibly long wait times, and etc? I was literally waiting for 10 minutes for the game to find someone to play with.

It’s already been established that online isn’t as good as it could be.

Apparently if you beat the arcade mode where you have to beat the whole cast the credits song changes. (EDIT: The key is actually beating any battle mode on very hard without losing a healthbar, as the nightwing one was done on classic battle) This one was found after beating it with Grundy

This one with Nightwing

Also an interview with Ed Boon

Not what I was asking, I know already they chose a netcode for fluid animation and not really for great performance. I’m asking if anyone’s having any other troubles that seem to stem from servers or NRS or something.

Edit: THAT song plays during credits if you win with nightwing? Liar! "Very hard without losing a health bar’ huh? Yeah, that’s beyond godly playing to downright impossible.

I’m talking beyond my usual rollback netcode ranting. The net code in general does have issues. It’s no MK9 bad, but it’s far from perfect, hence the troubles you see.

Mighty Tasty, Sandwich!
The SEAL song is obviously from Batman Forever, and I busted out laughing when I heard it in that ending. Digging the song in the first video of that post. Great final question in the interview… (I won’t speculate here =oP )

This game needs a lot of work.

The balance is non existent. It’s far too easy to press a couple of combos and get silly mixups that you cannot properly block entirely.
Transition damage is absurd.
The arena length exacerbates cheap zoning.

Either people mash spam machine guns or similar or they just do ridiculous combos that go on far too long. Designing combos that can go on for endless hits that do stupid amounts of damage is completely counter productive; you might as well redue the experience to one button press and see how hits first and decide the outcome that way.

Crossups shouldn’t be in fighting games; giving in to exploits and glitches is ridiculous.

Scrubs shouldn’t be playing fighting games; giving up on small thing and whining is ridiculous.

Seriously, have you considered stopping playing this game? You clearly don’t like it.