Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios

I dunno, its distinctive, and I kind of think the problem is just that it’s too different from what we’re used to seeing in fighting games.

I myself am really looking forward to this, NRS seem to be the only people out there right now who can actually make a godamn game (maybe Namco).

Plus its a totally new series, which I fuckin’ crave!

in before to many batman characters…but seriously I wouldnt be surprised if robin AND nightwing make it in along with catwoman or some other villian…


yer because the art style was the reason why the game didn’t break records right

not the on disk dlc,lack of lobbies,lack of story,lack of modes

it was all the style

this game will sell well based on it will have all that good stuff that casual gamers care about

will it actually be a good game though? prob not

This could be cool.

So are these the Injustice Friends?

You know I’m playin’ with Barry Allen.

MK vs DC would have been fine and still is with out the mini games to break up the flow of the match

Because the art style would help in conveying the over the top nature of the game. I’m not believing for a second that Batman could kick the shit out Solomon Grundy in that trailer but if you were to show that same fight in the context of say a MvC3 type of gameplay and 2D art style, I’d be all over it.

If you guys remember some of the old MK9 trailers Jhonny Cage’s X-ray was completely different, Scorpion and Kano used to have identical throws, Sub-zero’s x-ray was a full-screen ground freeze, among other things that were there as placeholders for trailers or beta builds, so there’s a chance that Batman won’t kick people through building in the final version.

Also, I MUST be able to play as Darkseid, dude is awesome.

Looks fun, I have faith in the team after MK9 and love all things DC, as long as the interactive segments aren’t overdone I’ll be happy.

Yes somehow I am not bitching about this, really weird…

It will be a good game im sure. for SRK EVO competition doubt it and i really think they dont care, which im cool with …Will it be unbalanced and have Op and cheap chars and glitches to exploit and they leave them in after maybee a patch or 2 im sure it will…will they all have the same uppercutt and jumping in kick since mk1 is what im buying this game to see ,to BLOW my mind if they actually figured out everyone having the same moves is old and of course the loved dail o combo system

First, I didn’t say that the art style was what hurt the game’s sales (although, I suspect it did because the target demo likes grit), I was responding to the claim that going gritty will hurt Injustice. If sales of other media is any indication (and it is), gritty superheroes sell better than cartoony superheroes, so this is the right choice… which is, of course, not really their choice to make, because the style guides are written and approved by DC, which is also owned by WB, but you still have to license these things even when you have the same parent company.

Second, there is no reason to believe this won’t be a good game for serious fighting game players. MK is a good game for serious players (taste aside), and that will inform their design process more than MK v DC will. Even so, it’s too early to judge how this will play in competitive circles.

Can’t help but think of this now

<3 Seanbaby


Looks awesome, but still a little stiff like MK9 is. The interactive environments thing… well… dunno how that will work. Hopefully nothing too dramatic. If anything I would guess that the knocking through walls would be handled like previous MK titles where it just changes the scenery.

“She kinda looks like someone left a cowboy boot out in the rain…”

because batman kicking a guy through a building is gritty right?

thats the point the game is confused initself it wants to be over the top , but also real and gritty , they don’t mix

all the characters look out of place ,

I think I"m actually not allowed to like this game because there’s not nearly enough wonder-rack walking around :frowning:

i actually dont want this to be a 2-D fighter. the market has enough of those already. i’d actually like something more akin to Imperfects (but actually good with no clones to fill up spots) or just a more detailed Power Stone. hell, Shoalin Monks’ Vs Mode was some of the most fun i ever had in a fighting game so i’d totally like to see a return to that style. i just think its time for something different.

I think that’s part of the thing, in one of the other discussions, a lot of talk was thrown around about the genre needing more boldness. NRS is taking some risks with this instead of doing the easy cashin followup (although in fairness the DC license is pure gold moneywise), and regardless of anything else ya gotta love and respect that.

As much as I despise parrying and custom combos, this game needs both so we can see combo videos of Wonder Woman grabbing a car and trying to paint the fence on Batman as Batman parries the whole thing only to Gambit glitch into space timepants codfish dynamite hexactly.

The characters don’t look out of place. You want to talk out of place? CVS1/2’s cast and fucking Morrigan. That’s out of place.

The only character that looks a bit off is The Flash because his suit looks like body armor which is something I expect from Batman. Did I mention he looks like a damn G’?