Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios


Zatanna looks about mid tier right now, some nice setups and some decent tools but lacking in some areas.

Man if GL’s minigun gets fixed that MU is going from 5-5 to 6-4 Bane’s favor.


ah. you can look here for all the patch notes so far:

as for zatanna, i elaborated a little in an earlier post about how some of her special moves aren’t as useful as they should be. i know she hasn’t been out too long, but i don’t see her having any advantage over any of the other characters. if they have a projectile, they can zone better than her; if they don’t have a projectile, she can’t keep them out. there’s also a lot of misleading tech out there that won’t work in a real match or against an opponent with a brain.

her vortex and resets is where she’s at. for every bar she has, you have a 50% chance of getting a lot of damage on someone, and her trait can be really good in certain matchups. i think all she needs is a few light adjustments, and she’ll be the evasive, setup character she’s supposed to be. she’s still fun to play and a cool character, the coolest DLC in my opinion, and her combos are fun. i really feel like the rest of her character is in the upcoming patch. i also feel the patch won’t be tomorrow because ed’s said nothing about its release, and he just teased lex luthor as the next character to reveal buffs for =/

by the way, i wish she had combos in her hat stance.


Game hasn’t really changed that much since release.

D2’s were buffed, Deathstroke and Scorpion were nerfed hard.
Lobo sucks, Batgirl/Zod/MMH are all very good, some consider them top ten characters.
Others have already mentioned Z.

The new patch is going to be the biggest change to the game so far.
All we have is a few teases, but every character is getting touched, and there might even be universal system mechanics changes.

Waiting is getting really hard.


i was wondering about that. did they specifically say that anywhere?


Mentioned in stream chats.

Said everyone is getting touched, some more then others, and the main goal with the patch was to change things, but make it so everyone still plays similar to how they play currently.


interesting. i wonder what raven will get. the general consensus has always been she shouldn’t receive any changes haha. i hope it’s released soon; all of these changes make me not want to play the game until then.



I’m excited for the Bane buffs.

That dude needs more recognition.


using infinites isn’t cheating if you’re doing them to superman.


Being Ares is suffering :frowning:

They never should ahve removed the reset if they were buffing wakeups.


not every character has good wakeups, though. raven doesn’t, anyways.

as for that video, can’t he get out of it by doing the far godsmack?


Far Godsmack gets punished. Just a bunch of small stuff adds up to screw over Ares. Funny hwo for the msot part you never want people int he corner because trait whiffs on most of his important strings and due to hurtboxes matching modesl to a T floating characters go over D1 at mid to max range. Ares isn’t the only one this hurts but he’s hurt the most seeing how a ;arge part of his game relies on that in someway or another.


and his projectiles disappear if you hit him! i did not know that. makes sense since he’s creating it.

i would like to use this grab tech on him, but zatanna hardly ever knocks people down right next to her. after a while, he’ll just start mashing grab on wakeup and only take 2%.


What is this I’m hearing about Grundy getting a teleport?


hahaha! i would drop this game like a bad habit.

testyourmight actually wanted buffs for grundy. apparently, a grappler with effortless combos and an anti-zoning tool isn’t good enough.


Grundy needs an air version of walking corpse.

Hsein-ko can do it, I don’t see why Grundy can’t.


senpu bu was cool. that’s probably too much responsibility for grundy.

would green arrow totally suck if he couldn’t combo airborne opponents via his ice arrows? like, if his ice arrow froze an airborne opponent, they would freeze and crash to the ground mk style.


I almost feel bad about how much cyborg’s patches suck.


haha yeah i didn’t even bother posting theirs. some characters are getting practically nothing while bane is getting away with murder. i’ll tell you one thing, i can’t wait to see what zatanna gets.

boon’s also receiving some criticism for teasing the patch like it’s dlc or something. just release it already =[


NRS should put in a replay system one day.