Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios


yeah, replays was like the one thing that street fighter did right. it really helps you learn since you get to watch your own matches again, and it obviously helps people record footage. i’d definitely rather have replays over star labs and story mode.


rumor on yard is the patch won’t be here until october first… and it’s still not even clear whether the patch is a good thing or not.


I still want that 2d3 frame trap for harley back but thats asking much for too much…


not as ridiculous as the harley buff thread on tym:

“ordered trait/tnt bomb able to be directed” - facepalm
"change gunshots to mid" - yikes!
“faster startup on f2” - that’s pretty much what they did to catwoman, but i’m not sure she needs it. after playing raven, i’m thankful she has an overhead in the first place.

someone help me find an anti-aquaman tech for saltanna! speaking of, check out this cool video exposing her backwards quotes:


harley’s f2 has 27 frames of start-up, we only want it down to 15 frames

and for her b22 to work normal on floating characters


so they want harley to literally have a catwoman 50/50?

i agree with the b22 thing, that’s just annoying, but i don’t really agree with buffing ares’ d1 because that’s an actual low poke while harley’s is a string. her b22 also needs to be raised to she can b22 after super more easily for unclashable damage.


I really can’t believe you said the 2d3 buff was pretty sane, practically a free 50/50 if you agreed with me. Other than that I would reduce the overhead to atleast 20 frames and b22 hitbox slightly larger


maybe they could reduce it by a few frames at most, but eh.

i really hope zatanna receives proper buffs/fixes instead of the capcom-style changes everyone else is getting. 0.01% more damage on her projectile and a 1 frame reduction on her standing 2 isn’t gonna help this girl.


15 frames is too little, 16 or even 17 would be fine, but a 15 frame overhead, we don’t need another batgirl.


whatever, making her overhead better at least gives her an option of opening people up midscreen, cause you can literally down back her and she can’t do shit


I feel abusive when I use Raven.


f2 isn’t a go-to starter with her because it can be poked out of or reacted to, but it’s still an overhead that leads to meterless 35%+. maybe they could shave a few frames off it, but i don’t see the point because it will still have those same problems. i’m not sure harley having a 50/50 off every jump in is the best idea, but it’s nrs’ game. other characters have gotten some dumb buffs, so if that’s what they want, then they should go ahead. i’d much rather them spruce up her tnt bomb and play doctor.


So for Lex does that mean the probe will be unblockable? Harley’s f2 is made to catch people sleeping and set up mind games with delayed b2/f2 setups and will keep opponent guessing.


that’s the orb thing he throws that spits a delayed projectile, right? if so, i hope not. i also hope it doesn’t mean the tracking on it has been improved so it will always hit you. he can throw those things after a knockdown and you won’t be able to wakeup. then he’ll start using trait and mines and stuff.

f2 also adds more depth to her corner game. sometimes people are too comfortable blocking low against her.


We have another character UPGRADE info coming as well as (finally) the release date for the INJUSTICE Game-Play patch… all coming today!


place your bets!

the next character upgrade will be zatanna (probably not. just wishful thinking on my part), and the patch release date is october 1st.


it’s ares… duh. he has four teleports now… he either has air teleports and/or zatanna’s teleports.

and patch released october first, told ya!




well, so much for grabbing ares on wakeup, which didn’t work against characters who couldn’t punish his far godsmack, anyways.


If Are’s were getting away from you on WU you did soemthing really wrong. Best thing is the buff is 22.