Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios


all right, the time has come. please don’t let this be mortal kombat 9 patch 1.05 round 2… crosses fingers no whammies, no whammies!

by the way, is there any reason boon is waiting until tuesday to release the patchnotes like it’s actual console content?


So… ummm… I didn’t play Mortal Kombat after Rain came out so what was so bad about patch 1.05?


at first, my worry about the new patch was characters getting things they don’t need, but now that we learned there will be gameplay changes, i’m starting to worry a little more. the biggest problem with mortal kombat’s last patch was the extreme buff to wakeup attacks. in terms of invincibility, everyone went from having raven’s wakeups to having killer frost’s wakeup haha. in some matchups, you were better off not pressuring them after a knockdown.

in day 1 mortal kombat, only a few characters had armor on their special moves; after the patch, almost the whole cast had it.

some characters got ridiculous buffs, like changing noob saibot’s high shadow charge to an overhead. he already had a low projectile, then they gave him an overhead one with it. it would be like black adam or deathstroke having full screen overhead moves.

it wasn’t 100% horrible, though: kung lao’s spin was finally made punishable, but barely. very little was taken care of, some problems were neglected, and it even caused new problems.

now would it be such a bad idea for boon to start giving us the patch teasers now, say one or two a day, while we wait for the patch to arrive instead of dangling it in front of us for a month? or at least throw me a bone and tease zatanna’s changes.


That Noob buff with the low projectile didn’t do shit for him, Kung’s Laos spin was punishable in 1.04, and yeah we got that stupid armor change which didn’t even give a few characters armor. THe main problem with 1.05 were all of Kabal’s potential bad MUs getting nerfed to the ground. Kano, Jade, and Sindel getting kind of murdered let Kabal run free.


exactly. all it did was make him more of a pain to fight, and sindel was nerfed in the day zero patch. i’m so done with that game; i just don’t want the same to happen with this game.

since ares is getting zatanna’s teleport, i think it’s safe to say raven is too. way before zatanna came out, i used to wonder what raven would be like if she had a faint/away teleport, and i concluded it would be nice but wouldn’t help. i’m not sure how it will work out because zatanna’s teleport notation is D,U and can be redirected with a directional input, but ares and raven’s are actual commands. ares’ teleport also has better recovery than zatanna’s. either way, ares’ teleport will still be tons better than raven’s.


Sorry to keep asking this but… No more DLC? If so, I’ll be really disappointed.


it would be cool if they decided to throw in a character with this upcoming patch, but when nrs casually stops mentioning something, that usually means it’s done.


am I the only Sinestro player on this thread? because if that’s the case then that sucks


You kinda are


I’m probably done with the game then… Harley is going to be my last hope of enjoying Injustice again. :frowning:


what about zatanna? =O
out of all the characters i’ve used, harley’s definitely one of the most fun to play. i still want to play this game, but i’m finding myself getting really tired of lag and constant patches changing everything. it’s all getting really old.


apparently one of the changes in the upcoming patch is that green arrow’s low arrow will “put him in a ducking state.” i thought it already did… that’s a big reason he’s such a pain for harley.


yea, i’m fairly certain it does, jeezus he’s a pain for harley

they patched this game way too fast and really only adjusted characters instead of some of the gameplay elements that need adjusting, it’s also way to auto-pilot…y(?), which is the same problem SFxT has (land any hit, go into highest damaging combo always)

there’s just stuff that keeps it from being fun for me


Unless you play Deathstroke or Flash, all the patches have done basically nothing. Everyone still plays the same, no one has shot up or down in the tier list(well kinda cyborg, but he was only high tier cause he was broken). It’s just been tiny character changes that amounted to nothing.

The only real big change was the D2 buff, and that was universal and needed.

October 1st patch is the first one with any real significant changes, and it’s also the last patch, so the game won’t change any after this, so hopefully its a good one.

It just seems crazy because the volume of the patches, about 4 so far, but the changes have been super conservative.
It’s also kinda funny, a lot of people on TYM specifically all constantly complain about the number of patches, but those same people turn around and then complain that NRS was taking their time with this current patch. NRS really can’t win in this situation lol


I’m playing Sinestro.

Sindel was nerfed in the day zero patch but she was still a legit character and got some buffs after in hotfix patches, then 1.03 and 1.04 happened. She was still better than characters like Jade, Kano, Sheeca, Baraka, and Sub Zero but she took a big hit and couldn’t fight Kabal anymore.

Why would no more DLC be a reason to drop the game.


the patches for mortal kombat, their previous game, were more drastic than the patches for injustice, which is why i feared for this game. before mortal kombat was released, they said they had a patch and hotfix system in which they could fix any problems that would arise; ironically, it ended up causing more problems than it fixed.

other than a couple questionable changes here and there, i’ve been fine with the patches for this game so far, but knowing that there’s a patch coming is discouraging me from learning the game more. it would be a waste of time to go in the lab or learn matchups because there will be a ton of changes soon.

i said the exact same thing back in mortal kombat xD

compared to mk3 sindel, she suffered a huge nerf to her banshee scream and levitate right at the start.

sindel was nerfed in the day zero patch because she had an infinite with her yell, so they removed her ability to cancel into it from a string. we know she used to have these cancels because they were listed in the mortal kombat guide, and it just made sense for her to have them. even after they removed the infinite, she never got her cancels back. in the final patch, she got a startup buff to her EX scream and could combo into it without a juggle, but it cost meter, was majorly unsafe, and with the buffs that everyone else got, hers just didn’t matter. her main problem was she was pretty much the only proper zoner in that game, and the rest of the cast had a teleport, a full screen armored move, etc. she was also one of the few who didn’t receive a knee-jerk armor buff. nrs said they tried to add armor to her EX cartwheel, but they weren’t able to because of “technical difficulties.”


honestly, i feel if this game had some sort of footsies, we would all enjoy it way better, every character in this game has makoto-like walking without her awesome dash or normals, it just makes it awkward

while zoning is not strong in this game, i can’t deny that it’s super boring to get around and usually get hit out of shear boredom

i think buffing walk speed in general would fix so many of the problems we have


It’s not a reason to drop the game, but it’s not helping the fact that I’m bored of the game now. Games like this, I only really play for the characters I like. I originally wanted Power Girl, but I settled for others while waiting for her. Now that it’s pretty much confirmed that she won’t be in the game, I no longer have any incentive to keep playing.


this game does have footsies, it’s just very weak footsies compared to street fighter which is nothing but footsies. it’s pretty much when two characters are in each other’s d1 ranges. as for zoning, my characters aren’t the best zoners in the game, so i find the rest of the cast can either get past my zoning, zone me back effectively, or in some cases both.

can’t wait for the notes tomorrow. don’t disappoint me, nrs!


i don’t know if you saw, but hector wrote something on tym that i thought was really insensitive towards people who wanted powergirl. he posted a status saying…


Working on powergirl combos