Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios


i was thinking about the puppet master fix that zatanna will be getting, and there will probably be little reason to use anything else as her combo ender. i doubt she’ll be able to (consistently, at least) get a combo after it, because that would mean she’d have a midscreen meterless vortex that does about twice the damage as batgirl’s, but it does give her enough time to do a MB fireball, trait, or activate S&M (smoke and mirrors), even though she currently can’t do anything with that move, and deny wakeups. what i really can’t wait for is seeing people press 1, 2, or 3, and they end up wasting their trait hahaha.

also, i’ve learned that grundy and bane can easily get out of her corner f21 vortex, so if you notice your opponent using grundy’s MB trait grab or bane mashing one of his traited specials in the corner, that would be a good time to use the st. 3 frame trap. although, it’s still not that great an idea because 3>kicks isn’t a mixup, it costs you more meter to do the vortex, it does less damage than the regular one, and most importantly, it gives bane/grundy free pressure on you. it might be better to do the midscreen vortex in the corner against them.

i’ve considered reasonable buffs that i think would help her and be fair at the same time; i can’t wait to see what ridiculous BS they give her.


With PM fixed she’ll be kinda not subject to more changes I think. It’s pretty ridiculous as it is so when thats buffed I feel they will act like “It’s fixed shes now broken”

How can NRS even win? After DS nerf the people who complained said “Why did you nerf him so hard” <-- First patch comments pissed me off


that’s what i thought when she was first released, but PM is 25 startup, a.k.a. too slow to punish anything; -21 on block, about same as aquaman’s trident, fully punishable; and neutral on hit. frankly, this move remapping her opponent’s buttons is not broken at all. besides, the directional buttons are reversed, the face buttons are randomized, and grab, interaction, stance, and super are still the same. basically, they’ll have trouble attacking. cocky players will hold D+B to jump towards her and press a button just to play the odds. other than that, i just want some changes that will give her setups since she’s supposed to be a setup character.

yeah, that’s what they do. i just try to not read their comments about patches. deathstroke was supposed to be patched early on, but it was delayed because of batgirl. i find it funny that some are pretending he was changed because people complained about him. even if the current deathstroke was day 1 deathstroke, people would still be complaining about him, so he’s better off as he is now, unless they nerf him again tomorrow of course.



zatanna got nothing, harley got a major nerf to sweep, her trait having longer recovery is actually better for the ivy rose and joker picture, raven isn’t even listed, and catwoman got an armor buff to her cat dash ha. the only characters who were able to interrupt it were batman, slade, and killer frost so it’s no big deal. just kind of annoyed cry babies got what they wanted. grundy’s 1 button unblockable 30%+ combo is now unclashable. other than that, pretty happy with the changes, especially the general fixes in the beginning.

EDIT: “Flash · Improved the hit box on the Flying Uppercut special move.” that means you can’t duck and punish it anymore, right? =[


Nightwing got one change…and it was the best change he could’ve asked for.



Grundys trait isn’t unclashable, it just can’t be parried. Which to be honest, I didn’t even know you could do that.

Other then that, a lot of nice changes, nothing too crazy.
People are saying Black Adam got hit too hard, but I don’t think that’s true, he will still be viable.

Scorpion might have gotten buffed. Or fixed rather. In the patch that nerfed him, they never mentioned those damage nerfs that he got, so that might have been a bug, and now they are fixing it.


Sweet, you can do command while crouching now.


ah, you’re right. read it too quickly i guess. seems there were at least a couple of things that could unintentionally be parried.

also didn’t realize whorely got her b2 buff, can’t wait to see how that turns out, and i hope the increased cooldown on her trait means her buffs last two more seconds. still sad that zatanna got nothing:

the combo counter only reset if she used a normal or didn’t cancel the trait activation into the followup special she wanted to use. now she’ll be able to do combo>MB puppet master>trait>st. 2 into whatever. there’s really no reason to do that because she doesn’t really have any combos in trait, the gravity from the beginning will make it the opponent fall out of 2>pillar magic>2>pillar magic, and it will do less damage than not using the trait. this probably means she won’t be able to do combo>MB puppet master>trait>delayed pillar magic for like an unclashable 1%.

this is cool, and it might be really good for her MB teleport. i found D, U, hold F+MB to be pretty awkward. it’s also annoying when i try to teleport and just end up neutral jumping.

i think that means she’ll be able to do j2 lev.cancel 2>combo>MB puppet master>and another j2 lev.cancel 2. just gets rid of her big character-infinite

this is only one of the problems with this move. i assume it will still knock the opponent away from her no matter where she teleports, so it will still break the combo she follows up with. no mention of blockstun/chip damage buffs for this move, either.

this was just a bug. not like you’re going to be using trait against catwoman and especially wonder woman anyways.

her uppercut actually isn’t bad as long as you use it early. 2 frame startup buff might do it good.

the only time i used air light is in the corner as a crossup, which she doesn’t need to do because she’ll be doing her corenr vortex, or maybe as a midscreen crossup in certain situations. with the crappy hitstun it has, it should be faster than it is.

best buff, but still just a bug fix. will open a couple small doors for her.

i’ve only had this happen a couple times online, but it’s good it will be fixed.

i thought that was the levitate cancel nerf above.

and no changes to her smoke and mirrors. unless she can “pull a flash” and finds some broken tech, i don’t know about this character.


looks like NRS did a good job according to the patch notes


I don’t remember the frame data for Harley’s sweep so I can’t say how huge of a nerf it is other than -15 being pretty unsafe (did it not cause a hard knockdown before?), but dat b2 buff is sexy.

Edit: And the meter burn and general system changes seem nice.


her sweep used to be +3 and for some reason was a soft knockdown. it does have a lot of pushback on block thought, so maybe it won’t be that bad.

i’m not sure how i feel about 2 meters for interactions. i like it and don’t like it at the same time. maybe now people will stop complaining about them. taking less damage during a MB B/F3 sounds dumb. armored attacks should take full damage and ignore scaling, and about it applying 50% more damage, does that mean the MB B3 itself does more damage, or the combo you get off it has less scaling? Mb B3s already do like 11%, and some characters get frame traps off of blocked ones.


MB B3 taking less damage is great, it makes MBDC interactables a stronger option, I’m pretty sure that’s why they did it.


oh, that’s true. i do love MBDCing when my opponent uses atlantis aquarium and getting a full corner combo off it =]
zatanna can actually teleport away, MB puppet master, and teleport back in for a corner combo haha. i was really surprised that MBB3 in combos wasn’t reduced to one bar; it’s such a waste. and i wonder if all the frame data will be correct now.


Just a note, she got the ability to combo into regular scream ta 1.04 I think.

Definitely back in there with Sinestro. Worried about Cyborg, he could be the keepaway god with those trait buffs


But come on, how about more praise for Nightwing?


her EX scream buff was the last patch. reminiscing about sindel and that game is making me sad, and it looks like zatanna will suffer the same fate. at least this wasn’t another mk9 patch disaster. i really like the changes to dumb black madame. i used to lose to him and not have any idea why. no matter the outcome of the match, i never felt like i was outplayed, i outplayed him, or i learned anything fighting him.
yeah, i figured nightwing would at least get his staff stance tampered with; looks like i can go pound sand.


Sweep nerf was meh. Makes d3 viable to end a combo atleast now. b2 buff however… Sucks to be a flying character. More time for joker pic and ivy rose? Mallet buffs are kinda meh, they didn’t matter much considering most combos shouldn’t use meter. Harley will abuse 50% less damage on mbb3. Nerfs for some of her bad MUs. Zatanna got buffed. I’m happy


haha they’re streaming a live demo of the patch on monday. this patch really is DLC to NRS. also, “mystery character skin” included. (zod costume from hacked xbox)


It’s kinda dumb that they stream right before the patch but it gives hope I guess


Playing against Nightwingdayzero is gonna be mad annoying now that I can’t duck MB Staff Spin with Ares anymore. That may be Arwes’ worse MU now after patch.

GOnna be a big fan of using Trait with DS to close out rounds now, ways to guarantee it and negate the cool down with the inbetween rounds.

Ares, Deathstroke, Killer Frost, Sinestro are gonna be my stable for now. Gonna keep a pocket Bane for MMH and Ares mirrors.