Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios


got a ps3 code for blackest night (i’m pretty sure it’s only batman) anyone wanna trade?


could someone read me black adam’s nerfs as my bedtime story? <3


well…harley got buffed big time with that MB f/b3, she has the best B3 in the game, it can basically be used like a 1/3 to mid screen projectile (and since she doesn’t move, it’s hard to punish), thank god they fixed her b22

i’m not sure if the sweep got nerfed, making it a hard knockdown actually helps her in a lot of match-ups, it can actually make the GL match-up worse for him, she didn’t have a reliable way to get a hard knockdown so this is helpful…although it being way less safe is a bummer

and the trait nerf seems reasonable, they almost buffed it too much last time, it went from being useless to being able to mindlessly spam it (almost) and with her new sweep, she’ll have a much more reliable way of getting her trait off


Injustice GOTY heading to PC, PS4, Xbone, and Vita.


ooo that’s interesting. i’d like to see what this game is like on ps4.


i can’t wait to try B22 after a super! i’m sure it will be much easier now <3

i’m pretty sure every sweep in the game is a hard knockdown, so hers being a soft knockdown was a bug. sad that it’s so negative now, but i guess her having a +3 sweep with that range and pushback was a little ridiculous. i’m not sure if she’ll even need to use her sweep since her B2 is better.

i always thought her trait recovered too fast. if it means her buffs will last longer, than i’m all for it; even if her buffs don’t last longer, it doesn’t really mean anything.


MMH and Wonder Woman are gonna be dumb as hell after patch. Small buffs, no nerfs That we know of, and nerfs to the other tops are gonna put them up there. Supes is still gonna be legit, and Adam is gonna be viable but not Top 10 anymore.


MMH, WW, GL and AM all dodged the nerfs


Nothing really happened to Batgirl either.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Fuck you Babs.


And Nightwing!

Where’s the fucking respect for Dick Grayson?


a lot of the changes people wanted aren’t there. dandy patch, but i don’t think it wraps up injustice business.

as for back adam, the only real nerf he got is that his dive kick is fully punishable now, and we’ll see what his backdash is like. his MB dive kick will still be safe, that’s the one that should be used anyways since it gets him a combo, and there was no mention of the damage/pushback of MB lightning being changed or it counting as a projectile. it says his damage was only slightly nerfed, so i expect he’ll still punish you hard with no meter. the rest just toned him down a bit. no more free full screen, overhead, meterless checks, and possibly no more backdashing to safety after everything.


which wonder woman skin do you think is better, new 52, or red son?


Red Son, even though I don’t have it lol


Both suck.

I mean they are cool costumes, but they look bad on her model.

600 and Flashpoint are the best, since they cover up her shoulders.


#600 is the best one IMO .

God i hate that feeling when you get back to the game after a long hiatus , i just started playing again today and got mopped by people i used to own . Auto-pilot all day :slight_smile:


i have both of the codes, and i’m trying to decide whether i want to use them or trade. after taking a closer look at them, i don’t really like either; if i had to pick one, i guess i’d take red son. i agree my favorite is the #600, but that’s the one i don’t have =/

ugh, i hear ya. a while back, my controller got messed up, and it took me about two weeks to get a new one. when i got back online, i wasn’t used to the lag anymore, and everyone was exclusively using superman. -_-


I love the red son costume a lot. I wish there were a costume from the Better Earth episode from Justice League. She looked pretty cool in that.


it would be nice to see her hair back like that, although i’m not sure if it would look nice with her injustice model.

wil wonder woman still own doomsday after the patch?


i was really hoping that the range GL’s lantern’s might would get normalized. the range is way too ridiculous (and yes I know it’s extremely unsafe but still I always feel like im out of range but of course it still hits me).


wait a minute, batgirl did get a nerf:

she gets a lot of meter from canceling her bola or whatever it is.