Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios


If thats the case she might be like C. Viper when UMvC3 nerfed meter gain


that was dumb. i saw the video where fingercramp was complaining about a bunch of things; one of them was that building meter was too easy in that game. so batgirl’s bola, joker’s gun, and harley’s pop pop won’t build as much meter on cancel.


It’s not like cancels are part of Harley’s game anyways


how come catwoman players always 100% of the time do a transition after MB cat dash? is there a reason they don’t end it with something else to keep their opponent cornered?


You’re playing bad Catwomans


haha. just wondering if i’m the crazy one, or they are.

by the way, one change i really want for this game is to normalize the round taunts after the gray lifebar is depleted. sometimes the match resumes quickly, other times it takes a while, and that tends to throw me off.


So I was in a tourney today and I faced a crazy catwoman I had to resort to TS and sometimes he read it. Experienced Catwoman players are crazy


so i wonder what kind of stealth changes will be in tuesday’s patch. do you think superman’s f2 will whiff after blocked breath? don’t see why they were so ambiguous with his f2 and zoning nerfs.


The only stealth change I know off is with Scorpion, his J3 was buffed a bit, not as good as its original incarnation though, just has its hitbox activate quicker.

Also very curious to see any hidden changes they left out of the patch notes.


I can’t believe that they still haven’t made a Nightwing’s Robin costume , i mean just go lazy and get the arkham city skin like with Batman or catwoman . It just seems so obvious and i am pretty sure it would have sold a Ton .


Nightwing’s disrespected by everyone.

Don’t worry though…he’ll get his time. He’ll…get…his…time…


i honestly haven’t been thinking about this patch much because none of my characters are getting anything, but i guess i’ll check out the stream tonight anyways.

zatanna’s MB fire kiss sucks so much. i don’t think it serves any purpose other than covering her during trait activation, and it doesn’t even do that well. i was thinking it would be much better if it had a crumple effect on hit, similar to street fighter’s focus attack, or maybe a burn effect that keeps them standing like scorpion’s hellfire because it always knocking her opponent away from her is really screwing her over.


patch stream is over. i got DLC codes for lobo, blackest night #2, and bad girls packs! you know how much i wanted the bad girls pack <3 they also gave away a bunch of red son and new 52 packs, a.k.a. the ones i just redeemed like two days ago -_-’

other than that, the stream kinda sucked: they didn’t cover all the changes, and some characters were made out to be op now. on the bright side, the changes to backdash adam’s backdash and stupidman’s f2 are really noticeable.


I don’t disrespect Dick, I just hate him cuz he shuts down Harley easily.
HYPE for Superman f2 nerf R.I.P- Good riddance


forgot to mention, zatanna is on the left side of the screen now. so that means two of my mains, raven and zatanna, and two of my sort-of mains, aquaman and wonder woman, are all in one row haha.


Green Arrow, Lobo, Bane, Scorpion, and Ares got the biggest buffs.

Green Arrows MB stinger is now a low to overhead similar to Doomsdays nonsense, and it’s now safe on block. On the positive, it doesn’t actually lead to anything, and if GA is wasting meter on it, that means no super resets.

Supermans F2 is demolished, he can’t hit anyone at the start of the round anymore with it.

Have to wait and see on Shazam and Joker.


zatanna can’t levitate cancel jump ins anymore… neither to begin a combo nor extend one…

EDIT: her levitate leniency was nerfed because people kept getting accidental levitates when they meant to do air 3, but the fix to that was holding down+3 in the air.

harley’s trait buffs do not last longer, but her trait cooldown does.
range of b22 nerfed. it has about the same range as standing 1 now.
with the range nerf, it doesn’t seem to hit floating characters any easier than before, and b22 after super still has strict timing
but that doesn’t matter because b22 is clashable now.

i also heard MMH got stealth buffs. seems to be the theme of this patch.


So I wasn’t imagining things. I was all hyped to see this improved hitbox and was wondering why the hell it wasn’t even hitting spots it used to hit. Great job NRS, nerfing her best poke.


same here. first character i tested it on was wonder woman because i wanted to see if it would hit her, but it still had the same crappy range against floaters. then i tried it against a standing character, and it’s no different than doing it on a floating character.

poor harley got off easy compared to zatanna.


It just wouldn’t be an Injustice patch with out an out of left field harley nerf.