Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios


I’m pretty pissed off that THEY FUCKING NERFED HARLEY. WW, GL, NW, BM didn’t get nerfed. ALL OF HER GUNSHOT COMBOS ARE CLASHABLE WTF!?!?!?


That MAY have gotten off as a complaint but if you list better range on 1 move, I EXPECT IT TO HAVE BETTER RANGE AND NOT BUT CRAPPY. Harley lost all her ways to get unclashable damage. The only thing you can do after super is trait. At least pre-patch she had options but no, we get a fucking so called buff to her b2 that has the “IMPROVED” RANGE that can hit flying character but guess what? IT DID NOTHING. You still have to get awkwardly close to the flying character to even be able to hit them. Range completely nerfed to little more than 1’s hitbox. To top it off no unclashable damage anymore, nerfed d3 for a HKD which won’t do much, nerfed trait, and all that so we wont see the “Wtf hit me” animation after an interrupted super. Thanks NRS, Harley was obviously the most broken character that she got nerfed to hell. The only thing she got from this patch is mbb3 adds slightly more damage to combos. So, Yeah… Poor Harley


i’m in online training with someone, and i can’t tell if they fixed zatanna’s puppet master or not. it seems like his buttons aren’t remapped at all.


I really hope that b2 nerf was just a mistake


Downloaded the patch and got a few matches in. But i’m just not feeling this game anymore man. Anyone else here still going hard at it?


that’s what i was hoping, but i don’t expect them to fix it unless they can hotfix it or something. so i waited over a month for not only my mid tier character to be stealth nerfed but also other characters to get tools they didn’t need. i’m also reading that joker now has a 100% in the corner with his crowbar buff. mortal kombat patch…

on the bright side, it seems zatanna’s vortex is easier to do, but she got an overall damage nerf.


pushback on harley’s blocked sweep also nerfed.


Her sweep and certain moves not being clashable were all technically 'fixes".

It sucks, but I can understand why they did it, and I don’t fault them too much.

Nerfing the range on B2 is just mean though. Is it at least easier to catch Superman and other floating characters with? I haven’t gotten much time to try anything out myself.


her strings are clashable, but the parts that have gunshots in them aren’t. i always assumed the guns weren’t clashable because they didn’t touch the opponent. i don’t care about her other strings, i didn’t even know they weren’t clashable, but the b22, ouch.


I always thought that too… They don’t touch the opponent and they aren’t projectiles so they should be unclashable. b22 is just sad, I’ve lost motive in this game. Please tell me this is a cruel joke NRS.

For Zatanna the first thing I instantly noticed is that you can’t go 2levicancel2 combo anymore at the start. That made me sad. Over all this patch just made me depressed. Sure the Top Tiers got nerfed but other Top Tiers didn’t. And meanwhile NRS hates Harley and every single patch they did that actually hurt her were the stealth ones. I literally don’t understand they couldn’t just crush my hopes and dreams for Harley earlier. :frowning:


poor Harley. I haven’t had the time to play post-patch but it sounds like her b22 was hurt badly


I remember feeling this way when they made Grundy’s grabs clashable. I know your pain


but grundy players, although they never do, can opt to not finish the chain so it can’t be clashed, and at least his change was listed in the notes.

as for zatanna, i’ve been doing well with her so far. even though she does less damage due to her swag levi. cancels being gone, her vortex is easier to do, and i’m pretty sure it’s a true 50/50 now. ending combos in puppet master is better than it used to be; though, i still feel like it doesn’t work all the time because some of my opponents still use special moves after i hit them with it. her corner vortex only does 2% more than the midscreen one, and there’s much more room for error in the corner one, so she doesn’t need to worry about corner distance. it just seems like there’s less thinking involved in using her now.

make no mistake, nrs are still on my shite list for what they did to harley. i mean honestly, did they even test that out?


Still messed up that b22 range is now “improved”. Good job NRS…

EDIT: Has any Harley even tweeted boon about this?


I want Zatanna’s MB kicks to be the regular kicks. More popup moves plz


wait they nerfed b22?

what the fuck nrs, i was already bored of the game but now they nerf my girl harley?

get out of here


I think harley’s nerf, if it’s really intentional, is enough to make me potentially drop her :frowning:
Slow walkspeed, mediocre dash,

I would if I remembered what my twitter account was/knew how to use twitter.


to add insult to injury, i don’t think they actually raised the hitbox at all. in fact, i’m having a harder time hitting airborne opponents than before. it has to be a mistake; there’s no way MMH got a teleport buff while harley got the f2 & low lightning treatment.


lobo sure has a lot of mixups -_-


Yes Lobo is annoying now , which is probably a good thing i guess . That Man of Steel costume makes me want to play as Zod soo much , damn that costume is awesome.