Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios


Yes, new and improved Lobo is a lot of fun.

Maybe 28% on traited MB pump shot is a little bit much, but I won’t complain.


Hey guys, I just got this game and although I’m enjoying it, I’m having some problems as well. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the game seems rediculously jump sensitive. When I try to input a quarter circle back or forward or even just a back or forward command normal i get a jump half the time. I never had this problem in SF or
Marvel. Also, when i do a string and try to end it in a special move it doesn’t come out half of the time. Maybe my execution is worse than I thought or I’m missing something? And finally, is this game getting any better with the patches? One reason I stopped playing MK9 was because they just kept fucking the game up, which sucks because i loved MK9. I wanna like this game but I’m getting frustrated. I play Wonder Woman btw.


I’m pretty sure you just need to input the special moves earlier in a combo.

I am also pretty sure that the nerfs to Harley Quinn won’t be fixed and no one will care because it costs too much money, I swear sometimes they should actually test their patches. Come on NRS .-.


I don’t think they are going to fix Harley, because it was probably intended.

If it wasn’t, then it might get fixed, because they have to release a new patch anyway to fix the new pushblock glitch they caused.
It’s too big of a fuck up for them not to fix it.


Well again, has anyone actually tweeted Ed to let him know about this?


Probably better off tweeting Hector or Pakostevens.

But there was a thread about it on TYM, so they probably know already.


i also saw a thread about a zatanna levitate/teleport glitch. it’s so weird how a PATCH can cause problems. and lobo is even more annoying now. i don’t know how people can say he has trouble against zoners with that dash he has, but now he can just dash into range of his guns, which is more than green lantern’s might, and fire away. his mixups might be worse than batman’s, too.

on the bright side, playing mk vs dcu is making me miss this game a little.


Please be a big enough screw up to be patched again


Pushblock glitch is huge, it makes alternate controls completely unusable.

You constantly get unwanted pushblocks.


What’s the pushblock glitch?


something like if you push MB button at anytime during the match, the next attack you block will get pushblocked. you better hope it’s something they can’t hotfix so it will force a patch, or they could just leave it like mortal kombat.


Since Mortal Kombat, MS and Sony have removed the fee for patching a game, so it only comes down to spending man hours on it.

And that patch would only be a small bug fix, but it will still have to go through proper certification, and that can take some time.

However, since this glitch probably has very high priority, they are probably going to try and get the fix out as soon as possible, and that would mean just focusing on it, and not wasting time on less important fixes, like Harley’s B2 range.


If you even press MB button before a block on alt controls you get a pushblock, you could literally press mb at the start of the match and get a pushblock later as soon as you block.


i dont know. it just doesn’t make sense that harley’s b2 nerf was intentional. not only is it unwarranted, but also it’s the exact opposite of what the notes reported.

i didn’t like what i was hearing on that stream. some of what hector was saying was way too reminiscent of tym babble. he probably thinks harley is broken and the pushblock bug is “fine.” by the way, is that bug only for alternate controls? i haven’t had it happen to me, but i guess i don’t push the MB button unless i mean to.

discovered a minor bug thing with zatanna. i’m getting different chip values for her low wand spark in training mode. i guess it’s supposed to do 5.13, but it does 4.87 when the dummy blocks one after getting hit by one. the dummy was wonder woman, but she’s in lasso stance. wow, wonder woman’s S&S stance decreases zatanna’s trait damage by a lot! jeez, the wonder woman match just keeps getting worse for her haha.

now that her trance works and her fireball is a true mid, she’s starting to make a little more sense as a character. she seems to be a pretty troublesome character herself, but i don’t see her having any good matchups, though she definitely has some bad ones.


Ultimate edition announced, pack it up Injustice is over.


Ultimate Edition only PS4 in next-gen, run it back.

Also Xbone got screwed.


The Xbone has been Xboned since it’s creation for well…being what it is, and the simple nature of what it was originally going to be. Nobody wants to support that shit, lol. But an Ultimate Edition of Injustice in general kinda has me chin-scratching.


welp, i guess that’s boon’s way of letting us know “no more DLC.” i hope it’s not like mortal kombat where it’s still full price after it’s been out for years.


Ultimate Edition coming to PC. If NRS ain’t gonna fix the female faces than the fans will!


It will be pretty hard since most of the problems with female faces have more to with NRS’s facial animation tech then the actual model. Looking at the ripped models the’re all fine, even Wonder Womans, but when they start talking or screaming in clash animation, there faces just turn to playdough.

They seriously need to work on that.

Obviously not counting Raven, since she is something else all together, NRS was trolling when they designed her, there is no other explanation for that, it so far beyond NRS manface.