Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios


looks like batman’s trying to enter the batcave Kappa.

that reminds me of when my friend told me he was playing castlevania, one of the ones for ps2, and just before he stole an item from these large chicken looking enemies, it turned the other way so it looked like he stole from his butt hahaha.


Hal is always trying to show Bruce his ring.


His ring Kappa


if zatanna does MB puppet master, trait, whiffed normal, wand spark, the opponent can block it, but the chip damage does less that it’s supposed to. also, you know how they removed the screen shake from projectiles that hit the edges of the arena? zatanna’s wand sparks still do that.

EDIT: all her of chip damaged is reduced in that puppet master situation.


why do i sometimes quote myself when i mean to edit a post? anyways, ooh la la, if zatanna whiffs a normal after MB puppet master, the opponent can block any follow up. in other words, combo that ends with MB puppet master into a 20% interaction she can throw!

some good stages for her are wayne manor, batcave, hall of justice entrance, gotham city alley, and maybe atlantis.

EDIT: atlantis isn’t good if you opponent isn’t a power character because they can abuse the water pipe to get in on her easily. if a power character uses the aquarium in the corners, she can teleport away and punish with PM.


Has there been any news on whether they are gonna fix the alternate controls bug or not ? I wonder if NRS really did go too much on the Deathstroke nerfs . The guy just went from being top 2 zoners to almost irrelevant in the zoning department .


as a matter of fact, there has!

i don’t suppose they’re going to fix harley and zatanna in this hotfix. maybe i should just RELAX.


Been using Aquaman lately, but I miss my girl Harley :frowning:


i’m going to main wonder woman next. i was using her a couple days ago and had success doing her air dash mixup things that i’ve seen other players do. forward jump, backwards air dash, air 2, 33 into 30%+ meterless combo <3

do you get anything for acing the red son DLC star labs missions? icons/backgrounds/portraits?


holy poop, harley’s cartwheel is punishable if you stand block it! she’s just getting worse by the minute; she might be joining her puddin’ at the bottom of the tier list.
no wonder tym wanted to make her cartwheel an overhead -_-


…It already WAS punishible if you stand blocked it.


i’m not saying it was another stealth change from the patch, but i didn’t know that. i did tantrum stance>cartwheel for months without getting punished. i did play the pre-patched game when there was a punishable gap between tantrum and cartwheel; that was just sad.

anyways, doesn’t really make sense that the way you block it determines if it’s punishable or not.


Except this sort of thing goes for a lot of games. This is nothing new.


well it goes for nrs games, it seems, and it’s sure new to me. false alarm i guess. i’ll go back to the star labs torture.


I an wondering which is better , Joker’ J3 or Lex’s j3 or Green Arrows’s j3 . Theses three moves are awesome , i think GA is the all around best one IMO given his jump arc .


I’d argue with Lex’s j3, that thing has a ridiculous amount of space that it covers, not to mention a free shield charge when it hits


Patch went up.


NRS to english translation:

zatanna’s opponent can still block 2, levi. cancel 2 if it’s done after a MB puppet master. this is really good because that means she still has her vortex, and she doesn’t have to use those stupid hitconfirms that i was using before the patch because they used to do a tiny bit more damage. all this change means is she can now start a combo with 2, levi. cancel 2, which doesn’t mean anything because her air 2 is so bad you won’t ever be using it as a combo fisher. this might mean something for deg’s fo-vortex setup with S&M, but 2, levi. cancel 2 is still punishable. it kind of looks like they decreased the pushback of her blocked air 2 though.

her wand sparks still cause screen shake when they hit the edges of the arena, she still can’t teleport during levitate after pressing “up,” the recovery on her uppercut is still decreased if she holds “down” after it hits, and she just all around seems the same. i don’t know why they think her levitate cancels are 3 now and were 2 before.

her b2 still has baby range. i didn’t check, but my guess is it’s still clashable. i also feel like the patch messed with her BnB (b22, tantrum, cartwheel, b3, jump 2, jump 2, 12 PD) 1/1,2 ender: 1 used to always hit no matter when the second air 2 hit, but it now sometimes whiffs. that ender probably isn’t reliable anymore.


B2 being clashable was an intended change, and since it didn’t get fixed, I’m going to assume it’s range nerf was as well.


it’s hard to tell since neither of those changes were listed. i was done with harley anyways, but i still think it’s stupid.

which s.t.a.r. labs missions did you guys think were the hardest? is there anyone here who completed them all? i’m at 65%