Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios


The range nerf is up in the air, but I’m pretty sure they have gone on record saying B2 was supposed to be clashable, either on a forum or in a stream chat, someone asked. It made no sense why it was unclashable in the first place.

I did the first 10 star labs missions and then never touched it again. Felt like a step down from the mission from MK9.


I still find it absolutely ridiculous that character like Harley ( low tier ) get nerfed while people like Wonder Woman or Green Lantern don’t get touch… It seriously doesn’t make sense since NRS tries to make this game “balanced” if they nerf low tiers.


finished star labs! weird to think i was just 43% done a couple days ago, and it’s stupid that you don’t get anything for it. no backgrounds, portraits, icons, or experience, just that dumb flash costume and some credits for the mobile app. i also can’t believe they said none of the missions repeated themselves like mk9 did because these were practically the same missions with different characters. some even took place on the same arena. oh, and i think i found the answer to my question: the hardest mission is black adam #220. now all i need is the level 100 trophy and i’m all set.

as for harley, it’s just sad. i’l never know what nrs was thinking. they put a lot of emphasis on taking their time on this patch, yet i notice harley’s bug in five seconds. when mk10 comes out, i’ll tell you who my favorite characters are, because they’re always the ones to get unfairly screwed over if they weren’t already bad to begin with.


i got 20 matches with all the female characters, 25 actually, but the hero card stuff didn’t unlock =[


The one thing i find glaring in this game is how it looks very intentional who the top tier will be . I don’t ever remember a game except maybe (TTT2) where the devs were making the main characters top tier on purpose , yeah the Harley nerf was probably uncalled for but i think she will live .


Yun and Yang were designed to be top tier for AE. Of course later Ono apologized and nerfed them to shit.

Kabal was also very much designed to be top tier, as a throw back to MK3.

I understand why Superman, and especially Aquaman are great and immune to nerfs, but Black Adam? I guess someone over there just really likes him.


does anyone remember when they said the team didn’t give certain characters special attention for being the more powerful than others? don’t remember who said it, probably ed boon or hector. then i saw how superman used to tower over everyone -_-

anyways, am i the only one having trouble getting those hero card unlocks? a couple people on forums were saying they got it on their 20th win with batgirl, but despite the game saying i’ve used her 4 times, i didn’t buy her. a couple other people said it unlocked randomly while playing offline even though they didn’t meet the requirements. i really want that background.


Ultimate Edition is available for pre-purchase on Steam.


MMH being hard to play effectively and tough and all that stuff is the biggest pile of crap lies that i have heard so far in this game . How can a character be hard when 90 % of your stuff is safe vs the majority of the cast . Who is he hard compared to ? maybe Superman , maybe Black Adam. If MMH is hard then Zod and Zatanna are the hardest fighting game characters in the history of mankind . Gotta say though MMH vs GA is one of the most fucked up matchups that i have ever seen , poor Arrow indeed.


After all this time Raven and NW still bring the salt.

MMH looks sick, might have to buy him.


gosh, how are people still losing to raven?


the ps4 version of this game appears to play a lot better than the ps3 version. it would be nice, but i don’t feel like rebuying the game and ps+ subscription every time i feel like playing it.


Anyone know if there’s a way to mod the game to have all the costumes unlocked on PC (kinda like how it is with AE)?


Isn’t it against the rules to talk about that?


As long as it’s not about actual piracy it isn’t. And the stuff I’m asking for isn’t DLC in Ultimate Ed (which contains every bit of DLC already, just like MK Komplete Edition).


Just got the PS4 version. Here’s a brief review for anyone interested.

Graphics - Looks like a buffed up version of the PS3 version. Sharper characters, backgrounds, anti-aliased…etc…Framerate is much much smoother

Controls - NO STICK SUPPORT…Wtf NetherRealm??? It’s like releasing a driving game w/ no wheel support…Sony said that the devs can patch this in…I tweeted Ed Boon and emailed NRS support. Hopefully they can rectify this…

End of review…I can’t continue…


Dead game?


Apparently Hunter Pence doesn’t think so. :coffee:


didn’t injustice just get added to mlg? games still alive


InJustice still turning in big numbers at tourneys and getting into evo a second time this year.