Injustice is coming to PC


I haven’t seen any news on the front page and I thought this is good to know for the whole community.

When I opened up the Steam store today I saw this:

12th November. Yay!


I’m probably only going to play it for the single player, so I’ll definitely be waiting a while for a really good sale.


Eh, heard the netcode is delay-based and not very good like MK9’s. That and not a lot of good Grapplers.


I’m actually deciding between buying the disc version or the Steam download. If I only know when the disc version would be released here as well as the price.

But if the netcode is awful I might just buy Naruto Full Burst instead. XD


Same here.
I would’ve delved into multiplayer, too but fuck that if it’s true that the netcode is ass.


And you posted this in FGD despite the fact that we have an Injustice section because?

Also, old news is old.


Oh damn, sorry didn’t see the news, tbh.

I thought the Injustice forum is inappropriate since it’s just news about the release and the Injustice forums are more for people that are already into the game and/or just picked it up.
Just tried to get more exposure in here.


Sweet, now I can ignore it on PC AS WELL as console! :smiley:


Did anyone here get it? It sounds like the game is a buggy mess atm.


Was streaming it a few hours ago. Game lags like hell when OBS is running though.


Game is fine in singleplayer, haven’t tried multiplayer, yet.
Probably never will though.


I’ve got a computer that can run BF4 at near max settings with 80+ FPS, and it runs smoothly in single player. Simply entering the menus for online frame locks it at 30 FPS or below. Is this some sort of glitch? There’s no way they’d frame lock the MP portion of the game at 30 FPS.


Does anyone play this game on PC? I’ve been searching for a game for 10 mins.


Currently, injustice is on sale, steam via amazon for 19.99