Injustice PS3 fightstick on PC Help


So Ive tried to look around and cant find anything about it. But I just got my Injustice Fightstick today, works great, but I cant seem to get Super Street Fighter 4 on PC recognize it. Ive tested with other games, it works 100% with Skullgirls on PC. Anyone know a solution?


I Had a weird issue with my Saulabi do the same thing.

Works on PC in controller set up. Doesn’t work with SSF4. Works with Skullgirls.

I believe it’s your computer.

360 sticks seem to work better with PC since there is that Microsoft driver.


Some of the Newer Hori Xbox 360 sticks have issues on PC as well.


I just dont understand how its my computer… that doesnt make sense, it works on skullgirls pc, emulators, mugen and other random games, PC downloads drivers, shows up as Injustice PS3 Fightstick, but SSF4 just doesnt read it…


Try reinstalling drivers.




Look for the options menu of the game IF it has one.

On Vanguard Princess, for instance, for the joystick to work with the game (on PC) you have to have the box named “Joystick” checked.
It was that simple with that game!
The problem was actually finding the option for this since the game’s virtually all-Japanese (the free build available online… the localized, English version you have to pay for, of course!).

You cannot depend on every game and emulator working the same with joysticks.
For many of these programs, there’s a basic set-up you only have to perform once after installing the program to get your controller to mimick the function of console gamepads or basic arcade controls… You still have to spend time setting up the controller so that the button and lever movements work. By default, most programs are set up to respond to keyboard inputs. At worst, you can generally find control driver software online (Joy2Pad, XPadder) that will let you assign keyboard inputs to the buttons and directional movements on your joystick.

If you’re lucky, the only switch/button you ever have to work with to make a joystick work on your PC is the dreaded “DLR” switch. Making a joystick work on PC can be as simple as switching from D(igital) to L(eft Analogue) mode or more complicated (joystick driver software) and expensive (total PCB replacement, buying another brand or model of joystick).


so i just messed around, found in button config my injustice stick shows up, only thing is i cant assign the directions to the stick :frowning: buttons and everything work fine to assign


Well some games do not like accepting DP (Pov Hat) for the Joystick setting and the Injustice Stick could report the Joystick as DP


SF4 has no problems with POV though since that is how my PC was set up via multiple controllers. This has to be a user error of some sorts, if the PS3 Injustice PCB is directinput/xinput and gets picked up by both types of inputs in both types of games, and only SF4 doesn’t, then it’s user error.


I wasn’t sure it if SF4 accept PoV hat or not, just out of my process of trouble shooting, POV hat is one thing on the check list of many items.
Usually a easy item to fix on many sticks.